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  • ashish_anand 2d

    World is the biggest place,
    But ur heart is much bigger than that,
    Since the time i am staying in ur heart,
    It gives me wisdom,
    It gives me faith.
    The time u came in my life,
    Was the wonder of waves.
    Each moment is a glory,
    Each day is the history.
    For the love i have fallen,
    The oath i have taken,
    For the determination,
    For the dedication.
    These Love and happiness,
    It's just for you,
    The special you.
    My life, my happiness,
    My success and my heart.
    The more i will love, the more i need to love you,
    As the love is the only love i can have to love you just for the lovely you.


  • ashish_anand 5d

    The special YOU !!

    The more i miss you, the more beautiful u become.
    You were a princess,
    You were an angel,
    You are a miracle,
    When u look into my eyes,
    I melt down to the lovely fountain of love,
    When u smile,
    I love you more,
    When u hug or love me,
    I am so dead that i want to be under your arms.
    So calm, so warm,
    With your love which is so pure..


  • ashish_anand 5d

    Love and Nature

    I trust you the way,
    the moon trusts the sun,
    He knows sun will never leave him alone,
    I love you the way,
    butterfly loves lovely flowers...


  • ashish_anand 42w

    Love never fades away but it's us who change.

    Life is like sweet sound of flute,
    it soothes you and your heart,
    Love blossoms good thing in your life,
    but with time it becomes attraction.
    As you grow with time,
    you want a change in life,
    change in everything that you have
    apart from your parents.
    This sweet sound then turns into a poison,
    which kills those who loved you to blossom all colourful flower in your life by walking on thorns of sadness and bad things.
    Love by heart and not by face,
    measure love by dedication and not by height,
    get attracted to honesty and loyalty,
    and not to the infatuation


  • ashish_anand 47w

    Another phase..

    It's very easy to give up on things,
    But it's really tough to fight.
    Spur yourself for it's good,
    You will get a source of repulsion,
    To retract it from exacerbating.

    If you choosed to give up,
    I know, it is something special and it means everything to you,
    But only and when you get involved as you anticipated,
    Things could change and there would be a better tomorrow.

    Eerie act gives tears and scars,
    Be yourself, feel yourself
    What you are,
    You meant for something then do for it,
    Don't turn yourself for dubious feelings,
    Hey, there you are, with a heart and care,
    Which can change and make you aware,
    It's never too late, it's just an another chance
    To make everything perfect.


  • ashish_anand 49w

    ❤️Voice of Love ❤️

    Zephyr of your love, can heal many hearts,
    When i don't see you, it tears pe apart,
    Not to say why, but how,
    Because you are not there for being my part.

    The magical, lambent rays of your love,
    Makes me feel what i have,
    It's you in my heart which dives deeper,
    To hold and hug you tight,
    For the life i have,

    The pulchritude of your soul,
    Makes me fall for you everyday,
    You are the beast in love
    And best among all.


  • ashish_anand 49w


    You will fly high while i hold your hands,
    You will love and shine,
    The world of dream is now true,
    I will walk with you to all glory and everything will be fine.

    There is something bad in all of us,
    If anything matters then it is how we make it lively and good.
    There are reasons to be like something,
    It could change if you are everything.

    My passion and dream is to keep you happy,
    Let the odds go out and love to come in,
    Open the door of you heart,
    And let me be the person whom you admired.

    You witnessed my love and care,
    Now it's time to change and make you aware,
    Love and care is not everything,
    It is all happiness apart from something,
    Happiness to grow, live, express and joy.

    It is what you call freedom,
    And for me it's a wisdom.
    I am there with all my faith and true,
    You will be happy and blessed
    With love, prosperity and no complaints due.


  • ashish_anand 52w

    I would shout out so loud,
    the day you born was a miracle to the god's creation.
    The mother who gave birth to such a child,
    Am so happy to worship that mother and her pride.

    When you were tiny and small,
    she was there to hold you from all falls.
    Am so happy to worship that mother who gave birth to such a child,
    who is so beautiful and kind.

    The child who is so precious to everyone,
    Am lucky to have you in my life, you are my hope, my faith, my love, my devotion and my life.
    I wish there will be a day soon when i can call you my wife.

    ***************❤️ My Love ❤️****************


  • ashish_anand 98w

    World may tear us apart,
    I love you for what you are.

    Stay beside me,
    I am here to hold you in my heart

    Without you I am nothing
    But when you are, I am more than anything.

    Love you forever & beyond❤

  • ashish_anand 99w

    When i was born,
    My family wanted a boy,

    When i turned two,
    I got love from a few,

    When i turned nine,
    I had a full- fledged dream to shine,

    When i turned sixteen,
    I craved to be a queen,
    But kept behind the scene as i was just a teen,

    And now,
    Tears in my eyes for not being wise,
    I got a love who broke me otherwise,

    I have a life which has no dream,
    But a small ray of hope to turn my life green.