Those rain drops are still the same✨��️ Those songs are still the same���� #pluviophile

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  • awakeddeath 2w

    Trying to flaunt the presence of her sight
    Is Impossible,
    She is just like those daze that falls on me when I walk life of a mere mortal,

    Never had I got a chance to see what she is like
    When I always wanted to be her night moon,
    There's a daybook of mine
    where all these undone delicacies decamp
    It's kept safe,
    Until I die,
    Until I stop committing sins,
    Until I Stop Loving her.

    She is still my brightness sunrise
    She is still my loneliest midnight
    She is still my dream retrieving nightmares
    She is still the sunset that both my eyes stare's

    Smiling dosen't make me love myself
    I cry like a lost child
    She dosen't even look at me
    But I want to,
    I stopped caring not because I
    Stopped Loving Her,
    But because it was
    heavy to bring up those void sentiments

    She is slowly fading like the clouds,
    and my life is happily empty.
    Deepest sounds,glow with the stars
    I am used to it
    Coz it's always a solitude night.

    °•Jagdish Saikia��
    ``Thank you��
    Thanks WN for that ❤️
    #love #solitude
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Cease this love?

    Trying to flaunt the presence of her sight
    Is Impossible,
    She is just like my smile!


  • awakeddeath 3w

    #once #pod #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Hope y'all like it��
    Jagdish Saikia��
    Thank you��

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    Night poems

    You once told me to write poems for you
    Now it's a duty to me
    Unheard unseen company
    Like pebbles bright, near a river lonely
    I like writing poem imagining you beside me
    Coz you were never real
    Unhappy at the happiest times
    I laugh,when I cry at the sunset.
    Not a sin
    Not an affection
    It's shinning sorrow that
    reflects back through those tears.
    Habit of hiccups to awake when I sing,
    Habit of a thought to rise when I sleep,
    Strong strings tickles my brain when I narrate,
    Strings of satisfaction,
    Strings clinging because its best to write stanzas invisible.
    Living in the deep is peaceful
    So let me die
    as I mix up myself with the nature
    wide and alone
    Nothing to whine for a lose
    in those solitude nights
    it's the same everytime
    So I write poems dark and inky
    then,when I leave
    I leave scratch through my pen!


  • awakeddeath 4w

    Truth dies,in the dawn of sweet lies


  • awakeddeath 5w

    "Studies decide your future''
    They don't
    They are just a media through which people learn lies of revenge,ego and jealousy!
    This isn't a fact it is a truth
    Often my parents wants me to study not to be who I am but to be better than someone else
    I personally don't like this pain it kills the most
    It's just a havoc to a friendship, to a life
    Anxiety resides near me
    depression talks to me when no one does.
    I guess the pressure of studying is the next cause of mental death after love.
    I hate competing for a race where you win nothing but hatred!
    And when your parents taunt for your own failure
    You don't die once
    You die always


  • awakeddeath 5w

    #combination #tears
    Phrase: A part of me is holding back tears
    Word: Fear
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Thank you ��
    Jagdish Saikia ��

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    A part of me is holding tears so deep that it's paradoxical to wipe them,
    But the dread of publishing my feelings just to be torn out by words of a heartless patient inhibiting hatred exclaims inconsolable fear.


  • awakeddeath 5w

    #beauty #happiness #anaphora
    Jagdish Saikia����️
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    Thank-you ��

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    Beauty(is it)

    Beauty is upon you
    Beauty is the time spend without noticing the clock
    Beauty is the hired intention of inmost appreciation
    Beauty is doing what you like
    Beauty is respecting others want
    Beauty is the trial of healing scars of someone unknown
    Beauty is responsibility
    Beauty is trust,beauty is faith
    And in the end when you realise you made someone smile
    you acquire what even paradise longs for,

    Thank you

  • awakeddeath 5w

    I wanna see the sunrise griping a petal printed with my wishes that were just mere delicacies undone.


  • awakeddeath 5w

    I told her,
    The sky turns grey,when you fade away
    the sky really is grey,since she fade away.

  • awakeddeath 5w

    Is there an answer in those blank pages?
    Is there any hope in those blind phases?
    Is there any true remembrance?
    Is there anyone worth trust?

    Searching answers is absurd
    when there's a question
    elucidating ridiculousness

    Fall for things unreal
    Left craving for luminary purpose
    Surreal words in a blank page
    speaks the truth of sorrow
    through a hidden stab

    There were days when
    these poems were bright
    But now I lack words
    that means good

    Smiles carry nightmares around,
    changes fancies hate
    that pierces love
    with a thread, acute.

    Reasons recurved of lies
    Pain recites stories
    that the raindrops narrates.

    Cruising towards an unseen end
    in an ocean of grief
    I wish this mysteries remain unsolved
    because hate invades
    everytime something is set free

    For reposing an answer in those blank pages
    we dearth someone who can read those nights painted with happy lies.


    Jagdish Saikia��
    Thank you��
    #start #wod #pod #untrue
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay


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    Is there an answer in the sky?
    that the unknown hides

  • awakeddeath 5w

    Dewdrops of loss

    There was a time when everything was perfect about you.
    There was a time when I woke up only because of you.
    There was
    Actually, the very first time it was ignorance and the last one is now of slender love inclined to hate!
    Actually the distance grew high because you never deserved those dews of love those dews of trust.
    Pulling the rope on one end brings you a ton of void little things,
    Pulling the rope also hurts
    and it kept hurting until I let it go
    Now I oscillate with a deep smile everytime
    Cuz neither am I sad of what I got for this unholy mess
    Nor am I sad of those dewdrops repressed!
    Its life
    You get happy of things you should cry for!