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  • arnabi_bhagat 4w


    Why is it so difficult to accept that,
    You can make everyone happy,
    Moreover.... you don't even need to!

  • arnabi_bhagat 7w

    Will you?

    Will you take my pleasure and give your pain?
    Will you be the moisture in my pool of rain?

  • arnabi_bhagat 7w


    The hardest part of the story, is to end up alone.
    I have tried it in so many different ways,
    But the outcome is always the same!
    Always have lost people whom i get attached to,
    And i guess, that's how my story of life will come to an end.
    This time, i am giving up on trying to fix things,
    Can't handle this any longer,
    Now, just want to be alone, as am Done!
    Thus, the hardest part of the story is to always end up alone.

  • arnabi_bhagat 8w


    Writing after a long time,
    With lots of thought kept inside.
    No words to explain those though!
    Due to this messed up mind,
    Words are just jangled up!
    Pen is in the hand,
    But, ain't working the way it should.
    Screwed up with the life leading here,
    Attachment with people is also a feeling of DARE!
    It only leads you to cry,
    So... better be ASIDE!

  • arnabi_bhagat 10w

    Even India got independence today,
    Then, why am i the only one still struggling to be independent from your memories and thoughts!

  • arnabi_bhagat 12w


    If you ever come back to my life,
    Let's not tell that to the world.
    I guess, the world is jealous of things that is BEAUTIFUL in and out!

  • arnabi_bhagat 13w

    I wish

    I wish for that one day,
    When destiny will bring us together
    Will sit under the open sky,
    Not with one but two cups of tea, instead coffee.
    Maybe tea because i am in love with it.
    Maybe, i will try to make a failed attempt in telling you  my vulnerabilities,
    And Asusual you will suceed in reading my eyes, my mind, my heart, my soul.
    Maybe, there will an answer to each question, an answer to all the thoughts that my mind had already made up.
    Maybe i will be relaxed then
    As..i will confine that portion of time in  my forever and ever,
    And set ourselves free for eternity and never.

  • arnabi_bhagat 13w


    In my small world of my own,
    Am being the poet!
    Making you my poetries.
    Gives me immense happiness :)
    Atleast, better than burning all deep inside.

  • arnabi_bhagat 14w

    Day goes by!

    Every day goes by,
    Becomes another opportunity missed!

  • arnabi_bhagat 14w

    When you have none, you have your family by your side, you have your own self by your side. To hold yoi tight, to make you stand upright all over again!
    So.. Never give up! Just have faith. Everything is gonna alright, everything is gonna be perfect ��
    #mirakee #wordsmith #wordpower #life #power #peace #writings #hope.

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    Always felt blessed to have you in my life,
    Always felt happy that someone is always there by my side.
    Sometimes, the crowd of this fake people makes me feel lost!
    But having you, gives me the assurance of never being lost.
    Words from you, heals the wound of de-motivation in my life,
    You are the one, who always hold my hand and makes me stand upright.
    You are the one with whom i fight,
    You are the one beside whom i find everything is right.