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  • beautybunny 17w

    Just on my mind

    As I listen to creation
    I wonder what part do I play.
    Like the majestic universe
    Am I here to stay?

    Trees seem to grow forever
    While we lack one hundred years
    It's enough to make you question life
    And brings a troubled man to tears

    With everyday is one day taken away
    Or is it as it seems?
    How could the marvels of our being
    Be just a story in history?

    As I tear through my story
    There's a realization
    That outshines philosophy
    There's facts that when found
    Makes us powerful enough
    To withstand eternity.

  • beautybunny 17w

    Makeup and Mirrors

    As she looks in the mirror
    It tells her story
    Of brutality and pain

    As she applies her mascara
    To cover her tears
    Of the night before once again

    She remembers his fists
    Because dinner was skipped
    She applies the next layer of liner

    But the mirror can't miss
    Her need to insist
    His drunken screems
    To their minors

    As she applies her foundation
    She guiltily remembers
    That a foundation was never applied
    As a stepping stone to build a love
    That was founded on lust and lies.

    She takes a deep breath
    And begins to apply
    Her red lipstick to cover the marks
    But he loves me she vents
    That's why he hits
    And throws me into the walls

    But the problem is
    What legacy will I leave
    To our girls who helplessly looked on

    I can't be the one who simply
    Advises what brand of makeup to put on.

    How she does hate mirrors
    Because it screems the truth
    Beneath her painted face

    How she hates the paint
    That covers all trace
    Of the bruises she had to endure

    As she stares in the mirror
    This is the last time
    How this time it's time to heal
    So she picks up her girls
    And head for a safe place
    Where makeup and mirrors
    Can't shield.

  • beautybunny 64w

    Plant ideas...water your dreams and watch miracles grow

  • beautybunny 74w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Distance

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    Absence makes the heart grow fonder

  • beautybunny 74w

    Sometimes, you have to apply pressure to get relief.

  • beautybunny 74w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Flexible

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    You have to be flexible! enjoy

  • beautybunny 81w

    "Some People Serve Jehovah Out Of Choice.....Some People Serve Jehovah Because It's Their Only Option" #Loyalty

  • beautybunny 83w

    "Don't Come to Fast or You'll Lose Him....
    .........Unless He's the one"

  • beautybunny 83w

    "You are Enough for somebody."
    If not
    "You are Enough for somebody better."

  • beautybunny 83w

    "The Butterfly is indeed beautiful,
    If only she could see her wings......"