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  • ashnoom 19w

    Why can’t u think of nothing?

    You cannot think of nothing because
    Nothing Is Everything.

    Getting rid of thinking is impossible because each neurons firing are the big bangs that keeps us alive.

    Where do these big bangs originate? Not in a dimension we can access yet.

    Big Bang keeps the cosmos alive, we are tiny little part of bigger self, that is the Cosmos.

    Nothing may be possible if you freeze time. (Is this what happens when you die? Time stops to Nothing?)

    And, isn’t that everything we living upto, mukti (Nirvana)?


  • ashnoom 37w

    I dedicated few lines to my friend on her birthday! Wishing her best in coming days.

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    A Decade+ of Friendship

    Not so many years have passed
    Since we first shared same class
    Not more peers have I found
    To be as clear as a glass

    Young minds full of energy
    Stupidity, Small talks and a fight
    Exploding later as a synergy
    No, it was always alright

    Separation when the time calls
    Farther the space Stronger the bond
    Praising the rises and helping in falls
    No scars to wipe not Even a wound

    Pushing up each other to a height
    Learning to live a beautiful life
    A model friendship to sight
    Spreading love and good vibe

  • ashnoom 38w

    Pretty away from the knowns
    And leaving behind my owns
    To evolve like a widespread root
    And to be well grown

    From the top of the world
    To down here in the flat earth
    With the diverse culture
    Wishing to take a rebirth

    Some things never changes
    As the love from the people
    Distance, from a bits to ranges
    And made the presence worth-full

    Walked along, still remained with miles
    Memories ended up in the piles
    Resulted into papers and file
    All secured just Sharing the smile

    Just a simple rule to live
    Accept all the happiness
    In turn, the same to give
    And convince yourself to believe !

  • ashnoom 38w

    “Winter whiplash joined the weather conversation.”

    Six words future horror story.
    Ref: climate change


  • ashnoom 38w

    How do you react when you discover you made a mistake?

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    When I discover that I made an error I react to this by...

    imperfections are part of life
    they may be out of your five
    just learn to improve one
    rose is still beautiful with thorn

    never fear to make a mistake
    after which just don’t forget to wake
    learning is the dependent process
    acknowledge them to get success

    errors are the traces of completeness
    correct them with great willingness
    don’t panic just decide right
    bright day follows the dark night


  • ashnoom 38w

    Finish the sentence, When I am wise... !
    #wise #2021_SC_Waseda

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    When I am wise ...

    When I am wise, I would have a dream
    When I am wise, I would have a plan
    Rather keeping quiet, I would scream
    I would transit from young boy to a man

    When I am wise, I would seek light
    When I am wise, I would have a life
    Moving up from ground to new height
    Work on my skills like a sharp knife

    When I am wise, I would be myself
    When I am wise, I would learn more
    Open my arms for people to help
    And invest to discover my inner core


  • ashnoom 39w

    Sometimes the faulty perception of the reality is worth experiencing. Not unusual but worth mentioning. Have you experienced one?

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    Race with the Earth

    Sometime in this middle of nowhere
    I really feel the ground and space
    Is it present or am I aware
    Like me and the earth on a race

    You start flying with no navigation
    Just a faulty eyes tilting aside
    Nothing more than a virtual creation
    In the space where would you hide

    When eyes roll back relaxing
    Less of a light pass through
    Then the brain starts axing
    The reality suddenly may blew

    The experience not so noble
    But the moment you realized
    What can possibly be the label
    May be halogenated, not hypnotized

  • ashnoom 45w

    What’s your ideal society?

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    Someone asked me what’s your ideal society?
    I pointed at the forest and said “My ideal society is like of those animals who are only afraid of their predators not of their own kind.”


  • ashnoom 47w

    There is no season for love!

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    Dear valentine!

    Vivid colors of the autumn
    Unlike the cherry in spring
    Red roses and the ring
    Heart, full of love
    and a glass of wine
    Forever, until you will be mine
    Dear Valentine !


  • ashnoom 47w

    What are you grateful for? #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    To the soil we made up of,
    To the soul we build on,
    To the food we live on,
    And To the good we be of

    To the trees we lean on,
    To the air we take in,
    To the dawn we wake in,
    And to the skin we preen on.

    To the moon you feel through,
    To the skylight you look at,
    To the night you adore at,
    And To the sun you see through.

    To the thoughts you believe with,
    To the being you look up to,
    To the thing you look down to,
    And To the dreams you stick with.