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  • av_1749 12w

    Thank you @writeforjoy for motivating me to write by leaving that comment in an earlier post. This quote is for you.

    #laugh #wod #tantalize #thoughts #perception @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Thoughts of sweet victory tantalize most, but those who achieve it are the ones who have the last laugh

  • av_1749 15w

    I stand in a forest
    Not knowing where to go
    "You need to do your best"
    "Go with the flow"
    But I'm tired and want to rest
    I just want to lay and feel the wind blow

    It has become dark
    I feel lost and scared
    I'm desperate to hear a lark
    But I don't dare move with my feet bared
    "Enough!" I decide I need a new arc
    A brave me, who dared

    Suddenly, I see a komorebi
    Highlighting the beauty around me,
    Within me, the concept of wabi sabi
    Now, I no longer want to flee

    The new beautiful me, the brave me,
    The imperfect me, the lost me
    Have all found peace within me

    I bid goodbye to the forest
    Which gave shelter to me
    In tough times and when I wanted to rest
    "Come back soon", I agree
    I promise, this time, at my best.

    #thoughts #perception #wod #forest #nature #lost #komorebi #wabisabi @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Thank you @supasesh @theinkdomain @writeforjoy @inhabited @taekook_maknae @manisha_rameshbabu

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    I stand in a forest
    Not knowing where to go
    "You need to do your best"
    "Go with the flow"
    But I'm tired and want to rest
    I just want to lay and feel the wind blow

  • av_1749 25w

    Mistakes and Lessons

    The past cannot be changed. A hard lesson I learnt after spending so much time thinking how a situation could've been different if I had done things differently.

    Expectations may or may not be fulfilled, so it is better not to place too much hope on these or even have many expectations on others. Once I used to expect people to behave in a certain manner, and that led to disappointments. I've learnt that different people have different perspectives and views that lead to different behaviors. It may also be turn out that they may expect something of me that I'm not fulfilling.

    That leads to my last and the most important lesson. Do not judge. I have judged people and turned out to be wrong. I felt guilty for judging without giving the benefit of doubt or knowing the reason,circumstances of that person.

  • av_1749 43w


    As I work to hide my feelings,
    My presence is obscured

  • av_1749 43w


    It was a normal day, I went about my routine. In the evening I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. The weather was perfect, breezy not windy, not sunny and not too cold either. As I walk, I chance upon a small furry creature.
    Seemingly in a trance, I stare, unable to take my eyes off the kitten. It stares right back at me, curiously. Some time passes and I continue my walk before I become too sad about not bringing the kitten home. I'm still in a trance for quite some time thinking about the kitten and a million other things. On my way home I decide that I'm going to adopt, not buy a cat sometime in the future.


  • av_1749 59w

    A rainy day

    I stack the umbrella on the rack as I enter the salon. It is a rainy day and the salon seems deserted. "Right on time!" smiles the front desk lady. As I settle down on the chair, the hair stylist wraps the cloth around my neck and adjusts the chair height. The squeaking sounds seem louder than usual. Looking at my hair's reflection in the mirror, I ask for my usual trim. We descend into a comfortable silence. The only sounds that can be heard are the scissors cutting my hair and the scratching of pen on paper as the front desk lady receives notifications of cancelled appointments. I love how this trip to the salon unknowingly turned into an ASMR session. I get up from the chair, feeling refreshed and give a large tip to my stylist.As I walk out on to the road after picking up my umbrella, I notice that it has stopped raining. A combination of smells assails my nose . I smell wet earth, oranges and other snacks. The vendors have started reopening their stalls. The sun shines brightly and I'm in a good mood. I hum a happy tune walking on the slightly slippery walkway to my home.

  • av_1749 63w


    Tears that can't fall from eyes, fall into the heart.

  • av_1749 63w

    The key

    A key, accidentally dropped into a river, sinks and lays quietly on the riverbed.
    At first, I do not realize, several thoughts are constantly running within my mind. As time flows by, I begin to feel the absence of something important, but I'm not able to grasp it. Finally, I remember the key that was accidentally dropped, the key to understanding myself.
    I now know that I have but one path to take - to dive into the river to retrieve the key. I take my time, enjoying the process, the view and reaching my goal.
    Time has been lost, but I will make up for it. :)

  • av_1749 63w


    A log of wood drifting on water,
    A speck of dust drifting in the air,
    A speck of star dust drifting in space,
    A person drifting from place to place,
    Feigning nonchalance.
    Where do they go?
    Where do they want to go?
    Is everything pre destined?
    Or is it better to go with the flow?

  • av_1749 68w


    Colored in others' opinions.
    Colored in others' judgments .
    Colored by others' views.
    It is time to be colored by self.

    Everyone is a mix of colors,
    Different colors in different occasions,
    The different colors are brought together in varying proportions to form a color unique to a person..