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  • autumn_fairy 15h

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #morning

    Morning differs from heart to heart
    Does it ?

    II Morning nightmare : ( Pov of a pain pricked heart )

    I wish the sky would chew
    The shine of the sun
    So that my eye lids wouldn't open
    To see the light of a darkness
    Like those clouds getting baked in pain
    With white oozing outside
    And a bleeding heart inside
    Dying to fill its heart with soft cream layers
    But getting filled with the scorched red of its veins
    Tearing up its heart
    With a drop of water
    Filling gallons of them

    II Morning rose diaries : ( Pov of a love blinded heart )

    I pricked the sky
    With my quill of love
    As rose syrup dews
    Started falling like my heart ; A diary of poetries
    Drinking the sky with love
    Vomiting out soft sunset chalk marks
    Bidding farewell to the mirror
    The glacier of my beauty ( for him)
    With red lips and sun silked bonded hair

    II Morning gray scribbles : ( Pov of a grey sky )

    Charcoal is my art
    To filter the azure sky
    With choke marks of my scribbles
    A black teardrop
    Lingering on those
    Cold ridden eyes

    - autumn fairy

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    Let somethings be unknown

    Like a morning nightmare
    a diary or a gray sky..


  • autumn_fairy 1d

    II You are the perfect metaphor of sweetness
    Flying high , on clouds of a pure heart :

    Sadness comes like bitter taste truths
    But you make the bitter
    like the light of a honey metaphor
    Spreading the silence of positivity
    With your wide smile lingering on an
    Arc of the moon
    Where darkness kisses
    But still allows
    To dream big inside
    Cracking the charcoal layers
    Of a choke drawn sky

    Making the lines F L Y high
    Where your angelic smile exists
    Like an open door waiting for a heart
    To touch your warmth
    And sink beside your kindness
    To listen to your stories about

    How the clock ticks
    To the warm hearth
    Sophisticated inside your
    Thatched roof of crimson veins
    Where butterflies twirl
    To draw your laughter
    And nightingales sing
    To the rhythm of your
    Laughing jokes

    Like this telepoetess
    Who sees you as an
    Angelic soul
    Dragging away
    The lines of darkness
    Flying with the chariot of the gold sun
    High above

  • autumn_fairy 4d

    II Letters just doesn't come through inked sheets
    Which makes us

    Take a crunch of love letters

    Letters are monuments of hidden secrets
    Sophisticated in fragrances of loving memories
    Of a tomorrows love
    Hidden under the sun's shields
    And cracked through the moon arcs of the shimmering glimmers

    I remember the first letter
    You carved our memories on
    Maybe the first time
    Our eyes shielded the moons shimmer
    And gazed on our heart beats
    Yes darling
    You wrote our first letter
    Your name on my heart

    Through the veins of a
    Crimson memorial
    Torn through my hidden pages
    And sprinkled like star dust
    Yes darling
    You wrote the first letter
    Of a mended diary on my heart

    And we drew
    we wrote
    we inked strings of poetries
    Not just on papers
    But on hearts

    So is this
    A poetic glimpse
    Into the world of our lovers
    Uncommon but never common
    Through the mania of love

  • autumn_fairy 5d


    #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @love_whispererr @clichepenname

    symbols -

    red - pure happiness
    Paris tower - couple love
    wintery cupboard - forgotten memories

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    II Taunt me with adult(hood)?

    A monument of withered memorials , is the attire of an adult
    Red childhood bliss, closed in the wintery cupboard of a grown -up fault
    Inking heart breaks of her tears on a Paris tower, with no drawings of love with a clay doll long ago
    And you tell me adult hood is wiser to attain than my child hood, swinging to and fro


  • autumn_fairy 1w

    happy billated birthday pabo @directioner_05

    im really sorry 4 wishing late
    and ik its no suprise 4 u since i already told im writing one for you
    ( ya i was that stupid to tell u T T)

    i'm sorry for being such a careless twinny
    u always cared abt me a lotttt
    and i appreciate that from my whole heart ( cough * cough)

    and btw

    Me asked ,

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Who's the cutest of em all

    and the mirror said,

    It's anasy d pabo ( ;/)

    sho me said buhahaha it's time to steal his cuteness wid my witchy wand ( holds my comb and looks at u * hihii.... nvmd)

    anyway ur shooo cute
    and ur sooo kind and wise
    Ur my dear drama queen

    Pulls ur cheeksss*

    Here's a poem 4 ur bdayyyy written by me and AYUUUU okay
    Just for youu


    ( sowwy if it isnt that good
    me tried my best T T

    Not a #storm but it's

    @miraquill @writersnetwork better wish him -_-

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    II 16 years of a fabulous birth(day) for you
    Dawned on our poetries with your presence

    180 days ago
    Were the first union of our glances
    Waited for long
    Like the cracked full moon and the sun finding their better halves
    Written on our fate
    Like the destiny set on a white cup of coffee
    We found our ways
    Through the paths
    Into our embrace
    Once and for all

    Daffodils do bloom under the sunrise
    And the May flowers dances the birth
    Of a new sunrise of laughter
    On a honey dipped day
    Where your chubby cute cheeks
    Touched the first breath of air
    And uttered the first drop of tears
    With your sweet cries resonating
    Through the echoes of sweet dew dropped flowers
    Swinging to and fro
    But standing together
    Just like your sweetness
    And just like your kindness
    And just like your wisdom passing by
    Happy birthday darling
    Utter the 16th season of 360 days
    With joy and happiness
    On your memorable day

    - autumn_fairy


    ' Care 'gave birth on days of a hazardous summer,
    and a froth which whistled the soothing jingle of hope showering shimmers..
    Flew in keys of sweetness to lighten mundane clouds and the cores of sullen dews
    The disk of the petals he carried , carries his own weighs and strengths ..
    May your smile breathe till the coffee dews on an early morning , which never gives up to play the track of beauty and a hope of shimmering essence

    ~To the most lovely and humble soul, happy 16 th~


  • autumn_fairy 1w


    #pod #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    ig i just messed up this poem

    Sorry TT

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    II Do storms sing
    Or do they howl during the night
    I wonder...

    storms are the imperfections
    Of scattered souls
    howling and scattering
    Beneath those blue waves
    Like a facade of blue miseries
    Hidden under those
    Flawed oceans
    Howling a
    with stories of bitter truths
    Gulping inside her throat
    These are the magical facades
    You could see under her ocean bed
    Where a song of storm plays

    i. A blue mother carrying her child

    Sea waves arouse under those surfaces
    Where her cries howl like the wind
    reaching the azure sky
    Where thunder storms stir
    her screams
    into howling waves

    Where a blanket hugs
    Her howling abyss
    With a puff of salty tears
    Cursing her scattered heart
    That's where she lays
    In a storm
    With no symphony
    With no light
    To rely on

    ii. A lover under the titanic

    Hearts frozen
    love beaten
    Dead alive
    That's what his eyes say
    But the howling night never whispers
    Those tears
    Which Rose uttered
    On his behalf
    Above his numb body
    Where her love still blazes like fire
    like a pitch dark storm
    Above that cracking sunset
    Once and for all

    iii. A victim of a murderer

    Murdered by love
    Was trust that beautiful to rely on
    Where blood scattered under that moonlight
    On a boat
    Left alone
    Until those sea waves gulped
    My numb body
    And crimson soaked beauty
    How beautiful is it to cry
    Howling with a hollow heart
    How beautiful is it..

    Three stories
    Deep mysteries
    Two hearts cracked
    One love murdered
    And a mother's heart soaked
    In a puddle of blue waves
    Like a


  • autumn_fairy 1w

    II Ever thought of Love or dare ?
    Since a long time ago ...

    Dare to be the one in my heart
    And you'll get fires
    Over lanterns
    And glaciers
    On broken mirrors
    Did one choice just give you the right
    To make a fire on my thatched roof or so

    Dare to be the one in my heart
    And you'll feel my intoxicated love
    Making you drunk
    Over rose dreams
    And will make you swim
    On a crimson love mania
    Did my crimson embedded
    Make you feel like a lifeless puppet
    without my embrace or so

    Dare to be the one in my heart
    And you'll feel my soft cheeks
    On your lips
    And my choking coffee irises
    under your glance
    Does my wide smile and laughter
    Among the butterfly mountains
    Laying under buttercup fields
    Make your eyes beguile too...

    Dare to be the one in my heart
    And you'll feel
    C O F F E E C U P S
    On your fingertips
    Just like those soft brown irises
    Which made you beguile your own heart

    And you'll feel
    W H I T E B L A N K E T S
    On your wide body
    Just like my soft skin
    Under your glance

    So darling
    dare to be the one in my heart
    And you'll feel your self lost in

  • autumn_fairy 1w

    II Words through heart
    Comes through a quill
    Like a broken nightingale ...?

    I am not asking the difference between a poet and a poetess who holds two hearts and inks on two quills. One feminine, with a touch of dazzling sepia womanhood and one ,a male with broad arcs of a cobwebbed heart, forced to cover the feelings of tears , which runs down the heart but not eyes.

    Two poetic monuments , though they'll never know that , their words will run like a river on the clouds and hit the atelier of the angels' hearts , because their quill carries the emotions of elegance and harsh reality at the same time.

    II What does being a poetess mean to her ?

    She was thrusted within the fakeness and her elegance is now blooming like an arc to reach womanhood internally but not physically yet. Her mind runs a battle of emotions as what her quill should ink , Love or hatred ?
    Does inking hatred create a fire , but no, it does create an agony in her broken heart.

    Forgiveness over mistakes that's what she does , like a broken chandelier crying over her faded light.

    Poetry meant the world to her a long time ago , but now it doesn't mean anything but a past to rely on .
    Inking did help to sing her love ,but now her empty heart doesn't need words or a quill to ink her pain and broken love.

    Now she's poetry herself which carries elegance along her womanhood with strength of blue berry roses decorating her heart of innocence with traces of white.

    II What does being a poet mean to him ?

    He lended forgiveness over his mistakes , though desires got blinded.
    He broke her heart but she tended to write sympathetic poetries on him. His heart was like a cracking sunset. Sometimes a light and sometimes an abyss of darkness.
    He quilled his obsessive love over the whitewashed papers , but failed to be the monument of loyalty over her naive innocence.

    Now he writes poetries of love for forgiveness and she inks pretentious happy songs inside, burning like fire.

    The two hearts now needs a path to unite , but how can she mend the puzzle in her broken heart, when they aren't meant to unite but to depart forever or a while....?


  • autumn_fairy 17w

    Good bye Miraquill Forever

    Memories clasped within my arc
    Breaths whispers goodbyes with miseries
    going gives me joy with miseries and tears
    While I feel tired of my life
    Feels I dont belong here anymore
    So now I'll wave my goodbye
    As this
    with dusky hands and chubby cheeks waves goodbye
    I wish you all a happy future
    Stay safe and take care

  • autumn_fairy 20w

    Do svidaniya says my heart
    And my whole world collapsed

    Do svidaniya said my heart since a long time ago
    Since 365 days of living with no passion to rely on
    As my heart touched the gigantic layers of poetries
    And heart whispered the quill of love and miseries
    Just for him
    As I inked them with dark blood on my heart
    And kissed the love with crimson lips

    And now my heart lays on poetries
    Where I had a bliss of happiness
    But now
    I'm saying Do svidaniya
    Burying my heart under them
    And leaving my love and miseries behind
    And so is my passion
    Where 2021 inked my irises with a new wintery blue
    Where this chestnut irises
    And the blue quill
    Inked verses out of my heart
    But now it cries
    Do svidaniya
    As I

    Stood near the black cliff
    Where my poetries lays with me
    And now I 'm jumping over the cliff
    Leaving my love and miseries of them behind
    As 2022 kissed me darkly
    And I poured sapphire tears
    But still success is through darkness
    So shall I travel

    Do svidaniya
    My beautiful heart and mind
    I 'll kiss and sink with u later
    With a
    Cut off
    Do svidaniya