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  • bandile 2w


    An orb in the sky.
    Revealing its splendor from up high.
    Displaying the beauty of the night .
    A living testimony of God's might.
    The stars shining in their glory...
    displaying God's awesome story.
    Hold  onto  the Word He spoke over you.
    His promises will always hold true.
    Wrap your arms around it and hold onto it tightly.
    Do this and the Lord will use you mightily.
    Receiving His promise is a combination of faith and patience.
    His grace will empower you while you are waiting
    for his recompense.

  • bandile 3w

    Iron sharpens iron

    Surround yourself with people who want the best for you.
    Also don't forget to be a good friend too.
    You just want your friends to be nice?
    To sugar coat everything with sugar and spice?
    That would lead to the worst advice. 
    Godly correction is His protection.
    Iron cannot be sharpened by wood.
    In this world you will be misunderstood.
    Some days you will be asked to plant a seed and walk away .
    Other days you maybe asked to plant a seed and stay.
    Ask the Lord for the right way.
    Do not cast your pearl before swine.
    There is a point where you say no more and draw the line. 
    Wisdom and knowledge leads to freedom from bondage.
    The circle you choose will determine whether you will fulfill your Christ given destiny.
    Iron sharpening Iron is the best recipe.
    Navigating through these last days will need discernment and wisdom.
    Remember to seek first his kingdom.

  • bandile 3w


    Why do I feel so intensely?
    These strong emotions are affecting me immensely.
    Still drawn by deep connections.
    Being torn apart by internal insurrections.
    I see why I would use substances to dull my feelings.
    To prevent me from feeling these real heavy things.
    These burdens are heavy.
    This is the cost of sobriety.
    I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.
    Self-discovery...Lord uncover me...thank you for this journey of recovery.


  • bandile 7w


    Peace brings you into my arms... to me your voice is soothing as the book of Psalms.


  • bandile 7w


    I heard a tender voice in my plight.
    He said ,"Rise up its time to fight!" .
    I was lost in my addiction
    Thank God for his conviction.
    He pulled me out of the fire.
    To save me was his only desire .
    Rescued by his mighty sword .
    Christ is the ultimate reward.

  • bandile 8w

    I guess it wasn't meant to be

    It wasn't meant to be
    I have been clinging to you do desperately .
    I know this connection is rare.
    Life is complicated and unfair.
    I wish we could more.
    But you seem to have shut that door.
    We haven't done much...just talk and touch.
    Yet that was enough to give me a rush.
    I don't want to use you.
    I don't want to abuse you.
    I want to shower you with God's love
    Which is his gift from above.
    I wasn't looking for this.
    I know I will miss it.
    It's difficult to comprehend..but this maybe the end.
    Heart break now or heart break later?
    I think the latter would be even greater.
    The thought of you with some one else is already killing me.
    Life is just one big silly simile!
    Jesus loves you thats all that matters.
    Remember that even when your life is in tatters .

  • bandile 8w

    The good Shepherd

    The good Shepard cares for his sheep.
    He dries their tears when they weep.
    His sheep know his voice.
    Whether you follow is your choice.
    Get rid of the distractions.
    Ignore the negative reactions.
    This isn't about your own satisfaction.
    Be careful of who is speaking in your ear.
    Alot of what you hear is driven by fear.
    You can't lead without being able to listen.
    You need the Lord's counsel  to complete your mission.
    Much like the athletes in an arena you are going to have to be  prepared.
    Keep your spirit fed.
    Keep your eyes on the prize don't look to the left or right.
    Keep up the good fight.

  • bandile 9w


    I see you
    You see me.Yet this time we are looking at each other differently. This recipe is filled  with some strong chemistry.
    Some thing in you makes you stand out from the rest. I truly believe I may have found something truly  special..even the best .
    You say I should keep looking..but I have found it in you. The peace you carried by few.
    Your eye colour matches mine.
    Is that a sign?
    I only see half your face yet it's still enough to make my heart race .
    Then I saw your full was worth the seemingly long wait. I am a little nervous too. I haven't felt such a strong connection as I do with you.
    You asked me what I wanted?And I said..I want you.Now the ball is in your court..what you want to do?

  • bandile 17w


    So many good byes in one season.
    Lord I need a reason?
    So many orphans and widows.
    Memories of loved ones are ever present shadows.
    Still searching for these dire circumstances.
    I never thought I would live to see this reality...
    filled with such adversity.
    Filled with such uncertainty.
    These last days are challenging.
    Believers know there is no better place they could be..with You in eternity.
    Grateful for those that you made.
    Grateful that their debt has been paid.

  • bandile 19w

    The Redemption of Isreal

    The veil will be removed from Isreal and the tribes that were scattered.
    All the delusions will be shattered .
    I will breathe in them a new passion for scripture.
    They will  see Christ in the Old testament and see the full picture.
    My people will once again know me.
    And will see that Christ is the key.
    I haven't forgotten about my lost sheep.
    The children of Isreal will no longer weep!