Finding solace in the stars

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  • asra_jawaid 53w

    Of all the good things in life
    I choose you.


  • asra_jawaid 58w

    You are already gone
    I just started loving you,
    Amidst the cancan of pain
    I just started missing you.

    You're already far
    I just started running for you
    Amidst the turmoil inside
    I just started living for you.


  • asra_jawaid 60w

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    The mountains echoed YOUR name.....

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  • asra_jawaid 62w


  • asra_jawaid 63w


    I will look for it
    In some fathomed dream
    The child that's still alive
    But kept concealed in captivity.
    I can still hear it's mumbling
    I can still feel those chains;
    Conjured somewhere in my hopes
    Hidden somewhere in my pains.
    She peeps from my eyes
    At the dark side of the world,
    The childish dreams are colourful
    In this black white world.
    I need to wake up
    I have been looking for so long
    It's time to wipe my dreams off
    It's time to get where I belong.
    Back to the maze ,
    Struggling my way out
    The more I chase the exit
    The more I get lost in the crowd.

  • asra_jawaid 64w

    Allah ko dil me basa
    Ye raaste bhi aasan ho jayenge
    Raasto me pathar dikhenge magar
    Tere liye phool ban jayenge.


  • asra_jawaid 66w

    Eternal bliss

    The truth behind the eternal bliss
    Lies concealed from earthly abyss,
    The beauty that the eyes can't hold
    No wonder how the truth unfolds.
    A legendary saga that ran with time
    Now filled in dust at some cheap dine,
    The poet that once ruled the world
    Now sits back waiting, for the dusk.
    No money can surpass the needs
    Of motherly touch and heavenly deeds,
    How well known a man you are!!
    A grave is awake for you, to fill the spot.
    Hold back from sins
    The time is irrefutably thrifty;
    It takes away the bliss
    When you are at the blink of victory.
    The eternal happiness is not a myth
    It comes to you when you work for it.


  • asra_jawaid 67w

    Kabhi aasu baha kar to dekh
    Kya pata tujhe bhi sukoon mil jayega
    Kabhi meri kahani sunn kar bhi dekh
    Shayad tujhe bhi roona a jayega.


  • asra_jawaid 69w


    Innocence of one's life
    Guilt of one's crimes

    Evidence of one's success
    Helps to fathom distress.

    A lover's catastrophe
    The betrayed rhapsody

    A tool to ease the pain
    A true bliss of parentage


  • asra_jawaid 70w

    Oh, those little verse
    Written on our fates
    First your name
    Written next to my hate.
    Second is thy love
    That you never tried to trade
    For my lonely heart
    That fell aimlessly
    in your bait.
    Third about justice
    That fell like rain
    the girl found love
    And the boy drowned in his pains.