Words scatter like lilies on a clear pond, finding their way back to open hearts

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  • beautifultraveler32 1w

    This is how my journey started. From death comes renewal. This is my story, told in parables of existential connections. Enjoy.


    If I had one word for the masses...
    It's that one word that those dismiss
    The winding clock of hope grinds down to
    An irrelevant factor in existential reality

    The increase in basic knowledge
    Drives them more to overshadow her?
    In the highlights of handle, they'll rip apart
    The empty hearts of humanism.

    The increase of vicious socialist undertones
    Coining the horrible conclusion.
    That there is a much-needed examination
    On the true meaning of everything

    Healing the body is one thing. Also, that act.
    Acting by yourself is not enough.
    Yelling by yourself is not enough.
    In the darkest time of our existence,
    Comes the surge of power from humanity.


    Dreams are portals of what we are in another world.
    Connections transcend through the universe by etheric flow.
    Travel is unrestricted, so the possibilities are endless.
    A journey that entails your theta energy waves to explore the boundless worlds beyond this one.
    Orgasmic, action-packed, truly immersive shifts to calm the mind and empower the spirit.

    Oh, and it's free.☺


    A call...from beyond the astral channel
    Urgency, for the calamity is near
    Will I stay or will I move on?
    I made my decision, and face the enemy.
    Pain will strike me, but it will not end me.
    My strength is fed with love and nature.
    Time to awaken.


    Retching sounds echo throughout the party room.
    Dizziness and pain morphed into a deep plunge of sharp, acute spasms and cardiac disruption.
    Cannot move without pain...weakness building...
    The venom is spreading without any blockage.
    The human body can do one of two things...
    Heal you or become your worst enemy.


    There are times that I ask myself would life have been better if I wasn't disabled? Maybe.
    When I first became afflicted by these abuses, I wondered if I should have given in...
    Then, I realized that I survived for a purpose.
    Something I won't take for granted. For every life that is afflicted, rises a warrior.

    ����Sleep, Deferred

    I sleep when I sleep when I sleep
    When I do, it doesn't matter how much I do
    When I close my eyes, I don't feel tired.
    It's like my brain goes on hibernate but still go through updates.
    When I'm done uploading all the software to my mind, I boot up my system and begin the day.
    At night, the time comes to go into hibernate once again.
    Sleep is deferred for the reason of elevation.

    To be liberated in the realm of higher consciousness is fucking amazing.

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    Six Degrees Of Conscious Liberation
    Six-Part Poem


  • beautifultraveler32 4w

    Don't meet me at the front door
    Thinking that ya getting what ya came for
    Making me sick to the damn core
    Showing off for the overlords
    So meet me on the rap floor
    Cuz I don't f*** with you anymore
    Ok, you a vision, but you not for
    Our people, you don't make the decisions

    These people don't believe in me
    And I know it now, they won't set me free
    It's not about who I am
    They trying to take me out for
    What I am, Cuz I'm the-x2

    Verse 1-
    Loving wife, caring sister
    Despite the fact it feels like
    My body's covered in blisters
    Ok, I think I didn't say it enough
    Think I forgot when you abandoned
    Us, when shit got rough
    No, I just switched up my position
    When I found that they are shitting
    On the constitution, declaration
    little field mouse, part of their
    Operations, to make the biggest heist
    And leave us on a bare plantation
    And push the harshest mandates, segregation
    And the ones who know better, about to lose their patience, not complacent in this end of days
    So we about to set it off, so get out of our way
    I'm the-

    Verse 2-
    Bitch who destroys the narratives every day
    Because the legislation undermining us,
    foolish haze, and the lies that they tell, camera all up in they face,
    so they break into ya home and force their way, and
    the fucking Karens stuck in their entitled phase,
    and the half-ass activists, getting paid
    To cause destruction and division, with a happy face
    Until we're all trapped forever, locked in a mental cage, I'm the-

    To make the heartbeat of humanity fade
    They have made it their mission to make things shake
    Foundation of our ancestral fathers, is crumbling under us, but we've gone farther
    Away, from the righteous faith, just make an excuse to
    listen to this rage and hate
    And when the times comes, when everything's gone, I'll be on the cosmic road, taking a bong, singing-
    *Chorus until end*

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    What I Am(Anti-Racism Rap)

    "At the end of the day, I had no choice but to walk away."-B.Harris AKA

  • beautifultraveler32 5w

    V.1-You must have brainrot
    But that's ok, you gave it your all
    To keep fucking with me
    You got big balls, until I rip out ya
    Scrotum, throw it on your plate
    Time you learned a little lesson
    Pick the fucking wrong place
    I feel the beast in me rising, but I feel like I'm dying
    Just about fed up, with little bitches lying
    Acting like you da shit, but all you got is a clit
    You about to find that I'm the one with that big dick
    Just left me to the wolves, hoped they devour me
    But with this bullshit you pulled, you just set me free
    To unleash the fire and the rage, you just refuse to let me be
    Rip out your motherfucking gut and consume the meat!

    Chorus-A feast is coming
    You just had to be
    That little fuck
    That up and set me free
    The feast is coming
    I'm feeling hungry
    You must be dumb
    Unleashed the demon in me!
    A feast is coming
    Better start running
    The feast is coming
    Got my blood boiling
    My feast is coming
    The hunger in me
    Must be tamed
    Time to devour some sheep!

    Oh, the tearing of the flesh
    It'll be music to my ears
    Just to see you writhe and squirm
    I'll just be crying joyful tears
    Watching you gurgle, struggle just to breathe
    And I'll smile real big, and laugh with maniacal need
    Imagining someone that creeps up in ya house
    Slice up your security, just taking them out
    Fuck ya clout, feeling all rough and tough
    Until your victim makes their way into your bedroom, drug you, tie you up and fucking rips your dick off, watch you cry and scream, watch the life drain from your face, pull out a nice strap, force fuck you in your place!
    See, this is just a little purge for me, but I hope this fucking nightmare makes you lose your sleep!!

    Chorus, end

    Note: Just releasing some tension from the people messing with me. It's just a rage vent. Sometimes, humanity tends to screw itself. Love you all.

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    Feast(Rage Track)

    Warnings:Verbal violence, strong language, disturbing imagery

  • beautifultraveler32 6w


    Once, when I was young
    The place was brimming with
    Love and light
    Smiles, hugs, well-wishers
    Gifts, music, art

    The streets would be filled
    With food, dancing, singing
    Laughter throughout the parking

    The world will never
    Be the same
    Because I was young
    Never to grace the world
    As I remembered it.

  • beautifultraveler32 7w

    Torrential downpours of pure discord and hysteria, flooding the streets with the waters of frustration and desperation.

    A singular truth is as elusive as the storms that crush communities and vanish just as quick as they came.

    Winds of deception and spite flatten the foundation of integrity and determination. Leadership is left behind to drown in the rivers.

    And all that was once a home to many will be a home that those who are deemed unworthy may never have or enter.

    But in this superstorm of turmoil and clashes, we find one chance to end the storm.
    For liberation is like the sun, and it will shine through.

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    Lightning Strikes Twice/Liberation Strikes Once

    Even from the vicious lightning storm of tyranny, freedom can find a way

  • beautifultraveler32 7w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #Infected #Corruption #Listen #HistoryRepeatsItself

    A virus has been around for a very long time
    The premise of the virus is very noticeable
    The damage left behind is too much to bear

    A national emergency address is needed
    But, who will listen these days?
    Better than to try than to just do nothing
    So, here it goes, so know you'll know

    My fellow citizens of the world, heed my words
    Every man, woman, boy, girl, doctor, teacher, scientist, activist, artist, creator, designer, poet, writer, journalist, author

    No, I didn't include CEOs or politicians
    No, I didn't include lucrative law firms or investment groups
    Because this message is not for them
    It's for you

    Yes, there IS a virus, a deadly one
    One that can keep killing long after
    Aggressive treatment, and intensive therapy
    It doesn't matter to the ones who don't struggle
    This is for YOU to heed, because you are still being weak

    Fear is the complication, death is the end result
    The symptoms are very easy to recognize
    From a distance, it's just as described
    To the building of enrage and engage
    And the half-smiles that they wear while you're in a cage

    Loss of property, loss of health, loss of being able to manage your own wealth
    Reduced life spans, limited goals
    Oh, if you don't bow, you'll have nowhere to go
    Loss of choice, loss of voice
    Certainly your life is VOID
    A rising dictatorship
    If you want to live with basic needs, better shut up, button ya lip
    Can't walk without being masked or jabbed
    And if you get out of line, you get nabbed
    By the CDC police, armed medical military
    You think they give a damn about your freedom? That's contrary

    Think of yourself like a canary
    Can't even live without being someone's
    And the mauling of the universal law
    So they hold you hostage, until all you can do is crawl
    Yeah, that's what you fought for, what you cried for
    For the system to have the right to go door to door
    To see who doesn't fit in their world anymore.

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    The greatest infection in history is corruption

  • beautifultraveler32 7w

    #NoTeamwork #NoRelief #TheyLiedAGAIN #WeHaveNoPlan #Agenda2030 #HumanityIsFailing @writersnetwork @poetrydelivery @humanityraiseup @human_spirit @miraquill

    Combining efforts are a beautiful gesture
    For the way to save our democracy is through
    Collaborating with similar voices and groups

    But, what's the real issue with collaboration?
    The way it presents itself to us, the focus groups, the forums that only serve the needs of the ones running it

    The folly that stems from this illusion is
    The voices of reasons are just voices
    The action betrays the focus, betrays the mission, betrays the vision

    How many times have we heard that
    The needs of the people are being addressed?
    The only thing I see through these eyes
    Is the collapse of society and undue stress

    Don't get me wrong, I love teamwork
    I love the surrounding support of gravedigging through massive oversight and overreach
    The people just falling apart, the future looking bleak

    YEAH!! I like the fact that the basic needs of humanity are being commodified into luxuries that only the elite can have and I just LOVE the fact that we are too damn ignorant to see what is happening to our overall communities.

    The collaboration between the media, the government, and the corporations are well- planned but when it comes to OUR collaboration
    We have a poor attention span, being distracted by the new ps 5, our the rampant discounts telling us to buy till we die!

    And with all the hell being brought down
    On us, we still bitch and fight and fuss
    We still wreck each other’s lives, whether it
    Be screwing over tenants that ain't done you wrong
    Or a bunch of irresponsible tenants stringing landlords along
    The delicious turmoil makes them quiver at the lips
    Their old dicks getting hard, their dried-out clit beginning to twitch
    Watching the masses freak out, throw fits
    Change the channel, I'm tired of watching the same shit
    That weak-minded drones that recite tyrannical laws, without taking the time to examine its flaws
    Yes, collaboration can mean good when it's done
    But you better make sure it works for everyone!

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    Co-Op Of Collaboration

    The illusion of communication is the voice on the other line

  • beautifultraveler32 7w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @poetryly @writerstolli @death_peace #writersofinstagram #writersden #writersnetwork #poetry #deathbecomesher #darkdesires #darkpoetry

    I want her back, I'll do anything
    Looking at her still face, remembering her
    Expressions, how she grinned, how she frowned
    And always kissed me when I was down

    How could they do this to her, why the hell didn't they listen?
    As I think of our last night together
    My eyes start to glisten

    Reaching out, to touch her cold body
    Remembering her warmth, her touch
    She's like a statue, a beautiful figure
    Immortalized like a goddess

    Her lips are still soft
    My finger runs along her chest
    Why, why did you go, sweetie?
    Was it because of me?

    I want her back, I'll risk everything
    The marks are in place, please
    I want her to move her face
    Make her whole again, make her live
    I'll do whatever it takes to get her to

    The reports are burned
    The samples destroyed
    Because of what I've done
    Medical places I avoid

    She came back, but she wasn't the same
    I wanted her back, but her eyes are full of pain
    She kisses the same, she smiles so sweet
    I wanted her back, but there's no heartbeat
    She eats the same, there is no blame
    So why do I, feel much shame

    I got her back, but this time for sure
    If I lose her again
    I won't be able to anymore

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    Warning: Mentions of dark magick, disturbing images, hints of necrophilia, strong language

  • beautifultraveler32 7w

    #SmilingThroughPain #AWorldOfSadness
    #WritersDen #Writer #NewPoetry @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @poetrydelivery @writerbypen

    The blue skys, the rolling clouds
    Drift along the clearing of flowing rivers
    And empty places, empty faces, empty spaces

    Sunlight illuminates the dark tombs
    In the dank hallways of torture, of cursed legislation undermining the needs of, the pleads of the populace

    A child, covered in bruises
    Smiles above the vicious abuses
    The old man, dispossessed
    Will greet you with a positive

    A winding road of trash and piles of
    Broken homes and spirits, litter the
    Streets, the ignorance of blind sheep
    Smiles while the lost weep

    A woman, who is dying a slow
    Agonizing death through life
    Finds the time to smile
    In times of hate, In times of strife
    Waking up to the illness inside her
    She greets the world with love
    Even as every part of her hurts

    Learn from this observation
    Even animals can smile
    When abused and used
    For experimentation

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    One Day

    For every tear, there's a smile

  • beautifultraveler32 7w

    The dripping pipes, which leak wet stench of shit, blood, and piss
    The hard floor, where they rest their head
    Dreaming while awake, of comforts they miss
    Wishing for the long-awaited sleep of death
    Of every protection that should have been made
    To prevent the vulnerable, that have begun to fade
    Too many walls to climb, the dream of affordable housing, sublime
    Effortlessly crushing the only rope they had to hang on to
    Still leaving tenants and landlords to make due
    The heart of humanity has been ripped out
    Blood still dripping from the vessel spout
    No way to win, many ways to be put out
    The way they played it in the dark of halls
    Was to rig the independent rental market to fall
    To make it hell to find a piece of heaven
    By selling your body, your soul
    Making you feel like there's no more hope to hold
    Take it up the ass to remain housed and safe
    Or fight back, call it universal rape
    Having the big dick of government insinuating
    Jammed down our throats, borderline suffocating
    To make the masses into a futile group of clashes
    The guts of our rights being ripped open by communist gashes
    Our back being whipped by tyrannical lashes
    The chains getting harder to remove, make you want to cut ya throat, let it drain away the anger, the anguish, the pain
    For as long as we live, we will suffer with great need
    To die, is to be free
    Though in the ground, your soul is now

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    Warnings: Violence, Gore, Strong Language, graphic sexual themes, disturbing images