Calm and serene like the ocean waves , Storing the potential energy to flood your mind one day !

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  • avaniuttekar_ 67w

    Did you know , one of my milk teeth did not fall ? And it is the yellowest of them all !
    Sitting in a chair , nose in a book , asking myself to loosen a little hook ,.
    I stared in the mirror and asked myself , is it alright to think about the most dreaded hell !
    Hell , as I’ve imagined is a place with extreme temperatures as I sit rocking in my chair ;
    I realise my room is freezing cold , my body melting hot and I am living in the Hellest of the hells with everything and everyone drifting apart .
    I refuse to leave , my body in a white shawl , magic beans spilled on the side , I need to get up and gather some might .
    There will be a day when I’ll leave all my hair and the mystery will be resolved ,
    I can’t end this poem like I have ended it all ...

  • avaniuttekar_ 130w

    I will give it up
    I will give it up all for you
    But tell me if your love for me is true
    I will give it up all for you
    But promise me you won’t leave me black and blue
    I will give it up all for you
    But don’t leave me without giving a clue

  • avaniuttekar_ 133w

    They say it’s impaired emotional regulation.

    This wave of depression hits me at night when nothing feels right .
    My heart gets sabotaged by my mind
    And it makes the veins in my wrist shine .
    It gives me a fright because my wind pipe gets tight .
    My vision gets blurred and my mood changes like seasons .
    It’s difficult to get out of bed and even if I do it makes me feel dead ...


  • avaniuttekar_ 148w

    You make my life a Paradise

    I wouldn’t have survived these past months without you , you were there , you were there every day , every minute and it was surreal because no one has ever been there for me like I’ve wanted them to be and you were there and you still are .
    I always thought of you as a fragile flower , I was scared that I’ll crush you with all my baggage , I was scared that you’ll run away if you’ll know the real me but you stayed , you stayed every day , every minute and no one has ever stayed for me

  • avaniuttekar_ 151w

    Life would’ve been so much better if you were here with me , holding my hand through this calamity.

  • avaniuttekar_ 156w

    An Excerpt From The Book I’ll Never Write:19th August 2019

    It’s been a year and we haven’t moved a bit , we are still where we started .
    We are at the junction of life called ‘today’ and we can’t go back to yesterday nor can we think about tomorrow , we have this unquenchable thirst to self destruct yet we love ourselves or maybe we don’t .
    I will still wear my nerdy outfit and have bun-Maska and butter chicken and think about the poems that we made and maybe , maybe I will love myself a bit more than yesterday .

  • avaniuttekar_ 157w

    With you

    And when I lay awake at night
    thinking about all the things that we’ve done to each other and regretting every decision that I took ;
    I can feel your breath on my neck ,
    Your hand on my tummy , making circles to calm me down .
    I think about how I used to sleep better and how I used to wake up wanting to lay back in your arms again ,
    how I used to crave sleep so I could spend a few more minutes under your shadow ;
    And the only thing that bothers me is that how easy was it to fall asleep

    With you ...

  • avaniuttekar_ 159w

    Don’t give every bit and piece of yourself to anyone ;
    Keep something for yourself , let them call you selfish !
    This little piece can become an anchor and regenerate into a better you
    Because in the end “you “ is all you need

  • avaniuttekar_ 161w


    Are we even happy ?
    Do we even like what we are doing ?
    Do we even love our bodies?
    Do we even love our souls ?
    If yes then why am I even thinking about this and why are you still scrolling through Whatsapp and Instagram stories ?
    If yes then why do we stay awake at night listening to melancholic songs and why do we relate to them so much ?
    If yes then why are there so many marks on our bodies and why do we keep hiding them with makeup?
    If yes then why are we searching for something that we can never gain ;
    And if yes then why do I keep writing about darkness instead of sunshine and daisies and why do you keep drinking my venom like a bee gathering nectar from a flower ?

  • avaniuttekar_ 161w

    If I was a river and you were a sea ,
    I met you and they called it an estuary .
    I call myself a river because I am small !
    Small , tiny they call !
    You were large , never ending but you were just salt and water ,
    What about me ?
    If I am just H2O and you are more than me ;
    Will I pollute you or will you pollute me ?
    But whatever because I was a river and you were a sea and when we met they called it an estuary