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  • ash_tha 131w

    For the upcoming year ending......
    #bye2k19 #hey2k20

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    Rushing through the hour,
    Doors and alleys adorned with gourmet flowers.
    Violets, Calendula, Salvia and Phlox,
    I stand here being utter flummoxed.
    A blob of calorie and a bottle of wine;
    A dip of tartare sauce and a swig of hot cocoa.
    The hypnotic aura is a pure blessing.
    The paens,the Psalms and the prayers
    sung with a heart so innocent,
    and a soul so profound
    A reunion, a soireè or a night out,
    Forgives the scars and fade it out.
    The joviality of a new beginning,
    The regret of past mistakes,
    Ah! Here comes the Year Ending.

  • ash_tha 135w

    #f4f. The inner voice. It shouts, it screams , it curses, it cries.....but no sound comes out. Because they, somehow have to suppress their voice because to some evil forces and painful reasons...
    * P.S.- Capercaillie is considered as the UNLUCKIEST BIRD in Scotland. *

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    Sans Faux

    No make-over, no gloss;
    I am festooned with the garland of flaws.
    No fake lashes, no fake blushes;
    I am embellished with veridical scars and bruises.
    No high heels, no petite contours;
    I am like the Capercaillie in the moor.
    I am not laced with bows and faux feathers;
    But I am beautified with atrocities and stoicism.
    I am the Devil's snare, I live in the wretched lair.
    Who made me like this?
    That's an unanswered mystical question for you to unearth.
    Open your eyes and look out for the reality.
    Then you will come upon the stark lethality.

  • ash_tha 136w


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    ~•Perfection is Flawed•~

  • ash_tha 137w

    Idea taken from Simon Bolivar's famous lines-also mentioned in Looking for Alaska-
    'how will I ever get out of this Labyrinth'....

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    Labyrinth of Doom

    What is the Labyrinth?
    Is it the journey of birth?
    Or is it the secret of death?
    Is it being altruistic?
    Or is it being inhumanely austere?
    Is it the love one receive?
    Or is it the hate one gives?
    No, it's none of them.
    It's the sinister and eerie expedition called 'Suffering'.

  • ash_tha 138w


    Fleeing in the dark and
    Hiding behind the veils
    I cried my heart out for you
    I lost myself for you
    I was the audacious bird
    I was the master of the herd
    But for you I left, I left to create
    to explore, to allude, to love, to serve.
    I tried, I tried to be the best,
    I tried to beat the rest.
    But little did I know that the doleful dove,
    The doleful dove was a devious hawk.
    Who just wanted to scavenge my soul
    rip out my audacity and tear off myself.

  • ash_tha 141w

    Every morning, everyday, every night,
    As I look in the mirror,
    A blank void stares back at me
    with a tone so pale, a face so scarred
    and with a soul so hollow.
    One day I asked her " Who are you?"
    She replied with a smirk:
    "I am the past, I am the present and I am the future.
    I am the time, I am the fate and I am you.
    If you destroy me you destroy you.
    In this game of Life learn to fight
    Or get burned and bid yourself adieu."

  • ash_tha 141w

    Always a Fighter

    Sirens wailing;
    Noises blaring,
    From the sins of
    nihilistic dark past.
    My long lost quest,
    My forgotten zest,
    Somewhere the sinner still rests.
    Hiding behind the veils of slutty time.
    Tick tock tick tock
    The time itself will mock,
    Then again my fallen soldier will rise;
    This time surely I will make you pay the price.

  • ash_tha 142w

    What happened now?

    You talk of sanity and right;
    You talk of renaissance and light.
    But you wish to be silent and still,
    When greedy people thrash and kill.
    What happened to your epiphany
    did it die down before the uncanny?
    Why do humans kill humans?
    Is it superficial materiality?
    Is it the blatant reality?
    Or is it the society's mentality?

  • ash_tha 142w

    Hyperbole though....I know that......but it sounds far from reality. Quite emancipating and oblivious to the outside world.

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    He was pristine
    He was entangled and hazy like a mist
    I was enchanted
    I was dumb
    As I moved to touch his pale beauty,
    He disappeared like the smoke.

  • ash_tha 146w

    Rains and thunders....water and splatter....

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    Not all rains come to soak your dreams....

    Some come to clear the messy dirt from your path.