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  • ayaz_haneef 3w

    No wards can delineate the amount of pain,that a heart feels when it's been broken by someone it loves the most...

  • ayaz_haneef 5w

    Give your broken heart to only that person who would make it whole by filling its every broken piece with love..

  • ayaz_haneef 11w

    Happy FRIENDSHIP Day To All My Lovely FRIEND.

    Happy friendship day to all my lovely friend.

    I think that I shall never see a friend as friendly as you.

    A friend with pure intention in heart and a long living of friendship without being hurt.

    A friend who aspire to help us all day and gave their arms to help our bad day.

    A friend that may speak against of others and will just make a love of smile with ours.

    Till now many joined in the name of friend and leave without leaving a trace of an end.

    Flattering friends are easy to find like me but honest friends are hard to find like thee.

    I am sorry that I could not be your best friend but you know that I will never be your worst friend.

    Thanks alot for your friendship of those days yet looking forward to tie a better and best days.

    Happy friendship day to all my lovely friend.

  • ayaz_haneef 12w

    Music; Most Healing

    Music; most healing

    Whenever I feel sad or tensed,
    Music is the one to heal me.
    It makes me feel pleasure,
    When in it's colour, it seals me.

    I sing my heart aloud,
    Without even caring about my voice.
    Which helps me to get peace,
    By listening to it by my choice.

    A single genre of dark,
    Makes me dive deep into it.
    Who takes me inside it,
    By making me deeply love it.

    Understanding it's meaning,
    Makes me more happy.
    Predicting it's nature,
    Makes it's more snappy.

    Music is my addiction,
    Songs are my life!
    Without which I can't live,
    Making it my forever wife.

    Dreaming about being a songwriter,
    To fill the songs with my words.
    Helping the people heal forever,
    Throughout this whole world.

  • ayaz_haneef 12w

    By unknown writer

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    I wish I could unlove you
    I wish I could hate you
    But this I cannot do

    I'm sorry I hurt you
    But I couldn't love you
    I did not feel the same like you

    In love I did not mean to fall
    Oh no not at all
    But you broke down my wall

    I'm sorry you gave me your heart
    But feelings for you couldn't start
    And I have to depart

    My heart I gave to you
    With love so real and true
    But you broke it in two

    You shouldn't have given me your heart
    You shouldn't have let feelings start
    And now we have to stay apart.

    Since you have gone away
    I still think of you everyday
    In my heart you want to stay

    You have to try and forget
    That we have ever met
    And you will do so soon,I bet

    But how can I forget you
    My love for you is true
    What am I supposed to do

    You will forget me I promise you
    When you find someone new
    Believe this to be true

    But I do not want to forget you
    I want no one but you
    No one else will ever do

    Girl,why don't you understand
    I do not want to be your man
    You are not in my plan

    Can you give us a try
    Please do not say goodbye
    I will surely die

    Please try and forget me
    We are not meant to be
    You cannot make me happy

    We are meant to be
    How can you not see
    I can make you very happy

    In my heart you will remain
    Stuck there like a stain
    Even though I won't see you again

    How could she be such a fool
    To fall for someone so cruel
    He left her heart in so much pain
    She wonders is she will ever love again.

  • ayaz_haneef 12w

    Never cry when the sun goes down because your tears may prevent you from seeing the stars..#Inspired

  • ayaz_haneef 15w

    I'm BACK

    I am back for you all for the time being.
    To be frank, I was extremly sorry for being inactive here for three days!

  • ayaz_haneef 17w


    Life is hard
    but sometimes it's soft.
    Life is sweet,
    think about the food we eat.
    Life is fun
    you don't have to whine
    it's not about how much
    you earn.
    Life can be sorrowful
    then again it's joyful.
    Life is what it is
    make the best of it.

  • ayaz_haneef 18w

    I jUst waNna Say

    I just wanna say
    Never give up , no way
    Because right now
    Its your time to show us how
    You are a star that shines
    I've doubted it many times
    But I have learnt something today
    That its always okay
    To be different
    Just be efficient
    And try new stuff
    Because life is tuff
    So let the haters hate
    And never be late
    To achieve your goals
    Because of their words
    Be happy with yourself
    And never doubt your worth.

  • ayaz_haneef 18w


    Death is painful especially when a corpse is your beloved one u become disappointed ur life seem to be meaningless but it's not u mourn loudly until you get at the point where u even fail to shed tears from ur eyes that time is when you realise that the dead person was wise he ever taught u how to stand up n rise hardworking was his advice he also told not trust anyone in life because most people do hide behind them the knives mourning it's death's victory song to forgate some who is gone it take so long Rip to my who are gone may their souls rest in eternal peace ☹