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  • arundhati_charan 1w

    It's just teens are rather confused and tensed about their position in life. With all the harmonal change and shift in role they tend to be angry, revengeful and easy to be instigated.

    But obviously they grow up to attain the maturity but just like not everyone attains Nirvana not everyone attains peace of mind or some might even lack piece of mind.
    #teen #adults #vex #vexed #life

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    Someone one's said teens are easy to instigate and vex.

    Apparently it's the same for lacking adults.

  • arundhati_charan 4w

    Truth is like a blade when kept within hurts you, spoke out loud shapes you.

  • arundhati_charan 12w

    When you start thinking you are high you are not thinking you are sinking


  • arundhati_charan 28w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Rigid

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    Not rotating like fidget be rigid.

  • arundhati_charan 29w

    पहला आंदोलन
    शायद बीज ने किया होगा
    मिट्टी के विरुद्ध
    और फूट पड़ा होगा पौधा बनकर।

    या फिर शिशु ने
    कोख के भीतर किया होगा
    जन्म लेने के लिए।

    हर बार
    आंदोलनकारी को प्रेम मिला है
    मिट्टी से भी, और माँ से भी।

    माँएं जानती हैं
    कि आंदोलन के बगैर
    सृजन संभव नहीं।

    By - Ashok Kumar

  • arundhati_charan 32w

    अपने बेटे को घर में ही रोने दो ,

    वो बाहर किसी कि बेटी को नहीं रुलाएगा।


  • arundhati_charan 53w

    Life is all about


    Till you die


  • arundhati_charan 54w

    Whom I miss the most is me..
    I mean the old cheerful carefree me..
    The jolly and playful me...
    The me I lost while growing up..


  • arundhati_charan 54w

    Trembling legs and pain in shoulder
    Out of breath just have been bolder
    Fear of doing something wrong in anger
    Fear of saying something wrong stops me
    I'm afraid of my own self which I hide
    It is vengeful which flows like high tide

  • arundhati_charan 54w

    In the dream of happiness I'm lost
    Forgot my own essence almost
    In the greed my true self frost
    I wanted to win at all cost
    But I have learnt my lesson and suffered the most
    Now I'm away from wants on the eternal coast