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  • artx007 3w


    Sharpen your mind
    Brighten your life
    Each word will help you grow
    Love your books

  • artx007 4w

    Black N White

    What if black wasn't there in your color set, there will be no shade no definition for things .

    What if white wasn't there is your color set , there will be no highlights no definition for things.

    Both the colors matter in the color set both has its own beauty It's own natural values .

  • artx007 4w


    It's just sad when two people with same craziness has same crazy problem

  • artx007 5w

    I'm happy !

    Me : I wanna be happy , I will be happy , I'm happy
    Brain : Nope you are not . You just pretending .


  • artx007 5w


    Life is unpredictable,never miss out letting someone know that they are precious n special and alway

  • artx007 5w


    Going offline is not because of depression but to build myself and to rise over everything .

  • artx007 6w


    I'm Mad
    I'm Crazy
    I dono who I'm
    I'm okay