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  • asifmajeed 35w

    One Day Our Eden Will Shine Again !

    The opresssed people of my vale!
    The tulips of this paradise will blossom again.
    The wounded hearts will mend again.
    The bawling eyes with pellets will treasure again.
    The dead spirits will light up again.
    The wailing mothers will grin again.
    The broken fathers will twinkle again.
    The groaning sisters will beam again.
    The doleful brothers will hustle again.
    The pale countenances will smirk again.
    The time will come we will shine again.
    The infidels will be defeated again.
    The triumphant will kiss our feet again.

  • asifmajeed 35w

    I Hate You!

    Ever since you entered into my life, I have always been down in dumps!
    Words are adequately not to portray the amount I hate you!
    With your malevolent plan you took all my companions away from me!
    Presently I have nobody else except hate for you in my heart underneath!
    You made me freaked and made me cry
    You hurt me so much and I don't have foggiest idea why!
    Now your memories is all that I have with me.
    My heart is broken into tiny pieces underneath!
    If this is who really you are,then i want you far
    As I don't wanna live my life with such scar!
    I disdain when you shout, I disdain that sound
    I searched for you and damnation is the thing that I found!
    Instead, you treated me like I was your clown.
    Betrayed me and left me with a frown!!
    I guarantee to get sorcery in my life alive once again.
    I won't allow you to destroy it more and give me such a lot of agony!

  • asifmajeed 76w

    Perfect Relationship!!




  • asifmajeed 84w

    What are your values? We might not ask this enough? Having a clear understanding of what is important on our journey of life can help us greatly with any decision, simple or difficult.

  • asifmajeed 84w

    وہ بڑے تکبر سے کہتی تھی ہزاروں لوگ مجھ پے مرتے ہیں!
    میں نے بھی ہنس کے کہا سستی چییزوں پے ہمیشہ رش ہوتا ہے !


  • asifmajeed 85w

    Quit worrying about your past. Things happen for a reason. The Almighty never wastes a moment of what you have experienced. What you went through in the past can be the catalyst for change that’s needed for tomorrow. Remember, if He is for you, nobody can be against you!

  • asifmajeed 85w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Solitary

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    I owe to that solitary that left me freaking!!

  • asifmajeed 85w

    Have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish. Use the tools you have access to. Do your absolute best. Evaluate. Repeat.

  • asifmajeed 85w

    Never making a mistake, is a mistake. Try, fail, learn, grow.

  • asifmajeed 86w

    Do your best to learn something each day. Anything, even if it’s something about yourself or your surroundings. As time passes, you won’t get younger, but you can get wiser.