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  • arjunsinghchoudhary58 8w

    It is proud privilege to be a soldier
    #mirake #indianarmy #armybrat #writes #loveforever

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    Donning responsibility of nation on his shoulder
    Brave enough to call him soldier
    Risking his life to protect out freedom
    Selfless act of valour done without any return
    Always be honoured for his sacrifices
    War means over time and higher prices
    Well knowing the value of his uniform
    Which can not be purchased by paying off
    Working hard to survive in every situation
    Every moment for him is a new version of transformation
    Unaware of the fact
    Turning life into death
    Trying to live today as today
    As tomorrow he doesn't have a chance
    Photos in gallery now left as a part of memories
    Where this legend rule our heart for Centuries
    Hosting falg of his country high
    Coming wrapped in it while
    Very proudly Martyr himself in war zone
    Surely he will be the part of heaven
    Courage and patience are his two strong weapon, which he use to carry with him often
    For he shall be remembered
    For ÑÖW and FÕRÈVÉR.


  • arjunsinghchoudhary58 8w

    When Reality hits us
    #write #miraquill #lovingquots

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    Our mothers tell us that
    There are no monsters
    Under our beds,
    Or hidden inside our closets
    But they don't warn us
    That sometimes monsters
    Come dressed as people
    That claims to love you
    More than the sun
    Loves the moon

  • arjunsinghchoudhary58 30w

    Some leave scars
    And some leave stars,
    Some are too close
    Even from too far.

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    So i walk all day

    I'd walk all day
    I'd walk for miles
    Just to see u there
    At the turnstile

    You'd take my hand
    We'd get on a train
    Ride through the rain
    There's no more pain
    Just the tracks we're on
    The past is gone

    I'd write all day
    Fill every page
    Make poems and songs
    I'd sing along
    To the air
    In case you're there
    Out somewhere

    But there's no one there
    Just a thought to send along
    To my imaginary one
    Not yet a face
    But a space
    Saved for you
    Yes, just in case


    So i walk all day
    So i walk for Miles
    Will i see you there
    At the turnstile?

  • arjunsinghchoudhary58 41w

    Game of words

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    Words are just letters that are put together...
    There is so much more meaning to them.
    They cand end someone's life
    They can starts someone's life
    They can starts new journeys
    They can end journeys
    They can end depression
    They can end suffering.
    They can end Relationships
    They can starts new relationships
    And most of all they can save lives.
    WORDS are amazing things.
    But they can be horrible things too.
    Ìt just depends on how you use them.
    And how you take them.
    The word "LOVE" Means something greater
    Then other words can describe.
    The word "TRUST" Means something
    Hard to explain without using other words too.
    There are so many different words
    Just choose them right
    And don't do anything you'll soon REGRET

  • arjunsinghchoudhary58 45w


  • arjunsinghchoudhary58 45w

    Family beyond blood

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    When he was a CADET

    I have seen me innumerably,
    Walking across the grounds,
    I have seen myself in the PT Rig,
    When I had ambitions in my eyes so Big.
    I remember the salutes,
    I remember wearing those boots.
    I remember having mess meal,
    I remember standing in sick line without being I'll.
    I remember giving assembly speech on turn,
    I miss my seniors who did more than just to teach.
    I remember having petty fight,
    The fight that made our bond so tight.
    I remember RAGDA night,
    And the interhouse spirit to show their might.
    I miss having late night party,
    Dancing with my brothers so hearty.
    My brothers by my side while we broke some rules.
    Dear alma mater I remember my last day,
    It felt as it was the end of my favorite play.
    I remember walking out of the gate,
    The list time I was called a CADET