~versions running down into the soul.I'm a lover of vivid colours of varied words and expressions. ~The Untold and the hidden

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  • aryaarrya 46w

    A mother's voice to her daughter...

    Dear daughter, this is a mother's word to you... Donot run behind those filthy past memories and people who have given you dirt and pain.
    If they'd be in front of you they'd be happy seeing you suffer...That one thing that burns enemies alive is seeing you happy, prosperous, enjoying and successful in life.There would be no use for you to keep thinking about them.While they'd be enjoying and living their luxurious life satisfactorily,you would be wasting your time thinking about them the entire time,meanwhile they'd be rich and successful.So donot waste your time.
    Move on
    Be a strong woman
    Work hard
    Enjoy life
    Be successful
    Donot let those cheap downtrodden,negative trashbags destroy your strong unique and beautiful vibes❤️

  • aryaarrya 50w

    No beautiful soul

    deserves death with pain and torture

  • aryaarrya 51w

    "Her story in my words"

    'You are not the darkness you endured
    You are the light that refused to surrender..'

  • aryaarrya 54w

    This world inside this mysterious earth is such huge,vast and diverse that

    i sometimes feel that i'm just a small particle dwindling in and around it...

  • aryaarrya 54w

    Every life is a history in itself...


  • aryaarrya 74w

    An unleashed beauty..


  • aryaarrya 74w

    Not every woman dreams of a prince charming...

    Some dark feminity long for the undefeated soul of the impaled dark predator..
    Not every woman desires to be Cinderella...
    Many wonder if they could just receive that anticipated fortune to even foil under the arms of the immortal deadly beast...
    ~The Vlad Child

  • aryaarrya 74w


    Love yourself

  • aryaarrya 79w

    "A human's attitude towards animals"

    is enough to recognise a lot about a human's psychology state, mentality and character.

  • aryaarrya 80w

    Beauty never fades...

    Some beauties are immortal...
    Some faces collapse..
    But forever remain vivid in the memories
    Just like a thunder lightning...