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  • arkknight73 30w

    Fight the storm

    Why do we write negative words..why the following of the herd..when we all know it leads to a mental slaughter house.
    When the herd follows in..the soul dies in the wind..cause we let the storms blow us in...right back in to the line..
    Of the herd.

  • arkknight73 32w

    Locked up

    Can you catch a star..can you race a car.
    Do you feel the bars.
    Prisoners feel ..the world plays stars.
    We all don't win..we die in sin.
    The darkness kills again ..the bars keep dealing.
    They hold men in ..they hold women in.
    Do you feel the bars. They really win.
    The bars.. the prison.. they win.
    We also been locked in.
    We also been tossed in.
    I tell you this ..the bars keep killing..but they cant hold your mind you feel the bars
    prisoners of a system.

  • arkknight73 32w

    What if I said " am nothing !"
    I take the form of being negative.
    So I allow you to believe it. That small start of creating a lie ..or just the action of belief.
    That is a world chain reaction. Thats how we crush souls and minds. I need to help.
    So now i say am not negative ..and I tell you I want you to know I love.
    I want you know I care.
    I want you to see I believe in power of the words you write.
    That what we leave in our moment here is got big meaning.
    That what you say will cause a chain reaction.
    That its not me but he who moves this chain reaction.
    Its the next writing of love and carrying on this peaceful practice.
    I believe its in us to write change.
    I believe its you .
    I say this cause we all have pain.
    I say this cause we all need .
    So today I need you to write.
    Write how we need each other.
    Just remember words that love on the minds you touch.
    I won't ever stop.
    I believe.

  • arkknight73 32w

    The road to success

    We go on trying be successful ..we all try over and over to gain. Its a circle of again and again .
    Life can be that big chase game. Yes our minds keep wanting along this way.Is it our real purpose to watch and crave what the next person has.Was life always ment to be schoolyard taught..was the streets always ment to be a war zone..while we see men and kids to be killed over area.Was boarded up countries really a God planned life. No I can't believe it is supposed to be this way...but we still strive hard for a system of success. Will we always feel empty inside after we finally get what we want. Does our mind awaken to the understanding of it all...does that become a life changing experience.? book yet on what comes with success.. No one will tell you this..! That we die with ..our without the gain. So what we give up along our that go hard.. only means more of painful moment. For the true path is to gain people and friends ,love ,and live with peace..and it all ends with your soul.For the negative sacrifices kill us daily and our smiles become heavy on the chase to success.So live or ride on the path to it. Right its the pressure of the system.That fun ride to a successful place in earthly form. All just push this button on truth...and wait.
    Just maybe this word awakening hits you like a heat seeking missile. For you also can write change to the world.You also can love and leave a bread crumbs along the path to truth. Its not success.. its God.

  • arkknight73 33w

    We catch our self staring ..staring in to black mirrors..staring search for beautiful self views..looking at others who also are searching for beauty in a mirror.
    When the mirror wont reply..we follow up with more tries. We keep shooting for snap shots of that right fleshy reply.
    I ask "when did the mirror ever have a voice?"..did the mirror ever tell a truth. What makes you sure that it even works. Imagine if it was all in ones mind..that the view really began there . So we really never get a real view of who we are. Some day it might all make sense. When the mirror dont work at all ..nothing seen on the reflection ..for maybe we see whats beyond our flesh.

  • arkknight73 34w

    If I told you I heard what you said ..
    Would it matter in your head.
    If what I heard in my head change the out come of your day.

  • arkknight73 37w

    A minute at a time

    One war mine life ..yours and mine.
    One breath at a different world in this time
    One love ..I hear it all the time..but its not always on our minds.
    One word at a time day at a time.
    One that the only line.
    One moment.. to help us get back in line.
    One order in the drive through line.
    One driver ..make your one on your spine ..for you control your own mine.
    Drive solo..allow no back seat drivers.
    One life minute at a time.

  • arkknight73 37w

    Team 1

    When they want you ..they come get you.
    When you realize the game is all for you.
    When you find out.. the only one that will be here is God.
    From the start of life . Till our ends.
    God will be waiting ..waiting for your return home.

  • arkknight73 38w

    Humans and soul

    Two lights on the right night..crash landed . All the chips moving towards a unknown planet. Guess who gets out lost looking for safe canvas. Just 2 humans and its soul..a place to paint something different but feels like the runs along times for someone to own..could this be the picture perfect world to poem. Imagine someone who can believe its not on loan..that the art never dies ..its got a life ..a life the continued to rome...and the real possibility is ..its never been ment to own.

  • arkknight73 38w

    Light moods

    We are not gods ..we are people playing roles ..we grabbed whats giving right along with our souls. For this life it wasn't owed..nothing by God is here forever.
    The forever is the after ..the ticket is the works here . The door is a really small way I choose words here. I know still its up to me and you.
    No not us as gods for this I tell you. ..but us as human beings...the works we decide to do. So move fellow human.. move as we all do. Become a light.
    I just thank God I can say this to you.