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  • b_a_bz 1w

    Should be a word.


  • b_a_bz 1w

    In the movies
    When someone
    Blows out the candle.
    When it all goes dark?

    The dramatic and swift
    Puff to streams
    Of smoke.
    Evidence of a fire extinguished.

    My soul feels like that.


  • b_a_bz 1w

    Peeking through the crumbled
    Sandy walls I
    Have built.

    Allowing sun to meet moon.

    When I permit myself
    To see good.

    Seldom, but adored.

    Happiness, I see you.

  • b_a_bz 2w

    It’s that whistling sound
    The wind makes
    When I’m alone
    With my brain.

    It’s that thudding feeling
    When my heart
    Knows to ready for break.

    I do that to myself.
    I always have.



  • b_a_bz 7w

    Short fused since birth.
    Sweetest little bomb you could ever meet.


  • b_a_bz 9w

    Have you ever felt the beams bend?
    The foundation shake?
    The tiles crack?

    Have you ever held on to the earth?
    The green grass?

    Have you ever looked at the sky?
    The size of it?
    And how small you are in comparison?

    Whether you built it, or merely exist?
    Anyway you can.

  • b_a_bz 9w

    The enemy?

    These walls?

    My soft spot.

  • b_a_bz 13w


    I wake up,
    I can’t stand myself.

    You wake up,
    And you want to be with me.

    I can’t grasp it,
    But I love you for it.

    So, I’ll keep waking up.

  • b_a_bz 14w

    From solid brick walls
    To chain link fence.

    You think you can see me now.

  • b_a_bz 15w

    It’s not like I’m not loved.
    By everyone.
    Just not by me.