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  • asmawani 15w

    An exotic reason

    After a long time,I want to cry out loudly but tears fail to agree
    Idk why but my heart is aching like hell
    I wanna sink into Unconsciousness
    I feel trouble in my smile
    It feels like I I um fighting a battle with my feelings
    It feels like I um scared of something but idk what it is
    I feel like this sadness is making me blind to good things
    I feel oll these but idk the reason
    It happens sometimes I think .. isn't it?

  • asmawani 17w

    What was it?

    Last night was sucha terrible night for me
    When I used to open my eyes, I see a scary atmosphere in front of me...When I closed my eyes, I used to feel more scary than that...from last last my heart is beating so fast that I can hear my heartbeat nd itz still beating like that
    But last night also taught me that u should be independent in every aspect ... nobody is goin to help u at the moment when u need them the most ..I repeat nobody except u urself...

  • asmawani 26w

    "Mai gei sarnei hend tasleh "is my favorite line nowadays

  • asmawani 28w


    Today when i opened my phn
    There were lot of notifications, nd one caught my eye
    Seeing these words my heart started beating so fast that I could hear my heartbeat..
    Tears started falling nd sight became blurry
    Honestly my hands start shaking
    And phn fell out of hand
    After some time i picked up my phn ND watched whole news with tears in my eyes...
    Shivering in my body
    Heading was like "Another shameful act , another rape"
    I just can't even utter this appalling word. What's goin on here? Every day such news comes. Every day some girl's life is ruined Sometimes there is an adolescent girl , sometimes adult women or sometimes a lil angel
    Why r these shameful acts not stopped
    Why don't Govt give such a scary punishment to such people that no one else can think about this unfair act
    Why don't people raise their voice against this shameful act That time is coming very soon when the girl cannot get out of the houseEven the house will not be safe for her

  • asmawani 29w

    # mirakee

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    I am half dead ,
    stupid clever,
    clearly confused,
    ,growing smaller,
    absolutely unsure,
    alone together,
    living dead,
    genuine imitation,
    dull shine ,
    sadly funny,
    one choice,
    fine mess,
    nothing much

  • asmawani 29w

    I um feelin worthless.. everything, everyone around me is making me feel like I um worthless...
    Why so?
    Wait! Is this becoz of overthinking , depression or I um really worthless ?

  • asmawani 30w

    Shab e baraat

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    Shab -e- baraat Mubarak

    As the night of Shab -e- baraat approaches ,may b I get departed from this life nd may b I vl nvr meet u again ,I would like to ask u to forgive me if I have wronged in any way intentionally or unintentionally.l um terribly sorry ...Please accept my apologies
    May Allah bless u

  • asmawani 35w

    First imma start of by sayin Happy birthday I m so lucky to have u in my life .u r irreplaceable, my SAMOSA, my bestie , my sista frm another mother nd much more.I can alwaz count on u to be there when I need u .I vl trust u with my life. .It doesn't matter even if u r far away from me,u vl alwaz b on my heart ❣️
    I LOVE U nd I miss u in ways that not even words can understand .. Imy my dea best friend nd can't wait for the moment to hug u..Hope u r not crying
    May Allah bless u with lots of love , happiness nd success. May ur dreams nd wishes come true


  • asmawani 35w

    Anjaam nai dukh Diya ..vrna yaadein tou pyaari hai #backbone
    # disloyal friends

  • asmawani 42w

    My Toxic trait

    I get mad abt old pain even if I moved past it.becoz I still don't understand why I deserved it...
    What wrong I have done, for which I was given such a painful punishment...