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  • ayla 119w

    While you're thinking about the things that you hate about yourself, I'm here, writing the things that I love about yourself.

    While you're being afraid of showing your scars, I'm here, admiring you for every battles you've won and survived.

    While you're fighting the demons and losing your breaths, I'm still here, sharing my air with you.

    I am here.
    I was there.
    And I will always be..
    With you.

    //credits to the rightful owner of the photo//

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    I'm here

  • ayla 119w

    She was the ghost
    of the girl that
    she used to be

    She kept on running
    But she's still stuck in the same place where she was left empty

    She was asked to name all the things that she love, but it took her so long to name herself

    She spent a lifetime building up herself together but nothing grew, except from the walls that sorrounds her

    She smiled at me
    But this time was different, her lips smiled but her eyes didn't.

    She. She's not her.

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  • ayla 119w

    Do you ever wanna hug someone so tight
    to make them feel loved?

    Do you ever wanna hold someone and take away their sadness until they feel better?

    Do you ever wanna save someone so bad from the darkness that you are willing to burn up yourself just to give them light?

    Do you ever wanna share a part of yourself so you can make them whole again?

    Do you?
    Because I do. Everytime I'm with you.

    //credits to rightful owner of the photo//

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    Do you?

  • ayla 119w

    I know that you're trying your best to shed away people from their rains, but you should remind yourself that you have your own personal storms too.

    I know how hard for you to stand still
    but you failed to remember that you can just sit and take a chair with you while waiting for the answers.

    I know that you're afraid to swim but you have to have to remember that you don't die from falling in the water, you die from staying there.

    I know that you feel so weak, but I want to remind you about the braviest thing that you've done for yourself...

    staying alive everyday.

    //photo not mine- credits to the rightful owner//

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  • ayla 119w

    If being gay means being brave to say "I'm okay" even when it's clearly tearing you up
    Then I want to be a gay.

    If being gay means being able to accept foul words from the people who said they love you
    Then I want to be gay.

    If being gay means being able to build yourself from scratch to whoever you want to be
    Then I want to be gay.

    If being a gay means being able to see the sunset even on those darkest days
    Then I want to be gay.

    If being gay means honoring your feelings by allowing yourself to express and show them
    Then I want to be a gay

    If being a gay means being happy,
    then I want to be gay!

    //photo not mine//

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    I want to be a gay

  • ayla 119w

    Dear silent fighter

    How have you been?

    I heard someone shattered you into pieces
    but I believe you'll fix yourself again.

    I noticed that you've stopped doing the things that you loved, but I know you're not being lazy, you're just tired. So rest.

    Dear silent fighter,

    How have you been?

    I know you're sinking
    As you lay awake at 2am
    Thinking how to be happy
    Cause you're so sick of being empty.

    I noticed that you've changed a lot. I guess, your anxiety has transformed you into something that I can't recognize.

    Dear silent fighter,
    Don't be so hard on yourself.
    You should kill your demons but not yourself.
    Your fighting hard, I am proud of you.

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    Dear silent fighter

  • ayla 125w

    Imaginary Friend

    It's 3 in the morning
    And she was making her poetry
    She held her pen
    And started to create a story

    Everyone was asleep
    everyone seems dead
    But she was not afraid
    because she was with her friend

    Standing behind her door
    Where it's dark and cold
    She spoke to her
    And said "I'm here for you"

    She whispered her goals
    and desires
    to her friend who never
    showed her face

    She told her about her dreams
    That she wishes to come true
    And ever since that moment ,
    She was never lonely nor blue

    She loved her for so many years
    She took away all of her fears
    She was always there to wipe her tears
    But suddenly, she disappeared.

    "Where are you?" She cried
    "You told me that I'll never be lonely
    We're in this together, aren't we?"
    But everything was just lie
    Including her friend that was just made up by her mind

    But she knew that she's still there
    Behind her door
    Watching her
    writing a poem

    Its 3 in the morning
    And she missed her friend.
    How 'bout you?
    Who's your imaginary friend?

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    Who's your
    imaginary friend?

  • ayla 125w

    Do not fall inlove with writer

    A writer is a soldier who is armed with words.
    She'll play with letters, with words, but never with your heart.
    She'll make a world for you where you will be filled with similes and metaphors.

    But when she's hurt

    She'll still write.
    But She'll write with her pain and not with her pen anymore
    She will run out of ink but she will use her blood
    She'll start pouring and pouring words like a hot water in cup of coffee
    She'll turn her heartbreaking story into a beautiful poetry
    She'll fire you with her sentences and paragraphs and she'll kill you with her verses.

    Do not fall inlove with a writer if you're not planning to stay cause when you leave she'll spend her time trying to fill the empty sheets of her paper using the sad memories with you after you left.


    Do not, ever, fall inlove with a writer when you can't be her reader at the very first place.

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    Do not fall inlove
    with a writer

  • ayla 137w

    "why do you write?"

    She blinked back her tear but it
    escaped from her eye. She

    "what if I don't write? I'm not
    good at anything except from...


  • ayla 150w

    What kind of mask are
    you wearing today?