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  • aster0309 10w

    You are the tamed

    among the wilds.

    The forgiveness

    between the blames,

    The last ember
    in a fading flame.

    The calm in the middle of
    a storm...



  • aster0309 13w

    What beauty is find in something that falls?
    Like those leaves from a withering tree..
    swirling down slowly to meet the ground,
    where feet step on them,
    where mites and springtails feed on them...
    Until they become just sheets of nothing full of holes and wounds..
    while the autumn wind carry their remains to places they're not supposed to be.

    What's the beauty in something that falls?
    Hitting something hard enough and get hurt?
    If you know what I mean..
    If only you do..
    If only..
    Then we could just sit under the shade of that old tree,
    and we're not talking,
    just looking around,
    the silence is very comforting..
    Like a strong connection of familiarity and openness.

    We could just sit there you know,
    We could close our eyes..
    And together,
    We could just listen to that melodic rustling of the falling leaves,
    along with the warm autumn wind circling around us,
    like an unseen knot tied on each other's left fingers.

    We could...

  • aster0309 13w

    Good morning people at the other side of this screen��

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    To My Person

    No matter how much I want you to be with me now...
    Please don't come too soon.
    Not now.
    My heart's been so afraid before but,
    It's even more afraid this time.
    A little bit shattered..
    A little unstable..
    More doubtful.

    Let me heal for now..
    Let me heal more.
    Because you deserve me at my best.
    We both do.

  • aster0309 14w

    Someone just broke my trust AGAIN on the first day of September.
    Great, right? I'm fine anyway.. help me. (I'm kidding)
    Good days will be ahead.. I know. For you as well.. for all of us.

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    We all have trust issues but...
    If we don't trust again..
    If we continue to harden our hearts so we won't get hurt again,
    then.. how about that one person that's meant to come into our lives.. one day.
    who meant to actually love us truthfully?
    Who is actually worth all of our trust..


  • aster0309 15w

    From Your Imperfect Daughter

    I see thorns
    Sharp and broken crystals
    I see tears..
    I see blood
    And a truth so sad
    Approaching like a raging blizzard
    Mom... Dad....

    I'm scared.
    And I'm sorry 'coz I am.
    I have lots of faults.
    And lots of mistakes.
    I'm afraid it'll make my future at stake.
    I'm scared of regrets and failures.
    But what I'm scared the most is to disappoint you.

    However I'll still climb up..
    that long, winding stair.
    Even my feet are shaking,
    Even if I am in deep grieving,
    Because you're far
    Out of my reach,
    from your embraces that I so much beseech.

    It's all because I wanna make you proud.
    I wanna let you know that somehow..
    I'm different.
    That I can pull you up with my success.
    Because I love you.
    More and more than you think.
    And I want you both to remember...
    That these words are once said,
    By your imperfect daughter.

  • aster0309 15w

    My first ever post here.. I'm new��

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    Is that what you really wanna do?
    To just let your heart bleed..
    Because you think more about others more than yourself.
    It's bleeding!
    Can't you see those red stains?
    Can't you feel?
    Or are you already numb because you care more about their feelings
    more than your own?
    When are you going to stop?
    When are you going to stop stitching those wounds
    over and over again...
    Just so you can love them again tomorrow?