i walk through the darkness so that others may see the light. let me know your thoughts and ideas!

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  • azazel 5w

    How will I make it?

    How will I make it?
    I won’t
    Embrace the end of the day and you’ll have nothing to fear
    Walk around
    with that thumb in your chest
    Stand tall and face the end
    If it’s death or a sunset
    If you don’t
    You’ll wake up one day
    and you’ll not know
    If it should have be today or years ago
    That you should have gone
    But you’ll know
    You never deserved to make it this far
    And you’ll be just another coward
    who wished for what you fear now
    To be dead so long ago

  • azazel 8w

    Happy disposition

    Forsaken and alone
    I walk as though I’ve never been in better company
    Broken and cold
    I sit as though there is nothing better to be
    Empty with shadowy dark tones
    I ponder what else life could possibly have to give to me
    An over flowing soul
    Intoxicated by life’s simplicity
    And all that possibility

  • azazel 13w

    Empty page

    An empty page calls and Becons me
    Nothing but possibly
    Who should see the spot light this time?
    Horrors lived or horrors perceived?
    Souls forgotten or souls scorned?
    A bundle of hope or endless tragedy?
    They all claw and fight there way to my hands
    To guide the pen and let a piece of them escape.
    Oh but they all wish to escape
    And they all climb to sight
    Distracting the writer
    And clouding the mind
    so sits the empty page
    With no words to fill it’s face
    Leaving it in turn
    Like an empty heart
    With nothing to convey

  • azazel 23w

    Wake up

    I woke up before the sun did
    The moonlight kisses my face
    I rise from the tall grass
    And say goodbye to her grace
    All that could have happened
    It wasn’t meant to be.
    I’ll take my life
    Before the sun can see
    All that I’ve wished to be.
    It’s yours, my life
    Just please, don’t be me

  • azazel 27w


    When you see my face why do you flinch?
    When I call your name, why do you hide away?
    When I was there, did I not show you what love truly was?
    Was it not me who bore a lamp to your path?
    So when I sing to you the memories of our past, why is it that you turn away from me?
    When you go to sleep and I reach up to kiss your cheek, why why do you lay and weep?
    But All these questions I would turn in for one
    When I fought
    Day by Day
    When I struggled to stay
    When even in the company
    Of shadowy beasts
    I still smiled upon you
    When almost nothing remained
    And i still found a piece of me
    To give to you
    Why then is it,
    When I should come to you,
    That all you see
    Is your final moments with me?

  • azazel 36w

    The red fountains spring

    The red fountain begins to fill
    A rage filled blade fills it's pool
    No distinction between its source
    Young and old alike
    The weak and the strong
    All give to the red fountain
    All are taken for the fountain
    And it flows
    It flows

  • azazel 43w

    Single drop

    Like glowing iron to the skin
    The truth begins to flar to my sight
    A mistold story takes the spot light
    Was it truly random?
    The common slight,
    Just another man
    looking to keep on the lights.
    Sick and twisted
    But somewhat usual
    Everything pointed to only the bloody pool
    If this truly was the case
    Than what of his hands?
    Why didnt they stop,
    what of all the rage then?
    The Curtin closes on those that know not
    That there was ever a stage
    or show to be seen
    And now the white hot iron
    Is beared only by me.

  • azazel 46w

    Milk blood

    A creation and salvation of pain
    A true home, one that does not blindly drain
    A purpose to our aim, to reduce the pain
    Reduce what once was again
    miracle saved, to be reused and gave
    What goodness comes with out consequences
    Who is that without circumspice
    Blood to be used over
    Perhaps I hold not the right to stay here
    But i can save whats dear,
    And I shall once again return here

  • azazel 47w

    Long waiting

    I look in too his eyes
    Begging to be his
    But I refrain from reaching out
    Why is that, why not?
    A question that becomes harder to answer day by day
    He tells me to be patient
    But how much longer must i wait.
    Maybe I can speed up the clock
    Little by little
    Day by day
    I'll be his one day

  • azazel 49w

    Unknowing love

    When you're ready I'll be here
    I'll never truly be done until your clear
    When you need a hand you know who to call
    Walk or run
    I'll be on the call
    Never done till you're walking tall
    Never asleep if you need to call
    If you truly need a hand I'll guid the way
    Unwavering until you find your reason to stay
    I understand you dont know why it stays but believe me when i say
    It never truly goes away
    But you'll be stronger
    And more ready for the day

    You May not know why I love you so
    But hopefully one day you'll know
    And my work will be proven fruitful
    In light of a loving soul