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  • bansichhatralia 141w

    Stop blaming people and start blaming yourself that why are others blaming you ?

    - Bansi //~

  • bansichhatralia 146w

    Yesterday !

    While i was waiting for the birthdayy,
    Birthday is gone.

    While i was planning my dayy off,
    The dayy just got over.

    While i was happiest for the day.
    Now i have happy memories of it.

    While i had an extreme anxiety and a feeling of grotesque,
    I was in bed sleeping and wondering.

    While i was overwhelmed by the things around me,
    I had overwhelming experiences of the day.

    While i was not sure of talking on phone,
    Calls were pouring in and out the whole day.

    While i thought of meeting everyone,
    Everyone came around already.

    While i thought of being a part of everthing,
    I was already apart from many things.

    While i thought of cutting a cake,
    I was already eating a piece of it..

    - Bansi //~

  • bansichhatralia 204w

    The whether was cool and airy. The day, calm and quiet. Birds chirping all around. Trees were gazing through the window. Wind blowing through the hair. But inside the mind, a battle was going on. Battle of things which were not in control. Mind was furious. Eyes were red and searching for the loved ones. Mouth was drying. Tounge faced dilemma. Body was aching. Legs and hands had a feeling of numbness. A feeling a pain which was constantly making the mind unable to bear the truth of life. Heart did not feel the warmth. Slowly and gradually soul left the body and unbearable pain left with the soul..


  • bansichhatralia 206w

    Between sunrise and sunset we live.
    Between sunset and sunrise we think..

  • bansichhatralia 208w

    Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles and huge obstacles. Notice them and ignore them..

  • bansichhatralia 213w

    See this is a face where eyes are completely closed while laughing hard. And all the teeths are seen. And the mouth is wide open like a half moon. And only two tears come out from the two eyes from a specific angular point right under the eyes. And yes the eyebrows are on the east and west side of the forehead.
    And one more amusing thing is that the face turns yellow while laughing this hard. Ohh my ! A strange laugh right ??

  • bansichhatralia 217w

    Everything first is good.. Even the failure in life..
    @Bansi.. ✍

  • bansichhatralia 219w

    Replacing things is a good option. But replacing people is rather not an option. And replacing them has become a trend now..
    @Bansi //~✍

  • bansichhatralia 219w

    The generation gap does not make a difference when heart to heart connection is strong..

  • bansichhatralia 220w

    Childhood things

    When I was young I always felt that the moon followed us when we travelled and I feel the same thing now, even when I am grown up.
    That feeling, the moon and the sky are same but people are different who used to sit beside me while travelling..

    @Bansi //~✍