a beautiful flower, in and out ��

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  • az_zahraa 9w

    You are mine
    My favourite glass of wine
    Classy in ranking
    Sipping with style and intoxicating pleasure
    Here are my buds saying thanks

    © _the flower_

  • az_zahraa 10w

    I'm painting my nights with happy lies
    Cos even if it's a rude bloody lie
    I can still tint with my bottle spray of happiness
    Just like gold pleated gold,
    All you see is brightness
    But, truly,
    A brightness buried in gloomy obscure darkness!

    The reality matters not this time around...
    For right here,
    These moments,
    These pretty, soul squeezing moments,
    This painter only wants to feel...
    And if all she can feel in a cold night is happy lies
    Then, at this point,
    She's just as happy, she lied...

    © _the flower_

  • az_zahraa 13w

    You are beautifully fatal
    Innocently dangerous
    A whimsical sensation, tickly if I may...
    If I fall, will you catch me?

    © _the flower_

  • az_zahraa 13w

    You know how tough I've fought?
    Torned, churned, grinded, drowned, burnt...

    But, here I am, fighting again.

    ©_the flower_

  • az_zahraa 13w

    Everyone could have done it right when it's not their own story

  • az_zahraa 14w


    Only for tonight, come to my heart
    Oh yes, just this night
    Be my guest...
    Listen to the rythms
    And the echoes of the only name it knows
    Your name.

    Come, sit here...
    Feel the warmth and listen to the beat
    Just like it sings in your absence too
    Feel the mood of my heart
    Can you see the emotions flying around?
    The feeling?
    Like time has come to a still, just for us!

    Come, dear darling,
    Only for tonight, feel...
    ...feel the calmness
    And tranquility, joy and fulfillment,
    Come and see for yourself
    What happens to my heart
    When it thinks of you

    Feel the anxiety
    The sadness, pain
    The hurt, rush of emotions...
    That comes with worrying about you

    My love,
    Only for tonight,
    Come to my heart...

    ©_the flower_

  • az_zahraa 15w

    I'd think of what to write
    But somehow the words ain't coming forth
    For you, it's different
    I mean, what would I even say?
    How would I say what's going on here?
    -this little room called heart

    Hey girl,
    When I think of you
    You feel like a sacred mystery I'm yet to understand
    One laced with beautiful diamonds and charm
    Like a tough puzzle I'm trying to solve
    But also as simple as folding origami papers
    You're tough, yet simple. Simply

    Oh! That heart?
    I've always thought of what it's made of
    I figured such a heart should be made of gold?
    Hmm, too cheap. Maybe diamonds?
    Well, nope.
    I've figured that,

    Your heart is like none I've met
    Pure. Beautiful. Translucent.
    A heart that's dear to me. I can't explain.
    And no gem discovered can perfectly describe it's worth
    All I can say is this,
    It's a heart that's as beautiful as it's owner...

    When I say I love you
    It's really more than you can fathom

    Dedicated to Murtaaziyyah 1

    _ ©the flower_

  • az_zahraa 16w

    Sometimes, we're like that 'mistake', the special design in a drawing, we don't look perfect, we don't seem normal, we're certainly at that point were it's really not working out and we're definitely not following the normal protocols of life...

    Hey! Check again, you're actually amazing and the puzzle would definitely come together one day❤️

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    She picked up a brush
    Staring at the canvas
    She started painting
    A beautiful painter she was.
    Her arts. Quiet yet screaming.
    It spoke to people.
    She did actually, without speaking.
    She was sought after,
    She was a woman in love.
    And, she made people fall in love too
    With art.

    One day,
    She picked up a brush
    Her lover, taking over.
    It was a perfect painting.
    Something happened..
    Red spilled on it!
    She did some touches,
    All from her heart..
    But 'a mistake surely ruins things',
    Her first thought.
    Beauty tarnished,
    She looked with tears
    They all took their leaves,
    No one loves horrid paintings!
    They forgot or never knew, this is art,
    Here, every mistake is a special design!
    Today, she brought out that painting.
    And saw what they never saw..
    Beauty. Hidden.
    Art is always beautiful.
    Don't. Argue. It.

    Arts is emotions coming out. Freely.
    We are art, yet to be unleashed.
    Yes! You and I!
    So, look deeply.
    I said, check again! Have you seen the beauty?
    It's screaming quietly.
    Just, Open. Your. Heart. It's magical

    © _the flower_

  • az_zahraa 20w

    Jamie, you know people leave but places don't
    They exist holding back all the memories of places and fragrances

    They exist, leaving you with a feeling of nostalgia that you either adore or dread to the core!

    Jamie, you know how we used to wish to never leave the seashore, how we love to sunbath in it's white sand with almost naked bodies, watching the sea waves dancing in melodies or rippling in circles and curves...

    You know how we used to build sand houses with our feet fitting in as perfect as a key and lock. I remember you once said, 'this fits just like us, yunno we complete each other', and we both chuckled happily but naively.

    Can you remember how we usually pick up seashells in plastic bags and pretended like these shells were sent to us to be adored and delicately cared for?

    And how we placed our bare hands and feet on the wet beach sand? Allowing it's warmness to pierce every bit of our fragile entities...

    Jamie, the breeze of the seashore still whispers in rhythms like it used to then, I still hear our names but I hear yours louder.

    Today, the breeze whispered our names into my eager ears but this time around, not together, not in a single sentence, not in a teasing way, No, not in that way that made our eyes shone brightly and our smiles sweet and lovely...

    But I still feel everything the way I used to. I still smell your hair wash whenever I feel the beach water on me and you know why...

    Jamie, everything is still the same. No, nothing has changed over there except that this time around, the seashore gets only one visitor, it doesn't mind though, cos it still sends down shells for two people...

    ©_the flower_

  • az_zahraa 21w


    Pain is just pain.
    It doesn't make you stronger,
    It doesn't make you wiser,
    It doesn't make you better,
    Neither does it build your character.
    It just hurts...

    ©_the flower_