if you have never lost your mind , then you have never followed your heart

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  • bandana_chetri 153w

    Because sometimes we just to share share our story to someone who will listen.

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    Let us speak our fear out !
    Recently , I have been going through so much depressing and suicidal thoughts .
    As a teen , I know this is a age where our emotions are very much complexed I don't know what I am , where I am , what I am going to do next.
    Let's talk about it .
    Plz share your stories , pour your heart out. , Say things that you were never able to express .
    Plz . I want to hear you , I will listen .
    Because maybe this is what I want too. I too wanted people around me to listen to me .

  • bandana_chetri 162w

    Just like you don't try hard to fall in love with someone.
    Why to try hard to forget someone?
    I know, it's hard to wake up every morning and accepting yourself the way you are .
    All these days, I was craving for true happiness .
    Whenever I looked into the mirror , I just couldn't accept the person that somehow reflected my own image .
    I thought I was not good enough .
    I thought afterall its the *beautiful people* who ruled the world .
    But these days of depression made me so much stronger .
    I have accepted that life was never perfect and it will never be.
    I have accepted that I don't need to change a thing , the world could change it's heart .
    And to all the girls who feels that they are not worthy enough , let me be your mirror , hope you see clear .
    You have a light that shines within .

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    Put your makeup on,
    Curl your hair ,
    Run the extra mile ,
    Get slimed up
    So they like you

  • bandana_chetri 181w

    Following your dreams
    Is like getting up at dawn
    And watching the sunrise
    While the whole world is still sleeping

    So don't turn into ashes
    Watching all your dreams
    Burning with you

    Image credit ~ my sister

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  • bandana_chetri 181w

    Finding inspirations?
    ~look at the sky ,
    How beautiful it is ,
    Even after showing all of its layers~

    Image credit ~ sis

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  • bandana_chetri 183w

    Cogitantium reflexionem is a Latin word that means "thoughtful reflection " ..
    bonhomie - cheerful friendliness
    Exonerated- forgive
    Facade- mask ; illusion

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    Cogitantium reflexionem

    She saw her reflection in the mirror ..
    A flash of understanding passed between them
    The mirror reflected back bygone memories
    A facade of laughing bonhomie
    Camouflaged a voice of despair
    But now ,
    She no longer hold any regret .
    For she has exonerated herself
    From the guilt..
    She still hopes for that day
    When she will wake up and feel a little
    Less heartbroken

  • bandana_chetri 184w

    Thick drops drifted from heaven .
    Trickled down from rooftop
    Landed in a tiny runnel .
    To marry the turbulent stream down the slope
    It makes my heart flutter .
    I stared at them in utter amazement .
    How beautiful those tiny droplets could be?

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  • bandana_chetri 185w

    Words couldn't describe the fragrance of spring flowers ..
    But her heart did ..
    She stay abandoned in her lucid dreams .
    She walked through the alleys and saw a wildflower .
    She paused to see its silhouette against the dimming sky ..
    All of a sudden ..
    She woke up of her lucid dreams .
    Little did she knew that the flower she saw ..
    Was that she planted ages ago ..
    In the broken part of heart ...
    And that flower never withered away

    @saraameerali_ #flowerwithin

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    They tore her apart ...
    To see her broken part ..
    But they got wildflowers ..
    As boundless as her soul ..

  • bandana_chetri 186w

    Sometimes you should set yourself free from all the things that hurts you ,
    Its okay to love and leave ..
    Its okay to have sleepless nights with your wet pillows ..
    When your past kept hurting you for a while ..
    Just remember the days when you walked alone for a mile ..
    Happy and contented.
    Dive into those oceans eyes of yours ..
    And discover yourself ..
    You deserve much much more than you think ..
    All those hues of darkness will go away in a blink ..

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    I can't stop looking at those ocean eyes ..
    Let me get drown into those ocean eyes ..

  • bandana_chetri 191w

    Its been a long day without you my friend ...and I will tell you how it feels when I see you again.....
    We know you'd be with us today if heaven wasn't so faraway ...

    Its been a year since you left...
    How is everything going on?
    Are you all well?
    Are you still the same ?

    That smile you had with happiness within ..
    That sparkle in your eyes hide galaxies unseen ..
    Those dimples which made everyone fall for you..
    Those creepy jokes you made ..
    Those stories which gave us goosebumps ..

    Where are you now??
    That day when I last met you..
    Sitting near the veranda ..
    Making a castle of jokes as always ..

    I wish if I had known that it was the last time we are meeting ...I would have seated beside you ..hugged you and never let you go ..

    But as always God plays pranks with us ..I didn't even bothered to laugh at your jokes thinking I will meet you the next day ..

    But that day didn't came ..
    And you left ..
    Leaving behind your memories ..
    Many things you left undone ..
    "Dude!! We will rock it " u said ..
    You really rocked it man..
    You parents are like a rock now ...
    Standing in the doorway ..
    Wishing to see you come back running ..
    And say that it was all a prank ..

    But you didn't came back TUMON
    And teachers??
    They still hide their tears when they say your name ..
    As the pain in their heart is still the same ..
    As you were the don with all naughtiness within..

    Tumon ...we miss you , we love you ...come back plz ...

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    Hey !!

    We know you'd be with us today if heaven wasn't so far away ..

  • bandana_chetri 193w

    Its a letter from an aborted baby to every mother who aborted her child ....

    Dear ma,
    What wrong have I done to you?? I wanted to be your little one ...I wanted to see the beauty outside your warm and comfort ....I longed to come and see your face ...I wanted to feel your warmth , your love ...but this is what I get in return....I was so excited when I began to realise my existence ...I wanted to meet pa , grandma ....I wanted to call you ma I heard other children called their moms ...I wanted to see the sunset , the sunrise, listen to the chirping of birds , hold pa's fingers as I would have taken my first steps ....But ma killed me even before I could see the beauty outside ....Did I really deserved this ma?? Didn't I deserved your love .....why you hate me so much ma?
    The most horrible thing happened when you brought me into the slaughter house . A very mean monster came into that warm, comfortable place I was in.. I began screaming ma ..I was so scared ma ..why didn't you heard me?? Or you never wanted to hear me ....the monster started ripping my arms off . Oh, how I begged it to stop . He killed me mom even before I was born ....

    Mom ...I really wanted to live a life of love ....wanted to breath ....but mom maybe you never loved me ...I was the fruit of the love between you and my father . But maybe you thought I was rotten , or bitter in taste you never let me grow ....

    But plz mom ....don't do the same with my little brothers and sisters ...they also deserves your love ma ....and now my little heart groans in pain and stops its soft beating ...

    Goodbye MUMMA

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod @writerstolli

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    Why do you want me to set before rising?