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  • artidutt 7w

    An unexamined life is not worth living

  • artidutt 43w

    You know me.....
    I can't articulate my feelings, and I don't know where to start and how...
    But no matter how tired and depressed I am.
    Seeing you makes me happy.

  • artidutt 43w

    Everything is a mirage

  • artidutt 43w

    Forgiveness is not for others, but for oneself. And forgiveness is not as easy as one might imagine

  • artidutt 52w

    हो अगर अमावस्या की रात
    तुम निखरता हुआ चाँद बनना
    और हो अगर बरसात
    तुम उगता हुआ नया सूरज बनना।।
    मै कार्तिक का पतझड़ हूँ
    तुम वसंत का खिलता नया फूल बनना
    भौरें तो ले गए मिठास इन पुष्पों की
    तुम मुरझाए फूलो की पानी की बूँद बनना
    हो अगर अमावस्या की रात
    तुम निखरता हुआ चाँद बनना।।
    माना दो राहों का मेल नही
    पर तुम शितिज में मिलती किरण बनना
    हो अगर अमावस्या की रात
    तुम निखरता हुआ चाँद बनना ।।


  • artidutt 65w

    (I can't even tag you)

    I don't want to pretend that nothing is wrong.
    I always wanted and tried to bind the knot in our relationship.
    However you just cut-out that knot.


  • artidutt 67w

    losing a father is like losing yourself
    and no matter how hard people help-out ,no one can fill the empty space of a father.....


  • artidutt 68w

    तुम हकीकत नहीं
    महज एक खवाब थे।।


  • artidutt 69w

    If you're not sure about your partner, then don't introduce him/her to your family❤.....


  • artidutt 70w

    My friend
    You know what you didn't even notice that I am gone...
    I'm happy that I care for you as much as I can. I'm happy that I can still feel this way.
    You only texted me back when things were convenient for you, not caring about how I felt.
    I am mad because of the way you treat me and this silent treatment makes me feel abandoned and abused. It makes me feel like I have done something wrong although it was nothing more than a desperate attempt to talk with you.
    And trust me you’re losing the only man who was ever able to understand you and be there for you completely. You’re losing the only man who gave you enough space to grow and chase your dreams—all because I want the best for you.
    And listen girl, there are some things I think you should work on before you meet new friends
    Please treat them the way they deserves to be treated. Remember that they are human and deserves to be treated with the utmost respect.
    And trust me now I don't need your time, your attention. I don't need you to love me.
    Because now I'm done...
    I''m done with your shits
    I don't give a damn about you

    Ex- bestfriend