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  • ayushruti 13w


    Some parts should be skinny and others must be full
    the face symmetric not anorexic
    unless you are talking about the belly

    That should be flat but
    below the back it should be all jelly

    Butt can wiggle but when the arms jiggle
    drop and give me six
    the legs should not be sticks

    But not too thick and cellulite is social suicide
    and other feature you have to hide

    Where is your thigh gap?
    Its best you skip that nap

    Better to ride a bike at ten Mile hike
    become the one boys like

    Round breasts on your chest with smooth skin
    the recipe for a win

    We don't like thin and we don't like fat

    And when you have acne
    stay in your habitat

    The stars on your face or
    undeserving of embrace

    it needs to be FIXED we have our values MIXED

  • ayushruti 14w

    So random
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    ��//"-Healing-"// ��
    (And the loop goes on)

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    3•••••••••••••••••••••••••••love from friends and family//




  • ayushruti 14w

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    VIBGYOR- mixture of seven colours,both primary and seconday

    Pandiculating-a stretching and stiffening especially of the trunk and extremities (as when fatigued and drowsy or after waking from sleep)

    *All Rights reserved *

    ��//A dawn is the prophecy of solace,lightning away heart's mayhem//��

    �� ��
    ���� �� ��
    �� ��


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    Dawn's Canavas

    The dawn chorus of melodic birdsong drifted in,
    The rising sun painting a rosy hue across the early a.m sky, Golden fingers of sunlight lit up the daybreak, prisming it,the dense clouds,dyeing white sheet of sky with breadtaking spectrum of VIBGYOR
    The just-risen sun shone softly on the empty streets, bringing with it a flurry of early-morning activities,

    The light of dawn seeped into my room,
    Rubbing my bleary eyes,i walked to the window,
    There was a pearly glow in the sky with hovering brunette clouds momentarily eclipsing the sun,
    Monarch butterflies boozing freshly painted dew drops on petals of a damask rose,
    A Peacock dancing ecstatically on tunes of pitter-patter downpour,a new day escaping from the arms of slowly fading moon,life around me pandiculating,inhaling the fragrant scent of petrichor


  • ayushruti 14w

    Thankyou @writersnetwork______

    Thankyou carolyn mam for the kind repost❤

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    ��//Adult with a kindergarten heart ❤��//��

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    This Is Me ❤

    A soul,sweet baptismal and crimson as dawn's frist dew drop,
    A heart which leaps and hops playing with littile babies and tykes,
    A mind which rejuvenates listening to its parents laughing and teasing each other non-stop ♡

    My precious Mumma says,
    You're my princess, whose family is her empire,
    Looking at her sparkling eyes i know,
    I am a warrior,making my family proud is my keenest desire

    A obstetrician yet a pediatrician at heart,
    I love celebrating my birthdays in their ward,
    Feeding them pastries and reading them "Harry Potter's"(1to7) every part

    When it downpours,I swirl, untroubled by the wet hairs sticking on my face,
    "Footy tipping" my bare feet,Swaying with the cold wind, oscillating my skirt with grace

    Celebrating my people, intending to spread love, joy and bliss with whatever i write and wherever i go,
    Oh, i love watching the full-moon,wishing on shooting-stars and i still open my mouth whenever i see freshly falling snow

    I am my darling papa's pride,
    My beautiful mumma's best friend,
    My impish yet cutest brother's support system,whose mischiefs are never going to end

    I think I'm a poetry, a song with a celestial core,
    Read me, sing me, lurk inside of me, and feel this galore

    I am a proton, with an aura of positivity around me,
    I play with my dolls sometimes, and trust me they still love to crown me

    Come with me and let's laugh at our silliest mistakes,
    Lets play like kids, gaze at the starry skies,lets party as we used to, watching cartoon and eating cakes

    - °•Ayushruti•°

  • ayushruti 15w

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    ��// Noam Chomsky Quote: “Wanton killing of innocent civilians is terrorism, not a war against terrorism.”//��

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    Afghanistan : We Are Praying For You

    Farming massacres in the sea of blood
    Breadthing holocaust from pool of quagmire
    Pitter-patter raindrops washing away decaying corpses
    Ashes of innocent civilians hovering away in silent fire

    Souls igniting,combusting into weak flames of sorrow
    Tearful eyes praying the hazy,empty,dull skies
    Hands raised to god begging to see a innocuous tommorow

    People terrified of shadows
    Death knocking at their door
    Catastrophe playing peek-a-boo
    Innocent cries shaking the earth's core

    Gunshots flaming the fire of turmoil
    Ears kindling, agony blistering
    Bleeding skin shivering and screeching in refugee camp's broil

    Misty wind filled with whiff of gore
    Dead bodies falling on earth faster than the parched and withered autumn leaves
    Once which was blue, is now red,every sea-shore


  • ayushruti 15w

    Thankyou carolyn mam (lovenotes_from_carolyn ) for reposting ❤
    Feeling accoladed��������❣��

    ���������������� ���������� ����☆��⛰������☄
    (Our Earth)

    And when the inky blackness of the yon rich,
    gray rhenish and indefiably different sky,
    dilutes into a deep cerulean hue

    Oh tell me have your eyes ever feasted on something so tranquil, surreal, yet true!

    The sun defies the boundries of colours,
    illuminating like the crux of tangerine earth's core

    //The soft and moist autumnal breeze
    making the weather-vanes caper,
    and fragrant shamrocks whiff of iridescent petrichor//

    Heavy clouds of pewter grey swirling overhead
    mimicing the softest ball of cotton wool,
    Eyes misting from the drizzle of a scenic torrent
    bleeding into its own bed of whirlpool,

    "Parched" being an anonymous entity,
    In this paradise, succumbing to its own beauty,
    colours and abysmal constellation's trinity,

    The dancing winds, as if rehearsing ballet
    on the melody of "swan lake",
    A booming bell echoing in the heart looking at all this exquisiteness our mother nature can make,

    Blessed are we to thrive on a planet
    which is synonymous to "Paradise",
    Heaven lurking from every corner, healing the grief-ridden heart with every dawn's rich and radiant sunrise

    //Those emerald green and sapphire blue
    intermingling with our soul,
    It is them who decipher human destinies,
    as if we are sitting in a terrarium bowl,//

    Ecstasy runs in the veins of our plethoric globe,
    Enriching our soul with all the colours of a rainbow,
    Kissing our skin with every contact,
    Beauty embellished even in its dry terrain, wet tropicals or the ivory frozen tundra's snow

    - ☆AYU♡



    Shamrocks : small hills

    Weather-vanes: A weather vane, wind vane, or weathercock is an instrument used for showing the direction of the wind. It is typically used as an architectural ornament to the highest point of a building

    Torrent: a strong and fast-moving stream of water or other liquid

    Trinity: holy combination of three. like father, son and holy spirit

    Swan Lake: Swan Lake, Op. 20, is a ballet composed by Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875–76. Despite its initial failure, it is now one of the most popular ballets of all time.

    Terrarium: A terrarium is usually a sealable glass container containing soil and plants, and can be opened for maintenance to access the plants inside

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  • ayushruti 18w

    Order was passed,
    The galaxy united,
    Cosmos fluttered,
    Stars ignited,

    Tranquil skies,
    Envied him,
    He found true love,
    Healing his grim,

    Passionate nights,
    Mornings dressed like an ecstatic daydream,
    Finally she found someone,
    Who felt like "the rarest gift" from the almighty supreme,

    Heaven called,
    The universe conspired,
    They were soulmates, they were one
    "They-were-eternal-forever", the holy grail desired

    She danced, danced and danced,
    Ignoring her aching feet and toe tips,
    He lifted her up,
    Savouring her sweaty,pink,petulant lips

    She was a butterfly,
    A lunar rainbow,
    He was lynx-eyed,
    Vowing to decipher her woe,

    The supernova gleamed,
    That day,dusk and dawn hugged the sun,
    With plethora of love in the air,
    He kissed the bride and they became one.

    Lynx-eyed: great vision


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    Laden love,
    linguistic thoughts,
    Their souls joined,
    melting the heart's frost


  • ayushruti 19w

    ������ ���������� ��������’�� ���������� ���� ������������ – ������������ ������������

    The first boy who held my hand told me boys didn’t want to hear about vaginas bleeding.

    Younger me could smell the misogyny,

    *Vaginas only meant to be fucked, breasts only meant to be sucked, mouths only meant to quiver, ‘Ugh, please, fast.’*

    Yet, I am silenced!

    //For all we boil down to is sexual interaction,Not just me, my mother, sisters, friends, all quicken their pace post 8:30 in the evening,//

    My mom telling me to wear skirts out less often,
    Nirbhaya and more, left forgotten.


    We don’t want to be daughters, do we?

    So I wear my jeans long and wear my tops high,Don’t show my cleavage or a hint of my thighs,

    //Risking not my virginity, but my life,My hymen seems to be sacred, be sacred, told to keep it till I’m a wife,//

    If not, I’m a whore, a slut, a skank and more,
    Not as pure as I was before,

    15 year old Laxmi didn’t like 32 year old Guddu and Guddu dealt with it real maturely, he made her the victim of an acid attack,
    Laxmi could be your sister, your girlfriend, your cousin. We’re girls, women, human, not a burden,

    //I ask my male friend to drop me home because his privilege will protect mine,
    I’m sorry dad, for I was catcalled in my uniform at the age of nine,//


    This isn’t an all men thing I know,Trust me, I do,
    But the men I can trust are only a few,

    At the age of twelve, my bra straps were sexualised. At the same time, we don’t get those damn sexual rights,

    My aunt raped by her husband, but marital rape is fine, Pucker up, it’s a mad design, get in line,

    So what I’m trying to say here tonight is, I’m sorry I was brought up in a family where my brother taught me wrong from right,
    Where my mother believes in our generation to better the world,Make it slightly easier for each and every girl,

    Thank you. For I see men in this room,
    Reaching out to help, realizing the bane of the womb,
    Being saved by the sane of a few,
    We’re all collectively reaching out for you. Thank you.

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  • ayushruti 29w

    Thankyou for the repost Ms.Carolyn___❤

    ���������� ������������ ����������������

    (°•Trigger warning for the 1st three quatrains•°)

    They Chopped her clitoris off,
    Sexual pleasure for women be sin?!
    Mutilated her genitals-
    Left her with bleeding vulva and lacerated skin.

    //Bearing the agony,
    Of a thousand exposed clitorial nerves,
    She used to shriek and Curl up like a ball after urinating,
    Wailing and whimpering,the pain she never deserved.//

    Our littile flora was 13, he was 60,
    She being sold for couple of camels and sheep
    Marriage was synonyms to trade,
    "Can your inata satisy me?"asked the old creep.


    Her swarthy skin,
    Like freshly kneaded cocoa with creamy batter,
    She raised her voice,revealing her story,
    Accorded as every littile girl's alma mater.

    Cocooned in pupae of wretched world,
    That littile girl morphed into-
    the century's biggest supermodel,
    A paragon of beauty,
    Passing the gwaping crowds like a Monarch
    devoiding any toddle.

    //Our nomadic beauteous queenie,
    Became the best selling author in two ticks of clock,
    She triumphed as an UN special ambassador against female genital mutilation,
    Starstrucking the world with sanguine,upbeat and rosy talk//

    ☆She was the mareless orb of night,
    Our luna, the epitome of salvation,
    Envied by the pistol nebula,
    As entralling as a solved Quantum equation.☆

    She manifested that-
    Beauty, glory and prestige ain't flesh in origin,
    They who butchered her,
    Later celebrated her as their most esteemed religion. :)

    //She edified,
    Womanhood can never be mangled
    Ladies, our souls have plethora of femininity
    Never keep shush,
    You can inevitably roar for your sake and integrity//

    ♡Our heartful adieu to you Ms Waris Dirie,
    "You were like a 4 leaved clover in frozen tundra",
    You were the pertichor on a thirsty-parched land,
    An angel with all the superpower,
    The most beautiful,ethereal and seraphine "Desert Flower"♡


    �������� ������������ ������������ ���� ������ ����.������������


    |Inata| somalian for daughter, Ms.Dirie belonged to Somali

    |Swarthy skin| dark skin

    |Accorded| grant someone (power or recognition)

    |Gwaping| to stare with the mouth open in wonder or astonishment

    |Alma mater| former educational institution

    |Toddle| move with short unsteady steps

    |Mareless orb of night| full moon without craters

    |Pistol nebula| The Pistol Nebula is located in the constellation Sagittarius. It surrounds one of the most luminous stars known, the Pistol Star.

    |Inevitably| bound to happen

    |You were like a 4 leaved clover in frozen tundra| quote written by me <3

    |Pertichor| a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather

    |Seraphina| is the feminine form of the Late Latin male name Seraphinus. This name comes from the biblical, Hebrew word seraphim meaning "fiery ones" and referring to an order of angels that had six wings each. The Seraphim were described by the prophet Isaiah in the bible.

    ❤������ ������������ ������������ is a renowned novel written by MS.Warris Dirie❤

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  • ayushruti 29w

    ≧◡≦ ���� Hence, i hope i drown.���� ◠‿◠


    I don't remember
    how we started to exist in each other's lives.
    And only existed,
    for years.
    Blatantly unobvious, our presence to each other.
    And who thought, a story could be told of us.
    And who thought,
    I will be the one writing it down.
    To that day
    when you stirred waves in a silent ocean
    when probably you realized
    I filled some part of your heart, and filled with more than just space.
    And it made all the difference.
    Didn't know it would,
    because the waves hadn't hit me as yet.
    I pushed you hard
    to go back, to being what we had been for all these years.
    Mainly because,
    I was afraid
    of my surreal notions of love being shattered.
    It had to be like magic, sweep me off my feet.
    How could something that had grown around me for years,
    have the audacity to offer me love ?
    So we went back to quietly existing in each other's lives-
    With storms neatly rolled up beneath your eyes,
    and indifference beneath mine.
    Didn't think we would last this long
    Against all odds- we did.
    And now,
    The waves are pretty much hitting the shore,
    I'm afraid what land they'd end me on,
    So I'm just hoping I drown.



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    .•°•.•°•.≧◡≦ Hence, i hope i drown ◠‿◠.•°•.•°•.


    I don't remember
    how we started to exist in each other's lives.
    And only existed,
    for years.
    Blatantly unobvious, our presence to each other.
    And who thought, a story could be told of us.
    And who thought,
    I will be the one writing it down.
    To that day
    when you stirred waves in a silent ocean