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  • ayah02 122w

    Baby you are nothing compared to the universe.
    But darling you are the whole universe to me.
    So hold my hands as we walk down the aisle.
    I promise I will love you until the end of time.

  • ayah02 122w

    I will miss you

    I sang your favourite song as you held my hands
    Sat beside your bed and starred at your blue eyes
    U asked for some milk and I went to get u some
    But as I returned your eyes were already closed
    Why couldn't you wait a few more seconds before you say goodbye
    I would have kissed you thousand kisses on your pinky cheeks
    I would have borrowed you my soul just to see your beautiful smile one last time
    I am sorry I love u and I can't live without you.

  • ayah02 171w


    Its funny how though we are connected as the sea to its shore
    we are soo apart as the moon to the sun just after the storm knocked our door...
    Its funny how I fear the loss of our beautiful memories..the way we used to hold each others hands..rends my heart as the lightning does on dead tree's trunk...
    Its funny how i feel nothing towards you now except when you smile its like I have seen a shooting star so I wish and wish that what we had comes back from its ever lasting sea voyage
    Its funny that you're ignorant of me like the shell thrown on the shore after it had lost its pearl...
    Its funny that my smile hides a thousand tears and billion broken words left unspoken waiting fot that far moment it could be spoken just as how badly a boy craves for a chocolate standing alone few feets away but its not his to eat...jusr as you ain't mine to kiss...

  • ayah02 183w

    Be realistic
    Only then you can beat the optimistic who never accepted the reality
    Depending only on hope
    Never realising that Hope and Misery are BEST FRIENDS

  • ayah02 183w

    Secrets may not be revealed
    Locks should stay locked
    Bleed one more tear
    That's okay
    And throw the key off the padlock bridge
    All locks were there to embrace beautiful love
    Except hers was hiding a broken heart
    Waiting for that telescopic moment when it can be healed

  • ayah02 183w

    عزيزتي امي ... لم يعلموك الامومة ابدا
    و مع ذلك أبدعت تربيتنا ... فاني احبك و ما الحب الا كلمات قليلة لوصفك
    و كيف اصف ملاك مثلك ... كنت دائما هناك معي
    و كم دق قلبي بهجة عند رؤيتك ... رسمت لي حياة اميرة و يا ليتني انتبهت لتضحياتك
    فأنا ما انا عليه اليوم لن اكون لولاك ... سامحيني يا امي
    فقد اغفلت عن كثير مما قدمته لنا ... و ارتكبت اخطاء من كثرتها توقفت عن عدها
    ابتسامتك تعني الدنيا كلها لي ... صوتك كتغريد العصافير في اذني
    لو اردت شكرك على ما فعلته لي ما استطعت
    لا يقارن شيء بما انجزته
    انت اصل الحياة و بدونك
    يجف البحر و يموت الزرع وينطفئ لهيب الشمس
    فكلهم بكي عاشقون و
    انا اكبر عشاقك لو تعلمين
    كم احياني حبك و الهمنى للنهوض
    اريد ان اكون مثلك فانت مثلي الاعلى
    ابنتك .....♡♡♡

  • ayah02 185w

    A petal of life

    Do you remember walking down that valley
    Holding hands
    And recalling stories of the past
    Do you remember the words you whispered in my ears
    As we ate the marshmallows on fire
    And the blue moon we saw
    For the first time I felt it meant something for us
    I love you you said that day
    And my heart flew away
    I smiled and said nothing
    Next day I saw only my own reflection on the blue sea
    Did I do something wrong or was it just all a lie
    I beld that night and tore the thousand photos of you and us
    But my heart still remembers
    I cried and cried
    Counted days and nights for you to knock my door
    Time was stopped at that hour in the night
    I guess I was only fooled by what you called love
    Few years later I saw you walking by me like a complete stranger who once was so familiar...
    I write you this to thank you for the lesson you taught me
    I don't care anymore
    You are out
    out of my mind
    Forgotten and gone
    I am laughing now
    yeah I am
    Iam making new memories at that place
    This time

  • ayah02 203w

    F to S

    O Stranger in the far sea
    I see you waving at me
    You are landing I see

    What have you brought me this time
    Or are you seeking something in this land.

    What is it Stranger
    Let me hear you out

    I am out of words and dying
    Thirsty and bleeding
    Help is what I am needing

    O Stranger in the far sea
    Can you hear me

    I am standing barely
    No shelter no mercy
    This land shall give you not but misery
    Has no gold nor any cause of felicity

    O Stranger in the far sea
    You used to be my only Fellow
    Now you are just a dark shadow
    I am in the amid of bellow

    You are leaving I see

    O Stranger in the far sea
    You have caused death in me
    Just as the banshee said it would be
    A freind in no need of me
    Will be like an absentee

  • ayah02 203w


    To show my grief
    I grew a flower from my tears I water
    It grew so beautiful
    So bright
    I knew I would teach her revenge
    But she never avenged
    I forced her but she fell apart
    O darling she said let it go
    Cause you got still a life ahead of you
    How could you let go of pain I said
    With love she whispered
    Look at the one next door seeking your love
    But you never noticed
    No time to moan
    So stop darling
    Stop snarling
    Know your pain and defects to grow strong
    Move along
    I will be there to guide you
    Cause I will be coming anew
    Me the past my love

  • ayah02 203w


    I used to prefer this colour on others
    People think its crazy and insane
    But I don't
    In my mind it is a mixture of geniality and lazy
    A combination of strength and mysteriousness