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  • ayah02 208w

    For the gone

    Days past and I see none of them
    People say they have gone
    I condemn this
    Maybe they'll be far from me as belem
    But I know them well
    They are here with me
    I don't need to be a psychic to know this
    They are here
    Remember them nice
    Move on and they'll follow
    Don't stop at one station cause they wont
    They hear and feel you
    So do well
    Make them proud
    Surely this is what they desire

  • ayah02 208w


    The best way to decipher someone's greif is to ask whether one will do it again if returned back to where it all begins...

  • ayah02 208w

    When it breaks

    I felt it one day bleeding
    Who is it a voice called
    My heart I cried
    Why? it echoed
    Why?it echoed
    And there goes silence
    Cause no one dares to hear the truth

    My heart is broken
    Cause it couldn't hold no more
    Of the pain it suffered so long
    But how can the heart bleed when it is already dead ?

  • ayah02 208w

    Uncomplete song

    And I smile like the DEVIL infront of the haters in the rabble and say just wait and see....

  • ayah02 208w


    I once had a dream
    Of me floating downstream
    An endless path it seemed
    Lighted only by the moonbeam
    Then I heard a scream
    From woman in my team
    I knew her somehow
    Somehow she was me
    All dark and all shy
    All tears and all lie
    I went to her but got pushed away
    I drew up a smile
    Cause I was the light and she was the dark
    So I cried
    Why a version of me ended up so dead?
    I laughed
    I cried
    Didn't know what to do
    Woke up and saw that too
    Light and dark in my soul
    So I chose to walk by the dark
    I saw it a relief to my sorrow
    But as for the light I still borrow
    Cause hope never fades away
    Does it ?

  • ayah02 208w


    Costant fear is what I fear
    But drop the f and you get ear
    Cause its only whispers that u hear
    From where? From the heart I fear
    Costant fear constant fear
    But I will bear it a little longer
    though is stops me moving any longer in my career.
    I wish I could get it off me
    But it wont stop tearing me
    A constant battle as it seems to be
    I will survive.
    Its nothing I smile and say
    But don't believe the last few words I dare say

  • ayah02 208w


    Don't show them your weakness I say
    Hide your scars and say goodbye
    Heart is broken and I don't know why
    Love is there and family as well
    But something in me is missing
    I smile with my eyes close
    cause my eyes can't tell lies no more

    I'll be alright my second me say
    I am all many characters in me
    Noisy head
    Life not yet at an end
    My story is not at an end
    I will make it through

    Just have to fill the emptiness inside of me

    With some confidence I think

    These are all illusions and again I say
    Be strong and they'll obey

    Who are they ?
    My demons I say...