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  • beensn 1d

    Combination looks attractive
    Only when they complement.
    If not, becomes abusive
    And makes you suffocate.

  • beensn 1d

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    The educated,
    Most of them are unemployed or underemployed,
    Are facing slavery undercover or disguised.
    Have lots of boundaries to be crossed,
    Struggling to meet expectations, they are exhausted.
    The under/uneducated,
    Gain lot of sympathy and are easily excused,
    Taken as innocents and are trusted.
    Always live in present and less worried,
    Though not planned, life is better enjoyed.
    This is true in majority of the cases I found,
    Education is a boon or a bane, I am confused
    © beensN

  • beensn 3d

    Love pinches
    The heart pains.
    Heart pains
    Eyes shed tears.
    Eyes shed
    Wipes your hand.
    Is body's
    Reaction without expectations.

    © beensN

  • beensn 4d

    Taught me
    A great lesson

    Is so
    Short to start

    Is the
    Secret of life

    Are mother
    Of all problems

    In relation
    Leads to breakups.

    Seen from
    Heart stays forever.

    Every bit
    With good intent.

    Out of
    Control doesn't matter

    Worries for
    Losing worthless things

    © beensN

  • beensn 4d

    Are my
    Crush till death
    © beensN

  • beensn 1w

    Co-operative learning

    Learning is a life changing process,
    Can make or break our lives and is endless.
    A good learning can take us to the heights,
    And a bad learning pushes us to the depths.
    Formal organisations moulds the learners,
    By providing all the required ingredients.
    But due to the long lockdown and closure of institutions,
    Students are deprived of their classroom studies.
    Why not think of some feasible solution?
    Which may help in knowledge mobilisation.
    Co-operative learning is one such great thought,
    Can be adopted anywhere and anytime to support.

  • beensn 1w


    It's a great achievement to be successful,
    Not being successful is always painful.
    Success brings name, fame and glory,
    Failure pushes us to the state of misery.
    How can we distinguish success and failure?
    We may have thousands of definitions, I am very sure.
    Both are the two states of mind,
    May leave a strong impression behind.
    I don't agree with the word 'Failure' as the opposite of successful,
    It should be 'unsuccessful' to make it more meaningful.
    A completely negetive and deliberate state is failure,
    'Not successful' is partially negetive and requires some care.
    Failure is the result of not making an attempt,
    Unsuccessful is when one fails to succeed after all possible effort (s).

  • beensn 1w

    When I decided to listen to my elders,
    I said yes to their demands.
    Thought, whatever they decide is for my good days,
    And their love for me is endless.
    I can get even more love from him anyways,
    It is an added gain and there is no loss.
    My heart was waiting for a melody song,
    To tune myself to belong.
    Waited and waited for a long,
    No song to sing and no tune to play made me strong.
    Wished only to share and to walk along,
    I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.

  • beensn 1w

    Life's angles

    Life is wrongly taken that it is same to all,
    But it depends on the perceivers angle.
    Struggling to make both ends meet is a common man's grief,
    Sacrificing for her children all through is a mother's relief.
    An efficient & hardworker blames God for his failures,
    A dacoit thanks God for his success!!!
    The young feels, life is wonderful,
    The old and the matured regrets for making it resentful.
    The wealthy wastes the whole span in fattening the pocket,
    An optimist can never be stopped from making another effort.
    Life is not that all, it has lots of untold stories,
    Opens up at all angles as we experience.

  • beensn 2w

    Right & wrong

    Who defines what is wrong & what is right?
    Does it depends on the doer or the result?
    Right and wrong are so cunning,
    Takes side of the person, place, situation & timing.
    Defined by the expectations of others,
    Depends on the power, position and status.
    Right and wrong are so flexible,
    They keep interchanging their places & are negotiable.
    I am confused seeing them playing mono act,
    One performs the dual role of wrong and right.
    Don't worry much about what and what not,
    Right and wrong are like the spinning wheel, knows when to halt.