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  • asiya01 9w


    Sometimes a painful goodbye saves your sanity more than a thousand unpleasant smile you wear for them.

  • asiya01 112w

    Letter to my pole star ✨

    Dear pole star,
    I grew up watching you. You were there for me through thick and thin. You were my pillar of strength and support from the beginning. Thank you for being there providing light to my darkness, for teaching me unconditional love. I know I can count on you for bringing me back to normal whenever I'm lost. My first love who never abandoned me and always there to guide me. You made my childhood awesome. You always knew what to say no matter what my problem was. Even if the whole world push me away I know you will be there to catch me. I forget all my miseries just by looking at you. Even if you aren't here, I know you will be there for me always and forever. My protector, my guide, my Angel I'll always love you to moon and back!! You are my last hope in this hopeless world.

    The lost traveller


  • asiya01 120w

    There are only two types of response we get from a person -it is either they tell you the truth they know or they are just too good at acting that you buy their lies!!

  • asiya01 139w

    Black day

    We lost our nation's valuable members. Salute to those heroes whose life was sacrificed for us .
    Feb 14- everyone celebrated this day with their valentine but families of the martyred witnessed heart breaks. A child lost its father, a son was taken away from his mother, the siblings lost their brother, more relationships were lost on the single day. Most importantly we lost our nation's pride! Indeed this day will remain the black day in the Indian history. We will never forget the sacrifice.
    May all the souls Rest In Peace.

  • asiya01 142w

    मेरा ध्रुव तारा

    वो है सबकी यार,
    जिनकी बातें से सबको हो जाएगी प्यार।
    सबसे नटखट और प्यारा,
    वो है मेरा ध्रुव तारा ।।

  • asiya01 142w

    If you ever thought that no one is there to listen to you, then you are wrong! There is always a most amazing person to listen, look into the mirror. Yes, its you! You are your best self, if no one is there then talk to yourself, It's perfectly alright self help and self healing is really important. Help yourself and you will always feel the most amazing person is you!!

  • asiya01 144w


    Irony is that the darkness which used to scare me the most in my childhood days is a part of me now♡

  • asiya01 146w

    Note to self

    Dear self,
    It has been a roller coaster year for you. More pain, hurt and sorrow but also you had wonderful time with your self, you found difference between real and reel. Now you know the fake very well, you have found the reality darling! Don't worry about what is about to come. Don't lose hope again even when everything is falling apart. You have been traveling through a lot of emotions but its time to "leave and live". ♡♡
    Leave the negativity and live with optimism and hope. Don't ever lose hope on yourself, not now not ever -love and be true to yourself always and forever!!


  • asiya01 150w

    आसमान में बादलों चाहे तो सूरज की रोशनी और चांद की चमक छुपा सकती हैं परंतु हमेशा केलिए नही, वक्त आने पर उनकी रौनक अपने आप बाहर आ जाती हैं।वैसे ही चाहे जीतने लोग हमें कितनी बार हतोत्साहित करते हैं, हमारी योग्यता कभी कम नहीं होगी।कभी आशा नही खोना चाहिए ।

  • asiya01 151w

    # Thanksgiving day

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    While everyone around the world celebrate Thanksgiving with their family and friends, I would like to take a moment to thank those little things that made us happy. I'd like to thank the books that took me to a new marvellous world, the songs which made me feel alive when needed, the tv shows that taught me to be happy, brave, kind and lots more which is undescribable. I'm grateful for them for making the world of introverts and extroverts happy!!
    Happy Thanksgiving day!!