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  • b_sodhi 15h

    Setting fire that can't perish even with rains,
    It traverses hastily through the veins,

    Overjoyed at reaching the core,
    Finally time to proliferate some more,

    With each beat sends out the minions,
    They are designated to be the forever companion,

    Occupying every nook and corner,
    Giving you absolutely no time to ponder,

    Just like that everything is dark,
    Living with the pain will someday become a walk in the park....

  • b_sodhi 16h


    They are a dangerous entity!
    Assume you are special to someone and get your heart broken on realising they treat everyone the same!
    Assume you mean nothing to someone and get your heart broken when they give up on you and move on!
    Honestly it's a double edged sword!
    But either ways you end up with a broken heart
    So instead of making assumptions, communicate and save yourself from the pain...

  • b_sodhi 1d

    The moment you realise you are getting too attached to someone, and they don't seem to be on the same page, pause, take a step back, then another and another, put in as much distance as you can, gain some control over those crazy emotions and lock them up before they can destroy you once again!

  • b_sodhi 1d

    When people leave, they leave the memories behind!
    Those memories are painful reminders of what might have been,
    Overtime the pain turns into a dull ache, never completely vanishing, but becoming bearable, making it easier to breathe...

  • b_sodhi 1d

    Daddy's Little Princess

    The first time a father holds his newborn daughter in his hands and she looks at him he is a goner! He feels a surge of emotions rushing through him,falls in love with her that very instant and wants to protect her from everything and fill her life with happiness! No matter how strict,stern he is outside, the moment she runs up to him calling him out he melts like butter.
    Daughters do have their dads wrapped around their little finger!
    He is the male she looks upto, the male who sets the standards for a life partner,the person she can rely upon,the person who stands up for her respect, dignity, fulfills all her wishes , gives in to all her demands, pampers her. He might not be able to express his care, concern in words but his actions convey it all!
    They do have their share of arguments, screaming matches but if one tear escapes her eyes the father forgets everything,feels tremendously guilty and just wants his princess to smile again!
    He gets overprotective at time restricting her activities, trying to make decisions for her but all of it is out of love and care!
    Sadly sometimes this amazing bond gets damaged, distrust seeps in, lack of communication, misunderstandings end up creating a distance. Inseparable father-daughter duo drift apart! Sometimes you can repair it, but sometimes you just can't!
    The bond still stays, it's just not the same anymore and you feel lost, alone and scared!
    If you feel there is still hope , repair that bond ,take the first step and see the magic, but if you are sure that nothing can be done, it's okay , have faith darling the Universe will look after its princess!

  • b_sodhi 2d

    How many times have you actually supported someone who reached out to you because they were depressed?
    How many times were you there for them without judging them or labelling them as attention-seekers?
    How many times did you simply listen instead of disregarding their feelings and forcing them to focus on the good things happening in their life,be grateful because according to you they don't really have any reason to be depressed?
    We don't realize how much courage is needed for them to accept that their mental health is not okay! How many times they debate before they finally reach out and ask for help. Depressed individuals fight a battle every moment of the day,doing even the simplest activities needs a lot of effort. They are trying to get their life back on track, they are trying to keep the negative thoughts at Bay and if they have reached out to you, it's because they have hopes from you, please don't break that hope!

  • b_sodhi 3d

    While wiping away your tears if you have tried to justify someone's actions,
    While picking up the pieces of your broken heart if you have tried to understand their perspective,
    While your self respect was being trampled if you still tried giving them the benefit of doubt,
    You have the kindest soul and infinite love resides within you!
    But that doesn't mean you start thinking that the fault is in you, you are not good enough, or you deserved the ill treatment.
    Because the reality is that you were too good for them and they were not capable enough to give you the love you deserve!

  • b_sodhi 3d

    Derogatory terms for women are frequently used by the "society". Sometimes your close ones might become a part of this society. No matter how much it hurts, hold your head high and turn a deaf ear to everything. Don't you dare give them the satisfaction of seeing you suffer!

  • b_sodhi 3d

    Just because you love something doesn't mean it is good for you...

  • b_sodhi 1w

    "Divorce" is still frowned upon by the society! People advice you to compromise, adjust, make it work somehow! For childless couples the magical remedy is have a child, the child would act as the glue holding the marriage together! For couples already having kids, make it work for the child's sake!

    No one realises that pretending to be in a happy marriage for the child's sake, hiding the bitter truths of life from them often ends up doing more harm then good!

    You end up teaching them that lying is okay when you want to avoid dealing with difficult, unpleasant situations. You end up shattering their trust! If they can't trust their parents whom do they trust? How do they know what's real, what's fake? You also end up telling them that all happy marriages in the world are nothing but a sham and children end up restricting their parents from doing things that make them happy!

    You end up distorting their views on love, self respect, relationships, marriage, life!

    Kids are smarter than we give them credit for! They are perceptive, less judgemental and more understanding. Try to consider them as a mentally adept individual and have an honest talk! They will end up surprising you pleasantly!