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  • beensn 8h

    Voice of kid

    If you want to stay young forever, be with your mother,
    You are always a kid for her, age never matter.
    Moms are always beautiful and cool,
    They are so wonderful and their actions are thoughtful.
    Mothers give a special feeling which cannot be bound by words,
    They are tireless, selfless and does lot of sacrifices.
    Cares, cooks, plays, teaches, enjoys, cries, pleads,
    Prays, wipes our tears, pampers, scolds and inspires.
    She is not only our mom but a friend, a sister and a partner,
    Can assure everything possible under the sun- a sweet lier!
    This day is to acknowledge and wish all that something special,
    For mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers who are incredible.
    © beensN

  • beensn 1d


    Eighth of May every year reminds us of selflessness,
    The day of 'Red Cross' and 'Red Crescent' movement of actions.
    It is the birth anniversary of Mr Henry Dunant,
    The first Nobel Peace prize recipient.
    Red Cross works on the principles of Humanity and impartiality,
    Voluntary service, unity, neutrality and universality.
    It is the organisation which acts at the spur of the moment,
    With a win-win situation for everyone's benefit.
    A call for blood donation, disaster relief or community outreach,
    During wars, epidemics or any socio-political breach.
    The theme of the day this year is ' Together we are unstoppable',
    Let the services of the organisation always made available.
    © beensN

  • beensn 4d


    Creator is one for all, we are taught,
    All are His creations, He will never discriminate.
    But we gave a deaf ear and went on dividing,
    In the name of religion, race, caste, creed and continued fighting.
    He tried His best to make us understand,
    We ignored all His words and never followed.
    Then He thought, He must find a way,
    So that we will realise the fact one day.
    Even though we are not in the same boat, all are in the same storm,
    Beyond religion, beyond race, we must swim.
    Poor and rich, East or West, all are same,
    The Creator says, all are mine and I am the only one.

  • beensn 5d

    Exams at the pandemic

    Pandemic has taken away the sleep of the academicians,
    Made to think of alternatives to conduct the examinations.
    How to assess a student's worth to be promoted or not,
    I think, it's high time, we give a re-thought.
    To change the assessing system of the taught,
    Learning should not be assessed by just the answer paper of the student.
    Education should end up at building confidence,
    Making a living and learning should not be a co-incidence.
    'I can win' mindset at anytime serves the purpose,
    And adds real value to education policies.
    Let us learn what is the need of the hour,
    If our education doesn't provide for it, it is just a sore.

  • beensn 1w

    Corona war

    War has started without weapons,
    Enemy has not spared any house or streets.
    Facemask and sanitizers are your AKM rifles,
    Social distancing is the missile Brahmos.
    Soap and water runs the war ships,
    As a 'Peace treaty, say NO to public gatherings.
    Vaccine is the armed force which fights,
    'Isolation' is the only camouflage.
    'Be careful, don't panic' is the cease fire,
    Be your own soldier, staying at home, fight the war.

  • beensn 1w

    Sound of silence

    Words are sharper than sword,
    That is what we have heard.
    Silence is buried in the word war,
    Treated as useless and hard to bear.
    The cooperation between sound and silence is so perfect,
    They never compete but always support.
    When there is sound, silence disappears,
    Silence brings in absence of sounds.
    Not only that sound speaks,
    Even silence can make lot of sense.
    Words are spoken and easy to manage,
    The unspoken silence may cause lot of damage.

  • beensn 1w

    Corona kamaal

    Corona Virus has developed not only a great chaos,
    But also a large number of learneds and doctors.
    Every person from the corner of the street,
    Has become a virus expert overnight.
    People have become psychiatrists and statisticians,
    Forecasters, health advisors and dieticians.
    Ayurveda, Homeopathy, yoga therapy emerged with wings,
    Large number of plants, herbs, flowers gained antivirus properties.
    Home remedy is selling like hot cakes,
    Without even knowing the RNA of the virus.
    Even the tea vender at the corner shop knows,
    Not to make a good tea but how the virus acts and reacts!

  • beensn 1w

    Word treatment

    Pandemic times call for all kinds of treatments,
    Treatment can even be with words.
    'No need to worry' makes you feel lighter,
    'We are with you' really makes you better.
    Mind gets balanced with 'you will be alright',
    You feel relaxed when you hear 'God is great'.
    'Speedy recovery' and 'Get well soon' wishes releases your stress,
    'Take care' touches the heart and brings smiles.
    'Miss you' shows your existence and compels to overcome,
    'Love you' gives support and encourages to come home.
    No cost, no side effects- any time you can begin,
    There is no danger of overdose, use them as much as you can.

  • beensn 1w

    Ashwathama hatha kunjaraha

    Lies are always lies, can never be supported,
    But lies can even be life savers when cautiously used.
    False assurances have worked magical in many cases,
    Fallacies are warmer than realities.
    'Poets can reach where sun fails to' is a saying,
    Lies can succeed when science fails - worth believing.
    Too much is too bad - may lead to disaster,
    Same goes with lies too, one should monitor.
    Harmless lies proves better than harmful truth,
    Truth does miracles always - is a myth.
    Don't scare people with bitter truth regarding health,
    Take the help of sweet lies to assure them - health is wealth.

  • beensn 2w

    All is well

    Mend your mind to be your servant- All is well
    When mind becomes your master _ All is in the well.
    Always listen to your heart - All is well.
    When you become heartless - All is in the well.
    Live with hopes and faith - All is well.
    When you become hopeless and faithless - All is in the well.