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  • beepoetic 98w

    Testing The Waters

    No one ever tells us that life is easy
    We all have to figure it out all on our own
    To find our way home
    Not the type of home that you live in
    The type of home that you find deep within
    We are all searching for that peace of home
    We are all searching for that peace inside
    We all must find that peace of mind
    The road to get that peace is quite a difficult journey
    A journey we all tend to search shortcuts for,
    Hoping that we get there sooner than later
    Only to find out the hard way
    The easiest route isn’t the answer
    A journey that we all tend to avoid the water
    Because we are scared of the crushing waves of life
    Too scared of getting drenched or drowning
    A journey of testing the waters…
    Its ok to be afraid, for fear is quite a natural emotion to feel
    We have to remember not to stay long in that despair
    For if we do, we will be drowning, gasping for air
    No longer am I afraid…
    No longer am I frightened of the possible outcomes
    No longer will I dread not knowing the unknown
    No longer will I be scared to dive in
    I am learning to trust myself from within
    Testing the waters. . .


  • beepoetic 116w

    #lostsoul #wondering #poetry @mirakee @writersnetwork

    ��: Google search: Blue Galaxy

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    I wonder...
    When you are restless...
    Does that mean your soul hasn't found home?
    Why you can't sleep at night...
    An ache while awake. . .


  • beepoetic 124w

    ��PHOTO: Unknown (if found, please tag!)

    #takemeback #deepthought @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    Take me back to my bad decisions.
    Let me watch the scenes play,
    had I chosen to go with my intuition...
    Would I get my happy endings instead?


  • beepoetic 134w

    I often think about life after death.
    I sound extremely morbid but I don't see it that way.
    We must be are highest selves I believe.
    I believe we become greater than what we are right now.
    That is why it is critical to be living in PEACE RIGHT NOW!
    We are restricting ourselves by treating each so ugly.
    Evil is prevailing too often in this world.
    Although it is horrible to leave our loved ones...
    We become their soldiers on the other sides with our ancestors, to protect & guide them.
    We have to understand that we all reach another level once we pass on.
    They don't call it "passing on" for nothing!

    #theotherside #death #transition #spiritual #poetry #poetess #thoughts

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    The Other Side

    I don't know you but I sense you
    I know not a thing of you but I feel you
    Misunderstood is what you are
    Yet, I understand you
    If people took the time to learn you
    People wouldn't be so afraid of you
    It took time to see beauty in the ugliness of you
    It took patience to get through you
    It took observing to get the whole story
    Not many want to read the book
    They only want the happy ending
    But life doesn't work that way
    This world isn't a walk in the park -
    with a nice cool breeze
    The unexpected is always dreaded
    I had to learn to expect that -
    the unexpected is a forever learning lesson
    I see you! I studied you!
    I learned a long time ago -
    that you are more than just tragic
    You are needed for transitioning
    A transformation from limited to limitless
    Many see you as dark
    but are too blinded to see -
    you actually are the reason we see the light!
    Our suns will all set one day
    But our moons will also rise to shine too
    Ilumimating with everyone else in the galaxy of stars
    Where we all originate from
    The Universe comes to full circle
    There's more to death than just death. . .


  • beepoetic 135w

    #rare #lostandfound #imback #poetry #poetess #writing #knowyourworth

    I was lost for a little while...
    I've got some things to share....

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    I am rare. . .
    Equivalent to a shooting star.
    That diamond in the rough.
    Like a periodical cicada.
    I am distinct.
    I am profound.
    I am rare. . .
    So I am priceless.
    I cannot be compared.
    So do not dare mistreat me
    Because... I KNOW MY WORTH!
    For I am rare!
    I know who I am!
    I AM RARE!


  • beepoetic 145w

    The eyes are the windows of the soul.
    The eyes are the dead give aways.
    The eyes hold power.

    I was told my stare was dangerous.

    #seduction #desire #intimacy #simple #poetry #poetess @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    Hypnotized, in a trance.
    There is no chance of escaping.
    When eyes meet, striken like a match.
    Caught up in the flames of desire. . .


  • beepoetic 145w

    I feel I could have kept going... but i felt it was fine like this.
    I know i tend to write very looooooooong... ��
    I guess, cuz I always try to do better and plus, I just have so much to say...

    This piece is for anyone who ever comes across that fork in the road and just can't decide what is the right choice to make?
    We all can relate but it's ok to take your time to make your decision, as long as there's no time frame. BUT we mustn't become too comfortable with overthinking - don't be late to your blessings!

    I struggle with this myself but I'm learning as I see what happens when I just let go, go with the flow, not fighting against the currents of life...
    It's been rewarding and eye opening. Never easy but there is always a lesson to be learned!

    Take your fears & own them!

    #RockandAHardPlace #fear #decisions #freeyourmind #lessons #learning #poetry #poetess #poeticallyhonest @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    Rock & A Hard Place

    There will come a time in your life
    Where you reach an impasse...
    Or to say: a fork in the road?
    Where you find yourself which one is too much to chew?
    Or which one tastes good?
    Sometimes the flavor of life goes bland
    We go seeking for new seasonings to spice it up
    Either we found something just right in a new recipe
    Or we found out we killed it with over seasoning
    Too much of a good thing...

    We don't want our decision to be wrong...
    Yet, we don't know what's right?
    But somethings got to give...
    We keep weighing our sins against our strife
    We keep looking right to left
    Left to right which one is right?
    Stuck at the green light
    Right at the corner of "What if?" & "What Will Be"
    Just waiting to see what lies down each street?
    We will never find the answers if we don't move our feet.

    This annoying fork in the road...
    It's only hard to make a decision because of our fears
    & our observant logic.
    Breaking down every possible scenario
    Just so that we're prepared.
    Failing to realize that we seem to be blindly complacent
    In between that Rock & Hard place...


  • beepoetic 145w

    I tried my best (haha) anyways...
    I tried my best to remember my poem I was writing last night.
    Just to find out this morning as I went back to add more to it...
    It. Was. Not. There!!
    My phone had died and I didn't hit save ������

    The message was in the right direction but not the same words.

    I hope when people find it a difficult time to find love for themselves in trying times... I hope either my words or someone else's is able to uplift them!

    #mybest #learntoloveyourself #findstrength #motivation #poetry #poeticallyhonest @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    My Best

    I'm just trying my best
    In my Sunday's best
    On a journey of self exploration
    Hoping to reach my better self

    Another day I am given
    Another day to be better than I was the day before
    Another day of putting my best foot forward
    Trying to step up to life's door

    Yes, I endure some trials & tribulations
    But they are my trials & tribulations to get over
    Learning from my mistakes
    Never taking my life for granted
    A new subscription to life
    I'm rewarded in blessings

    I'm just here doing my best with all I have left in me
    Not trying to lose myself in misery
    Trying to find the best parts of me -
    To fall back in love with me
    I'm just trying to do what's best for me!


  • beepoetic 146w

    Just one of those days where the simple things
    overwhelm me with intense emotions.

    I am a woman who has so much to give, on so many levels.
    Nothing better in this world than memory.

    Cherish it!

    ��: Unknown

    #lightning #kiss #longing #poetryafterdark #intimacy #soul #poetry #poetess #poeticallyhonest #100 #elevated @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    Calm Before the Storm

    There is a storm brewing
    Can you feel the breeze?
    The thunder as it roars
    You can feel the vibrations from the ground up
    The storm approaches steadily closer
    She quivers as the aggressive winds wrap around her body
    The anticipation taking her breath away
    Lightning strikes, it crashes
    Flashes of electricity from Zeus' bolt
    Powerful illumination.
    Clouds were swelling, now bursting
    from the sounds of nature's rapture
    All that concealed in a kiss
    She begins to cry; now it's raining
    The longing, the yearning, the passion merge all together
    Strike lightning onto my lips again. . .


  • beepoetic 146w

    I tend to hold in a lot of what goes on in my thoughts.
    How I have so many conversations stored in my mind..
    Talking to myself that one day I will get them out.
    Only finding out that I let another day go by not releasing.

    I'm an observant soul, so when a logical mind is paying attention.
    Sometimes you get the answers while others remain a personal mystery.
    It's not so hard to put 2 and Two 2gether...

    It can be a good or bad thing...
    A blessing & a curse...
    That is why we put 100% ourselves into our art.
    Anyone can find relation in them.

    You'll come to see you're not alone. . .

    #catch #100 #ThingsLeftUnsaid #understanding #honest #poetry #poetess @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    There are so many things I want to say
    But things are never said
    They forever remain in my head

    Another moment passed
    Another opportunity missed
    Always asking myself "why do I get like this?"

    Oh how my feelings get so perplexed
    Causing a mess of emotions
    I seesaw from frustrated then content

    Sometimes I feel as if I'm stuck in an elevator
    I want to get to the next floor but there's a malfacunction
    I'm just listening to the elevator music
    Passing the time, reflecting..

    As I sit in that elevator listening to that music
    I'm starting to feel its therapeutic
    Figuring out my feelings
    The relative messages I find through musical lyrics

    Here I stand with the thoughts I keep hidden
    The silent frustrations
    Figuring out as to why I mute my opinions?
    I just can't help it...
    I'm afraid my words will be misconstrued -
    You'll miss the expression, the depth & the meaning
    I feel & sense so much
    I rather just sit & listen
    No one will ever use my words against me

    Afraid of what I might say...
    Because I care so damn much
    I'm disgustingly passionate
    I just may some shit I can't take back,
    In the heat of the moment...

    I'm a realist
    & the reality of the situation it ain't my place
    I can't speak on anything
    if I wasn't invited to the conversation
    I'm just here to be there
    Whenever you need a time out
    To vent out your own frustrations

    It's never my intent to disrespect, overstep
    or assume your position
    I'm just exercising my friendship
    I should be able to provide a different point of view
    An outside vision, a look in the mirror

    I wonder...
    Your feelings, do you ever take time to face them?
    Would anything I say resonate & marinate well;
    Like Chicken Soup for the soul?

    Would you allow me to rattle them?
    Just to show you a different way of thinking...
    Try to wake you up from this nightmare you been living?

    It should be a sin the the way you punish yourself often
    Yet, you're such an angel walking with broken wings
    You deserve some recognition for your selfishness
    That is why I give positive praises
    To lift you when you need some uplifting.
    Because I don't know if anyone else noticing
    the sacrifices you've been making?
    Someone needs to provide that assurance;
    you're headed in the right direction!

    Take this however you want it...
    A confession, a proclamation or
    just some words put together to make you feel something?
    Just know...
    I may not say a lot but always paying attention;
    Listening & observing when you think I'm just being oblivious
    While telepathically expressing these
    hidden gems of comfort & wisdom...

    They say:
    "Some things are best left unsaid..."
    That definitely holds true but I like to think...
    You're wise enough to catch the message. . .