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  • beliza_meraki 64w

    #Stay Safe
    #Wash your hands regularly
    #Dont step out unnecessarily
    #Fight Corona
    #Go Corona Go #inspiration #thoughts #life #inspiration #thoughts #life

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    A Deadly Virus: CORONA

    A piece of me drenched apart
    After I saw the streets dark
    A small invisible virus break
    Made the whole world shake
    Eating up a lot of humanity
    It was all insanity
    Breaking the chain is essential
    When will we understand this expediential
    No one there out on the road
    Everyone followed our PM's Code
    That's all what we want
    A planet without err and errant
    Frightening away the virus
    By staying in quarants
    The only option left
    Is to stay at home and rest!

  • beliza_meraki 79w


    Days passed by
    The moon is shy
    Hoping for a good day
    Is all I cry

    Sun rises with a glow
    And the winds that blow
    Slowly gets a show
    Of my heart's sorrow

    Bury the sad story
    Of my even-steven glory
    Forgive my heart and say sorry
    To get myself victory

    Time is freezing
    Moment by moment it is healing
    I find myself breathing
    In glory and ecstasy

    Finally the day arrived
    Where I survived
    Without being deprived
    Of all that I have strived

    Getting lost in Havana
    Or wandering in marijuana
    A chinwag of hosanna
    I've achieved the virtue of nirvana


  • beliza_meraki 87w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word micro-tale on Positive

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    Positivity in mind happiness in soul...

  • beliza_meraki 87w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Helpless

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    My feelings..Helpless
    My life..Worthless

  • beliza_meraki 88w


    Alone In the room
    I cried
    No one there to listen
    The air was all that spied
    Broke at heart
    The pieces all lied
    Keeping it Inside my body
    Is all I ever tried
    Fed up of trying
    Is where I sliced
    A heart of me
    Inside all diced
    Not letting a piece
    Harm another soul
    The wound cut deep within
    And the blood was cold
    Again in loneliness
    I survived
    No one suffers from this
    Is all I ever vied.


  • beliza_meraki 88w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Gesture

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    Talking, Winking, Communicating not just by words but by affections.

  • beliza_meraki 90w


    A stranger to a Friend
    A friend to love
    A love to blossom
    Everything feels awesome
    Value to the worthless
    It is the thing that hurts less
    Memories are countless
    Still struck with loneliness
    Sitting on the couch
    Waiting for the squirrels to pounce
    Listening to mystic hue
    Still Escaping from the blue
    Remembering you
    Is the only thing I do.

  • beliza_meraki 94w

    Unbreakable Woman

    Millions of tears to flow
    But none on the cheeks or below the brow
    Being a strong woman for the world
    Only her heart knew how weak she was
    Talking to herself in pain
    Often made her go sane
    The moon knew the price of her tears
    And the sun..the fake smiles/laughs that everyone hears
    She would b cut deep in her heart
    Pacifying others was still her art
    Not to tell anyone how she feels
    Only the soul heard all her screams
    She was once a delicate piece of work
    Now an unbreakable woman of her world

  • beliza_meraki 96w


    We differ on a variety of choices
    Still choose to be together
    Different attitude's, different personalities
    Still compensating on each other
    Two hands not equally made
    Still perfectly fit while holding each other
    The differences in us
    Holding us together
    Forever and ever

  • beliza_meraki 98w

    People usually get misguided by these questions..
    If someone really loves you...You wont be the one asking these..You would be the one answering these..

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    Is being in love
    Too old or Too Young?
    Is Loving someone
    A pursue or a summon?
    Is Caring
    A Show off or a genuine?