A little danger, a little darkness, a little sinner, a temptress.

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  • autonomous_anonymous 13w

    Ember Glowing

    Once I burned bright like a flame,
    Now I'm just an ember glowing,

  • autonomous_anonymous 13w

    Unsent Message

    I unsent a message,
    Just so I could keep him guessing.
    I don't like to reveal too much,
    Even though I'm desperate for his touch.

  • autonomous_anonymous 13w

    When I Close My Eyes

    I imagine your eyes on mine,
    A slight smile playing at your lips,
    Taking it as a sign,
    You're imagining my hips.

    Tracing the lines and curvatures,
    Of this earthly vessel,
    Turning memories into daydreams,
    Smoky, breathy, ambivalence;
    Conflation of souls, bodies and spirits into one.

    Restlessly ephemeral,
    Like a warm day in Autumn,
    Before the chill sets in and we close the door-
    The heat smoldering, choking the flame out,
    Turning to ice and preparing for Winter.

    And in the Spring, with mortal and zephyr anew,
    Your kiss like the sun, a reinvigorated rebirth;
    Your touch, fading as the days get hotter,
    Burning bright, we're fleeting;
    Sweating out our sentiments.


    Salaciously sweet.
    Intoxicated from the high of gin and tonic and pungent peonies;
    Reading romantic poetry while exposed in the pool,
    Our vessels like boats, floating on that tenderness;
    Of when we were in love.


  • autonomous_anonymous 13w

    In Your Head

    I'm in your head now,
    Its getting too late you see,
    Good luck shaking me.

  • autonomous_anonymous 14w

    Selfish Love

    I haven't been honest,
    I haven't been faithful.

    You love me,
    More than I love you;
    I've been trying to grow into your love,

    but I'm dangerous.

    I'm with you
    Because if I wasn't,
    I'd miss you;

    And for that reason

    I'm a selfish love.

  • autonomous_anonymous 15w

    Suspended in Motion

    "Hope you don't mind a little lipstick on your blunt,"
    She says.
    He nods.
    "Not at all,"
    Blowing out emotions into smoke; becoming cloudy.
    Locking eyes and with a long exhale,
    They turn away.
    Its forbidden.

    Suspended in motion.

  • autonomous_anonymous 17w


    Universe of one or five,
    In a world we both collide,
    Bounded by trauma,
    The antics, the drama.
    I fucking miss you.

  • autonomous_anonymous 40w


    You're like a song,
    Tongue sweet and soft, dripping with desire-
    A beauty not of this world.
    Ethereal, unreal...
    Captivating, a throng of beautifully welded words,
    Insecurities, a web of protection outlasting even the patient; immortal with virtue.
    Kind eyes and heavy heart,
    There's a sadness running deep within you.
    The notes, stanzas and chorus, out of order and overflowing with chaos,
    A sweet symphony, a mellow tune, cold and deep, emotions hiding behind the moon.
    Waxing and waning, you're driving yourself crazy...
    The love you hold is so deep, so tragic,
    Only a fool would lie beneath you.
    I've been that fool, I am that fool, and that love will never die.

  • autonomous_anonymous 40w


    Joy he brought me
    On the darkest of nights
    Eclectic he was in his discretion
    The one who got all of me.

  • autonomous_anonymous 56w

    Summer Haiku

    A kiss from the sun,
    Warms my heart, my soul, my mind-
    But summer has left.