I've overcome some strong storms in life, through our Mighty God saving Hand. I believe we can learn from each other. A lover of God & people.

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  • believersrejoice 3d

    A thought of mine and I wanted to share. We are made in the image of God right. No question mark we are. So then some of me has to be in His Character.. I have my mom in me, not completely but I do mimic her a lot. Think a little with me and smile and well I caught myself frowning :)

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    :) I had them
    :( I had them

    I'm understanding You a little more, as I look inside of me, and then I chuckle.
    My kids do something good, and I'm calling, telling the world, at least those I know, my small world.
    Congratulations they say, and I beem with joy as if I did something great through them. Hey I did have them.
    I go to the schools office, my kid did something bad. Full of embarrassment, shame, I take on their actions as if it's a part of me, and well it is I had them.

    What about our God? Do I make Him beem with joy? Does He call the other angels, look at my baby?
    Or is He getting reports and shaken His head? Funny funny these our my thoughts meditation on my bed. Let me please You in all that I do GOD.

  • believersrejoice 4d

    What's Present?

    They said, "Hate is always present"
    And I said, "And so is love if you keep giving it"
    Don't let the ways of the world push you out of who you are.
    Stars don't stop shining cause the moon comes out.

  • believersrejoice 1w

    Pain with purpose

    Oh it was awhile ago. A day when I was told, I'm going to give your pain a purpose.
    So as I wrote and shared the pain within, searching searching for that one who needed a friend.
    I would share, I would cry, I told the truth, sharing the pain I carried inside.
    Keep going, keep helping, this pain, the hidden things slowly grew their own set of wings.
    Pain with a purpose, to help someone. I prayed with so many people.
    Through the journey I found the one I was meant to help.
    The one that needed to be free.
    The person I was looking for was living inside of me.
    Pain with purpose finally I knew why,
    The strength of my scars I carry inside.
    To hurt and the power to heal,
    Brokenhearted who still can feel.
    So now I see the pain for what it brings.
    Teaching me to sore on Eagle wings.

  • believersrejoice 1w

    Amazes Me

    It's not that God uses me because of who I am.
    Amazes me that He uses me in spite of who I am.

  • believersrejoice 2w

    You and I

    She helps those that don't help her.She gives to those that won't give to her.She made it across troubled waters and though the storm was raging she didn't stop to lend a helping hand to the strangers around. She shared her top roman and divided a piece of bread. She took in the homeless even though she was homeless. Went through the fire, tried and true. Through the tears she learned to laugh in the rain, dance in the storms, and hope in the desert places. That lady, that woman, that star is you and I. Never stop being you.

  • believersrejoice 2w


    I use to be a big believer, "Don't let those know your move, they will try to knock you down before you start."
    I believe now, "No one can knock me down, determination belongs to me. If I stumble, if I fall, I get back up again with a smile and a lesson, continue through it all."

  • believersrejoice 3w

    This talk made me ��. Waking up early with an agenda and a plan.

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    Morning talk

    He says its early, I'm just getting up.
    Me: WOW, I'm already hours in the day. Is it still just morning?

  • believersrejoice 3w

    No room

    When you know who you are, it just doesn't matter what others say, your mind is F I X E D and S U R E.

  • believersrejoice 3w

    Because of me.

    They say, if someone thinks you won't make it, prove them wrong and succeed. I say care less of what people think and run your course. It's hard getting to the finish line looking at what's going on beside you. Keep your eyes on the prize, even if you stumble, get up,, dust yourself off and keep moving, focusing on the finish line and not what people are saying.

  • believersrejoice 3w

    I'm day 11 in my new Resolution FOR NOVEMBER.

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    New___ Resolution

    I'm not waiting for New Years Day to make my Resolutions.
    I have a new hour.
    A new day.
    A new week.
    A new month
    And most of all a new heart beat.
    Changing every chance I get.