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  • beingcreative 5d

    Do you feel the same ? I believe it is present at everybody's life

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    Fear is something that drives us crazy
    Fear is the guest that comes on every occasion
    It comes
    Even when you are on the cloud nine.

    It reminds you everytime ....
    What do you think ?
    Who you are...

    It tells you
    Everyone is special and unique,
    But don't you think?
    You are way behind in that queue.

  • beingcreative 1w


    The treasure hidden inside you
    Can only be discovered by you....
    Only faith is your companion
    Life is the path of excavation
    Do not worry
    if you face competition
    This will pave the way towards your destination


  • beingcreative 1w

    How will I know?
    Who will I become?
    If there is nothing to overcome...
    Trust your intution
    Nothing can give you satisfaction
    If you don't know what is your real destination!
    There is nothing as such competition
    We all made up out of our own illustration!

  • beingcreative 1w


    Sometimes it's just one moment
    Which is enough to remind you ...
    It's that your heart Which misses you the most


  • beingcreative 1w

    Who will I become?

    Who will I become?
    If I let go my fear?
    Who will I become?
    If I listen to my ING...
    Which whispers me often
    Going after the path
    Which Noone has taken
    Who will I become ?
    If I choose to believe
    There is something
    Which is beyond my thinking
    Who will I become?
    If I navigate those egotistical nudges ....
    Which baffles my mind
    Without having any meaningful ending .....

  • beingcreative 2w


    When I write...
    Write from my heart...
    My heart always says no
    No to them who drives me crazy
    Who does nothing but say no
    No is a word that we should learn
    When to say and how to say....
    It's just another tale that I often say
    Another tale of having those moments
    Again and again where I know what to say but everytime I fail to tell everyone!
    Fail to say that I m okay ....
    But not okay with your no...
    Your no doesn't decide my destination

  • beingcreative 2w

    Lots of thoughts beguile my mind
    I found my solace into your arm
    I feel that warmth of your heart
    Which drives me crazy without high vibe
    It intoxicates my soul to romanticize my life



  • beingcreative 2w


    It's our choice to hide
    to express,
    It's our choice to express our anxiety ,
    to smile with that dignity

    It's our choice to be vindictive,
    just to move on

    Its our choice to stay in darkness,
    make up our mind to shine

    It's our choice to stay in that awkward phase ,
    just take a small step to leap of faith...

    It's our choice to Live in that past which already gone,
    just think about the future which about to come

    It's our choice to praise our blessings ,
    just to feel disguise into our own illusive guessings


  • beingcreative 2w

    Sometimes we just soo caught up in our problems that we forgot ,still we are taking breathe ...
    That's all we need to live
    Still we have a place to live ,
    That's all can make us feeling safe
    Still we have food on our plate
    That's all is needed to survive
    Still we have time to think unnecessary thoughts,
    That's mean everything is going on well...

  • beingcreative 2w

    When your known world shatters completely
    It's the indication that till now you've only
    Fabricated your reality
    Not followed your authenticity