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  • avanthikaleesha 3w

    Shall There Be Salvation
    Beyond This Labyrinth?

    Protect me from night
    And its intoxicating touch
    That sings me to sleep
    I wanna wait for sunshine,
    And seek something real
    in the awakening light

    Unleash me of my past
    And its lingering shadows
    That cast spell on my fate
    I wanna live the moment,
    And forsake the mistake of
    hiding behind shells

    Guard me against love
    And its long lasting longing
    That would steal me of dreams
    I wanna be free as a feather,
    And fly away from flames
    That make my heart parched

    Save me from the solid grip of solitude
    Before I fall head over heels
    And surrender my fragile wings
    To it's endangering feet
    I wanna get through this,
    Unscathed and as a whole...


  • avanthikaleesha 33w

    Poetry isn't an adorable figure,
    Who knocks at my door
    Whenever I call for him
    He is rather a rebel with great pride to
    Never cross the same paths as mine
    Without enough reasons, but
    Once he has got one,
    He just rebounds
    All over my senses, and
    Gets spilled right into my heart
    Scribbling away raw emotions
    In letters of ultimate mystery


  • avanthikaleesha 37w


    Don't hesitate to leave me, my friend
    If I no longer mean the same as before, for
    All I need is a descent good bye to
    Take our finite bond into infinity

    Don't bother to smile at me, my friend
    If I no longer can be a reason for it, for
    All it does is wounding the memories
    That had once been severely broken

    Don't be so comfortable with me, my friend,
    If I no longer seem familiar to you, for
    All I feel is that mystic of a stranger
    With whom I had an oblivious history

    Stick on to your belief and forget me
    my friend,
    For all of our moments are safe
    beneath my heart,
    As they are firm enough to survive
    even the indelible scars of reality


  • avanthikaleesha 40w

    What's passion for me?
    The grace from where I can't survive a fall,
    The rare luxury I can't afford to lose,
    A place where I can take a good sleep in
    the unfettered dreams that flow through,
    And how would I survive long days,
    If it wasn't for the muse that awaits me for another night?


  • avanthikaleesha 40w

    A Birth Nobody Asked For

    Give me a brief breath to sigh
    Lend me a pretty face to cry
    Offer me a short life to die, for
    I'm not some seasonal breeze
    To disappear without a trace

    Spare my eyes to giggle in sunshine
    Release my skin to feel the rain
    Leave my nostrils to sniff jasmine, for
    I'm not a notorious criminal
    To get buried without a funeral

    Feed me some milk of affection
    Hold me in solace of redemption
    Freed me from hell of extinction, for
    I'm not an endangering tumor
    To cut off for a bright future

    But, I know all of it's greed,
    Too much to dream for
    A birth nobody asked for
    And, who would weep for a death
    If it's an accepted murder
    Followed by an accident?


  • avanthikaleesha 45w


    An introvert red wrapped in white gauze,
    A timid violet in rigid shells of faded blue
    A sheepish yellow ashamed of its glow
    That's how, I assume, the rainbow
    would shine above,
    If we were to paint the sky
    As a colour that stands out in a crowd
    Means an absence of dignity

    Headless Eucalyptus to match the comrades,
    Short grass leaves in soil of high heel,
    Pruned mangrow, no less than slim beauties,
    That's how, I assume, the forest
    would evolve around,
    If we were to shape the nature
    As a figure that seems unique
    Means a disgrace to humanity

    Cloud with bulged vein from holding back rain,
    Sky that shivers in grudge of conceiled rage,
    Air that hesitates to caress the earth in mirth,
    That's how, I assume, the weather
    would wander through,
    If we were to give it a life
    As an emotion unveiled in daylight
    Means a weakness in personality

    How lucky the sky, the rain, the forest
    and the ocean would be
    To reveal their nuanced colours and
    Pour out their true emotions
    Without risking their pride and dignity!
    Or are we just unlucky?


  • avanthikaleesha 50w

    "Lonely bricks aren't too bad, if you feel home within solitude..."


  • avanthikaleesha 52w


    A dawn is okay with me
    even though it sweeps through
    a pleasant sleep, shattering
    my reckless versions that don't exist,
    as it wakes me up to another sunrise

    A noon is okay with me
    even though my skin gets shriveled
    in the scary stares of a scorching sun
    as it glides a tide in between the
    survival instincts of mine

    A dusk is okay with me
    even though the shadows of departure socks my soul in frozen gloom,
    as it reminds me of a leisure time
    I couldn't make for a while.

    A night is okay with me
    even though the demons of darkness
    lick my brain with outrageous greed,
    as I can catch a lovely dream
    from shining stars and alluring moon

    What I'm afraid of
    is the silence of an empty sky,
    which lost its voice
    in a terrible void of an absolute point,
    where no words are left to say,
    no rages are left to burn, and
    no tears are left to cry, cause
    I know, even the whole particles of an entire universe isn't enough to fill it ever again...


  • avanthikaleesha 52w

    A Letter To My Dream Catcher

    Over a miraculous lover in my dreams,
    I prefer a dream catcher
    To smolder my nightmare without fire
    In heat of a thriving heart, and
    To unite fractions of my vivid reveries
    In grip of a profound soul...

    Over a celestial angel of destiny,
    I prefer an arrogant rebel
    To rewrite the glowing stars afar
    With clandestine letters of our illusions, and
    To blind darkness with tiny fleeting lights
    From an insomniac firefly of pure affection

    Over a flawless soulmate for life
    I prefer an imperfect human
    To bleed poignant poetry lines together
    From our scars and their insights, and
    To quarrel over silly yet wild imaginations
    About how the clouds conceive raindrops

    Quietly under a gentle blanket of ardour
    We will steal each other's dreams to
    Complete the enigmatic novels that
    Had been stuck in the middle for too long
    To make our grown up kids jealous of
    The eternal life we had within a mortal birth.


  • avanthikaleesha 55w

    "How long have you been here, hesitating to make a step forward?"

    "I'm afraid. "

    "Of falling? You can rise again, what's the big deal? "

    "What if I can't get up for too long? "

    "Then you learn to lie on the ground comfortably, until your legs are fine to take a walk again... "