Not a daily or permanent writer... Not even a good thinker... I just put out my words whenever something strikes on my words...

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  • barbatos 2w

    A thought on life...

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    Life is a race that ends with death, where time, love, hate, destiny, family, friends, relations, positivity, negativity, sacrifices, ups, downs, happiness, sadness and all the other things we face, are the elements and hurdles that makes up this race.

  • barbatos 3w

    Some random thoughts...��✨

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    U were the emotion I fell to love with a promise, but now u are the promise I hate to love the emotions

  • barbatos 3w

    Life is so unpredictable... For a moment u r Happy n the very next u feel the pain for that Happiness...

  • barbatos 4w

    Time has blown you away from me like strong winds,
    I hope you don't forget what we have shared,
    It seems like it was only yesterday when we were kids,
    N today it's all about just been strangers to each,
    Time has played it's role once again,
    From hello to bye within a blink,
    Never did we thought of been so alone,
    For a promise was made to be along,
    It was all those unsaid feelings that went away,
    Taking the emotions of each other along its way.

  • barbatos 6w

    You think people are going to judge you by knowing the good sides n things you do...???
    Oh come on...!!! This isn't a Dream Works productions building a strawberry world... It's called the society bruh...

  • barbatos 7w

    Let's climb the stairway to the moon,
    Then sit and view the beauty of earths' blue lagoon,
    The moon will guide us as we go wander along,
    With love beside us to fill the night with a song.

  • barbatos 9w


    Ssshhh, don't make a sound, the devil is abound,
    stay under and stay your shudder.
    Ssshhh, don't look up, the devil is above,
    don't look into it's eyes, for it's love will make you cry.
    Ssshhh, it's an evil in the dark n grey,
    filled with pain of hate.
    Ssshhh, it's a test of time n patience all the way,
    for it's intentions is not as it says.
    Ssshhh, it's war of love n hate,
    don't let lust make a win.
    Ssshhh, don't let silence be a fear,
    for things will tear n shear.

  • barbatos 10w


    When we get closer, you indite so elaborately,
    Regarded as means of expression,
    Worth more than love in reality,
    A combination of visible and meaningful impressions.
    The touch of yours gave me the strength,
    Sound of heart can be felt so close,
    Looking into the eyes with a vow to joy,
    As we kissed each other with a heart of love.
    We knew we won't stop so soon,
    I felt your warmth all time the play,
    For all we have as time till dawn,
    For we've always been a diary filled of adoration.

  • barbatos 11w

    N then one fine day the two closed ones parted their ways... Neither did he a asked anything nor did she... Just the distance, misunderstanding, communication gap won it's play again...

  • barbatos 11w

    Y to live a life with attitude, ego, fakeness and hate... When all you get is a deathbed to rest at last.