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  • ayanmazubm 154w

    Not good enough, but my feelings are well expressed in this non-matching sentences peacefully.

    @_krishna_bansuri_ @ayanmazubm @aasthaaaa @bidisha_dass___ @namratasharma @raktim_bdh

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    The things I do,so as to make u happy.

    The naughty things I repeat again , so as to see a laughter in ur face.

    The leam jokes I crake , so as to make u smile again.

    The mistakes I made, was not intentionally, but my soul did so. Just to see the anger ( of urs)........

    But, deep inside, I always used to fight with my soul, not to repeat so.

    Begging forgiveness is my duty
    Forgiving me is ur duty............

    Every time I think, "u will come soon", "u will come soon"........

    Like this only, my time used to pass fluently .


  • ayanmazubm 155w

    An Apple used to stay at a height as same as a tree , but when the tree doesn't support the apple, it automatically falls!!!!!!

    Our life is also like this( same as the apple). We used to think that we are quite grown up and we know everything!!!!.......But , we the people (elder ones, who used to think so) are failed in teaching the good things to the younger one's, Instead we teach them something else...............Why?

    If an apple knows ,that he have to go down once to fill up the empty stomach of a needy one. Why? Don't the people of the Earth do the same in taking younger once to the level from where they can see the whole world.


  • ayanmazubm 155w

    I live my Life, but my heartbeats for 'You'

    Just for the sake of convenience, I used to stare at 'You'

    If I succeed in any way, the share will also go to 'You'

    My Lord!!!!! Just for one time, if I ask 'You',
    Whether you are coming or not.

    Just reply me, that " My child, I'm always with 'You' ".


  • ayanmazubm 156w


    Your Mi-chan is remembering you for ages ,

    Your Nobita is feeling lonely without your presence,

    Your Dora-cakes seems to be tasteless, as you are not here.

    "DOREMON" , when you used to stay near me , I feel secure.............When you disappear for just a moment I used to feel scared off by something ,as you are not there to suggest me the right way ,to were should I go .......
    But, when you return and grant me your magical gadget ( your smile) , it takes me away from the normal world to another peaceful-Imaginary world.

  • ayanmazubm 166w

    One of the beautiful creation of God , our sisters .......
    @_krishna_bansuri_ @aasthaaaa @bidisha_dass___ @_the_lost_angel_ @u_can_call_me_hazarika

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    'Sister' is the only thing who used to save their naughty Broda's ............
    Sometimes we fight, sometimes we have a laugh together , sometimes we tease each other n maximum times we hate each other becoz of certain reasons , but then after 1 hour again brother starts teasing his sister. But then also we both 'love' each other the most................
    Having friends is a great thing, but having a lovely sister is the most proudest moment for a brother , because 'Friends' won't be there for the rest of the life but our "Siso's" will be present at each step of their brothers life.

  • ayanmazubm 166w


    চনদ্ৰমা'ৰ পোহৰে , উজলাই পৃথিৱী
    ৰাতি নু'পোৱাতে , জিলিকি উঠে আবেলি;
    ক'লা আকাশ'ত, থাকে তৰা'ৰ আগজাননী
    হে হৰি!!!! , তুমিয়ে আমাৰ জেনাকী ।


  • ayanmazubm 166w


    The bond of love that we have in our friendship. No obstacle can break the love between us ....
    Friendship is like a wall made of bricks that doesn't break , till there is no such big problem to create a chaos between us......

  • ayanmazubm 166w

    My beloved one.

    The special person of my life..
    Where are you!!!!! U just came for a couple of years to meet me and then vanished away !!!!!missing a lot to ur faithfulness , kindness , loveliness and everything u gave me.......u won't return, I know but don't stop loving you

  • ayanmazubm 205w

    The feelings

    The great depth of the sea
    The massive height of the sky;
    The one who came in my dream
    Is the one who came in my mind.

    The beauty of the nature
    That attracted me to it;
    When I get to see you
    I think my day begins with a smile.