All Is One, And One Is All.

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  • atpugaysit 19w

    俳句(はいく) 1


  • atpugaysit 27w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Sentimental

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    Sentimental cries seek haven amidst madness.

  • atpugaysit 71w

    The true essence of a magic trick is not the element of surprise, but the conviction of belief.

  • atpugaysit 74w

    Let it Ring

    Composing, in symphonies of three,
    Let it ring, oh, let it ring, the heartbeat of the free
    Composing upon those solemn strings
    Let it ring, oh let it ring, compose oh rains and let it spring.

    Say which notes fall from the heavens
    And those winds which bring the water maidens
    Caroling these verses; ecstatic and spree;
    If you forget this world, leave it behind and flee.

    Higher and higher let those notes reach beyond our senses
    Let nature flow through these numbers in sounds and break all fences,
    Break the walls and borders escape the narrow crooked bounds
    And leap forth unto that which has no pain or sorrow, only sweet enraging sounds.
    So let it ring, oh let it ring, let it ring in that ever changing ancient lore.


  • atpugaysit 76w

    S a i l s
    Cosmic sea.


  • atpugaysit 92w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Earth

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    Once was Earth.

  • atpugaysit 92w

    The Worn Road

    Two roads diverged in a wood and it wasn't yellow;
    And one winter's twilight found me lost and hollow.
    I was returning a-home at the close of my voyage,
    And two roads had suddenly maddened into the foliage.

    And yes. I looked up one and down the other.
    As the light ticked away with the passing of the magic hour
    And such tall tales of beasts and creatures came creeping
    Whispers in the air; now shrieking and screeching.

    Louder. Oh so louder with every tick of my watch.
    Where two roads diverged and I was lost.

    Magical woodlands filled with dark
    Haunt the souls which tread on and hark.
    So run and fly; down that road which goes below,
    Where the ground was worn out and leaves had fallen high and low.

    That trodden road was worn out and gay;
    A thousand stories it hath kept at bay.
    So I did not touch to leave it for another day,

    As I went down I did not tread.
    Something held me and for a moment, I felt dread.
    Then I looked below to see: where others had walked down, I took flight,
    Flying up and above to follow that light.


  • atpugaysit 109w

    Achieving something...
    ...It was never about doing the impossible.
    It was about showing everyone what was possible.

  • atpugaysit 111w

    After a certain point one might realise that I am not God; you are not God.
    But WE are God.

  • atpugaysit 111w

    Maybe the reason perfectionism in beauty fails before a design which has a beauteous flaw, is because faulty creatures such as us see our souls reflected in those flaws of the imperfect art.
    Whereas in the perfect art of a flawless computer the beauty sits with an idle stare, which never inspires monumental ideas.