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  • arkknight73 14w

    Different places

    I know we can't always smile...I know we all wont love..I know life kills off the time from above.
    I know I once found love...I thought ive had it before..I only closed the door.
    I closed it off ..on what thought was love..but love is more now since I crossed paths with you.
    Love is something that feels better with you...when I hear you..when I see you..the sun shine in you. The slightest touch of you ..that electric moment love current ran through.
    Love is different this I see when thinking of what you do.
    Love is something we both carry in a world built for two.
    I know its love..the battle is finding away to fight off every wrong feeling.
    The battle is always there the mind its how we both dealing.
    I know love will bring us home...I know love will hold us ..this time its different.

  • arkknight73 14w

    The conflict of deep thought.

    We catch our self day dreaming ..seeing and believing ..whats in front of us on tv and reads.
    The thoughts become oversight..not seeing the big picture..the mirror only shows you.
    The life is for you..the creation of the dream realty is in your path...its in everything you put heart into on your raft...we all floating in time..seaching for something on our minds...but its there ..its there in your mind.
    Its your life ..its your find..its for you to conquer ..that mountain we all must climb.
    So climbers climb...create your fate ..create that life ment destination.
    Live that day dream.

  • arkknight73 15w

    A friend

    The person you share your inner thought with.
    Someone you dinner or lunch sit.
    A person who knows when you full of shit or you straight up with it.
    The friend you know u can never replace.
    Someone who gets excited just to see you face to face.
    The smile you need in a day..the one that changes your mood in a bad day.
    Your friend ..he or she is around through the thick or thin. A friend with no benefit needed ..just someone to love again and again.
    A loving carrying friend.
    Yours till time ends.

  • arkknight73 15w

    Love to love

    When love fades ..we must grind to stay in its way..put yourself out there.
    Love to allow yourself ..that to stay in the belief...that once you see expected on its arrival .
    Ready again to succeed in the action.
    Welcome the connection of the love attraction.
    Welcome the love again.

  • arkknight73 18w

    My walk ain't yours.
    Your walk can't be mine.
    Keep your faith along
    the every day grinds.
    God has never stopped since the beginning of time.

  • arkknight73 19w

    Dark days

    Watch who you eat with..they could be planning on having you over.
    Next time !
    Life is that cup of tea ..great..sweet but filled with killer creative's.

  • arkknight73 20w

    We fall ..yet we rise.
    Its another day..sunny skies.
    We run ..but we die...its another place we reside.
    After life.

  • arkknight73 20w

    Dark days...better ways.

    A dark body ..a dark mind... forming dark habits..its our daily thrill. Trying to get by in a world thats ill. Someone once said "words can kill. " I say.
    Addiction kills..yet more pills. We search for short time happy.. Thrift store shopping ..becomes drug store plotting.
    When our actions speak louder then words.
    So words become herds. They follow us along paths we create. Yet we still say they could kill. I say the words you you heal. They carry your dark thought away..they remove old memories. They also can be addictive. Yet they have to cause ..they are part of you.

  • arkknight73 20w



  • arkknight73 24w

    The body is just one more suit to wear....the other part of life is body less ..just being ..just understanding that we will move the new being.. with out the suit one day. I think its got to be something we look forward to. This outfit here on earth gets old.
    Our soul is something we wear forever.