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  • aykong 54w

    The words you taste off his
    Fingers melt into oblivion
    You chew and swallow to repeat
    Until he is desparate and obsessed
    So much that his love freaks you out
    He calls that betrayal
    And you like to mess him up even more
    You wander like a runaway
    In different arms
    Until your lie comes off
    You wait for him
    To beat you up
    And break your legs
    So he would say
    He would lock you up
    But "shut up bitch"
    And you leave
    Ah! How do you wait
    To fuck him up
    Because you know
    He'll still find you
    And go even deeper
    To the depths of you
    That you won't escape
    Until there's only
    Two of you left in the world
    And he would ask
    You to find him this time.
    Only for you to find
    You're scared of him leaving you
    But you'll be anxious and messed instead
    So you'll be late finding him
    Only to find him at his home
    Waiting for his revenge
    Turning into redemption
    "You can't run away anymore"
    And he'll make you his
    So much that
    You won't feel a thing without him
    And you'll be happy
    Melting into the oblivion.

  • aykong 57w

    Let me listen to your breath.

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    Lips sucked dry
    Till you choke
    And spit in attempts to escape
    How vain.
    Held in the light
    You don't want in
    Denying until wet.
    You don't call that a kiss.

    You fill up
    To feel the flesh
    Trying to punish yourself
    In the pain to feel the pleasure
    Until you go crazy
    Melting on his hands
    Lighting a candle
    To handle the wax.

    He knows
    You don't have a heart
    So he tries to heal
    You with what's left of him
    But mirrors whisper
    To both of you
    And fall to paint
    Tattoos on your palms.

    It connects
    Because you feel
    It hurts and its alive
    He caresses your hair
    And you lie to sleep
    On his shoulders
    And he kisses your forehead
    To make you forget
    All that made you lose
    But you don't call it love.

  • aykong 61w

    The legend of the canyon
    An epic.

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    How many times have the weak been trampled upon
    How many times suffered the envy and madness
    What happens when they who desire to be stronger
    Become the food feeding on their regrets.
    Massacre occurs as they taste their power.
    To be alone in the world
    Fighting to prove their existence
    Denying their weakness of the past
    To let it taste strength.

    Was it wrong to be consumed
    By this madness that isolates
    Or the hunger that grew everyday.
    The pain they felt as their
    Existence being swept away
    While only this craze of death
    Had been keeping them alive.

    It's hard to tell if those had a soul
    As the cold gaze that was as hollow
    As the night covering the sky
    Burnt in anger to long the
    Jade of their hair.

    Was it good or evil
    Or was it ignorance?
    Will they be saved
    Or would the process repeat
    Until they wander
    Never to be free from
    These crossroads that was
    Never formed out of their will.
    How long when the world would understand?

    Is it the pride that hurt
    To accept this reality
    Or was it another of those sins?
    What was needed to protect
    And what to discard?

    This play that starts
    Never ends with with a fate of one.

  • aykong 65w

    All incomplete lines merge together but are you sure they even verse?

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    There's a rose that's withering
    Crying out to die
    But life doesn't leave easy
    Someone planted it anyway.

    When there's too much
    Emotions and it feels like drowning
    Maybe it would be easy
    Walking on water.

    The skin's pale
    And the sound's morbid
    It seems to choke
    Leaving all behind.

    Words like these are empty
    Moresoever than my heart
    So when oceans crash
    I try filling the sand
    They left behind.

  • aykong 69w

    "konna dekisokonai de gomen ne"

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    I am sorry about
    The world I live in
    There's nothing much I could do
    Except being sloppy and a failure.

    I wonder if I tiptoe
    And raise my hand
    Will I be able to
    Reach the moon.

    I won't count the stars today
    And not look at its blue
    To question if the sea
    Was abandoned by the sky.

    I try to find words
    To reach its light
    But it never follows me
    And I hit a dead end again.

    Funny how I sit there
    Waiting for the distance to grow
    So I could hide there
    And make myself at home.

    I smell soil but no air
    But it isn't hard to breathe.
    I touch the land
    And it starts to flow through my hand.

    What is it I am feeling
    In this fleeting wind
    That it sticks to my face
    To become another?

    I am tired
    Trying to find what's real
    So I keep telling lies
    To cover it for ever.

    It keeps fading
    Maybe I could burn myself
    And paint the picture
    I never got to see.

    How further can I go
    Before the morning comes
    And I open my eyes
    To its sun?

  • aykong 69w

    "Anata no subete ga
    Ashita o nakushite
    Eien no naka o samayotte iru yo
    Sayonara dekizu ni
    Tachidomatta mama no
    Boku to issho ni"

    This may sound like a plagiarism. But I was obsessed with this song ended up writing it in my own version because there were so many different translations. Also all credit to its rightful owner.

    Btw it's from an anime 'Given'.

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    A loss is petty
    To a regret hovering
    Over a window
    When you can't express
    Your insecurity
    You ask his love to be
    Proved by his demise.

    A lie is shabby
    To the snow that doesn't melt
    In the shade
    So you continue with the feelings
    Inside you
    And ask if the door can be closed on this love.

    He has lost his tomorrow
    And wanders along with you
    Who was unable to say a goodbye.

    A spell or a curse
    That won't snap
    You hold onto it's weight.

    What tomorrow are you supposed
    To look for in this town?

    To lack isn't loud sometimes
    Just like the tears that fall
    And freeze under the sky.
    To pretend to be kind
    And when they reach your cheek
    Two people who were always together
    Are torn apart.

    That's all there is to this story
    Everything of him will lose it's shape
    But he'll be there
    Within you.

    To live isn't happy sometimes
    But I'll move forward
    Even though I couldn't say goodbye
    You'll always be here with me.

  • aykong 72w

    An aching heart hurts the head and takes the lead.

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    An idea and a bulb
    Lit in the scream of the night
    For a good sleep.
    Eyes so streched
    That my head hurts to close.

    Wider than the roof
    Over my head and
    Blurred behind the back.
    Feels like puking
    The guts for the promise.

    A feather in the future
    Blown away by the sea
    In search of its seasons.
    I wonder if it falls as
    The strands of your hair.

    Confusion at its peak
    A voice lost before being heard
    To the bright of the day
    And tired eyes to sleep long
    That my heart never wakes.

  • aykong 75w

    An orgasm rubbed
    On the tips of fingers.
    It takes two to make a one
    And turn on the cursed.

    He throws a card
    Waiting to ruin
    The skin that bleeds
    To flip an ace for a joker.

    He licks his lipstick
    To control the sensation
    But the temptation
    To kill takes him over.

    He rushes to spot
    A being in the block
    And slits him
    To regain the power.

    His heart sticks
    Like a paper gum
    And throws off bounds
    On a rubber band.

    He resurrects himself
    For he fights for its pleasure
    And thrills the sanity
    On the shuffles of his joker.

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  • aykong 78w

    Cage me in
    Strech my fingers
    And pull them off.
    Heal my wounds
    And repeat.
    Count the times.
    Make me count.
    I go berserk.
    This is the end.
    Scream in pain.
    I am not ordered around.
    Threaten me.
    Beat me.
    Bleed me.
    Ask for my numbers.
    You made me count.
    I lost track.
    Kill me.
    Kill me already.
    Don't. Repeat.
    I surpassed the time.
    Sit in this same chair.
    And let me try this too.
    I said count.

    My arms grow back
    I feel your flesh.
    You bleed.
    I kill you.
    I hate this.
    Is this joy?
    You did this.
    I have lost control.
    Somebody help.
    Wanna protect,
    The powerless?
    Or because
    A duty?
    I don't know.
    Power consumes
    Leave already.
    The wall.
    Has fallen.

    // I wonder what leaves those walls//

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  • aykong 96w

    Babe, are you in love,
    Or are you trying to love,
    With everything you got,
    Or without everything you lost?

    He locks himself in a room
    With more unanswered questions
    Than answered wrong.

    Write him letters, babe
    Just don't make, no sound
    He sure would open the door
    Or pass you the key, won't he?

    He doesn't recieve mails
    Waiting for them at his step
    That never arrive,
    Learning to live
    Or to survive?

    Babe, which one
    of them is he?


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    A world and you
    Sharing a month
    Of a leaf and a flower.

    A week and a walk
    Without a lane
    On the railways
    Spent on a suite.

    A head losing a mind
    Stitching a heart
    Making you human
    As never before.

    An apocalypse
    On your lips
    And the world ends
    Within a kiss.