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  • asura_420_hz 67w

    Everything thing has a meaning
    What happened, happening or happen
    Your next chapter of life won't wait for you

  • asura_420_hz 67w

    She wrecked havoc
    Like a knife
    Walks on butter

  • asura_420_hz 68w

    Happy New year
    Make yourself more Great
    More humanity
    Have more love and patience
    Have peace with your soul
    Follow truth in every possible way
    Plant more tree save more nature
    And change people around you to more human
    And be more aggressive towards truth and humanity
    Time is getting more and more wrost
    Share more smile and have true happiness within
    Take care of yourself so you can of everything

  • asura_420_hz 68w

    ॐ शांति शांति शांति ����

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    I woke up at 6:03 am i did meditation till. 7:30from that time
    That means you can chose to be stronger or week
    In this cold days

  • asura_420_hz 68w

    इसीलिए कहते है लहरों से नहीं समुंन्दरो से प्यार कीजिए


  • asura_420_hz 68w

    I couldn't understand one thing
    Why a reader of book and a author of a book
    Be eating non_veg
    i thought they know love, pain, kindness, compassion, darkness so much they know and and yet

  • asura_420_hz 68w

    आ जाओ भाई जो जो खाएगा

  • asura_420_hz 68w

    Have peace
    Have smile
    Have happiness
    It all starts from you from within
    If you think you are happy yes happy not fake smiling, even in time of chaos learn to wear peace and real happiness by accepting what present unfold to you

  • asura_420_hz 68w

    Take care of yourself

  • asura_420_hz 69w

    Help yourself better
    Without expectation
    Accept whatever happen or happened
    Speak truth
    Tell them truth however dark it is
    Let them know how dark your soul is
    And never tell them about me
    I own darkness