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  • arimaa 4d

    Kehna tha bahoot Kuchh
    Magar Hath per Hath dhare Baitha Rahe
    Bewafa tum nikale aur sahte Hum Rahe

    Khair ab waqt badal gaya hai ab wo baat na rahi
    Jisse jhutlate the Kabhi,
    Aaj wahi batain Lagti Hai Sahi.

    Sahne ko taiyar the Tere Diye Hue Har Gum has has kar,
    Ghut ghut kr marte rahe, tune kabhi na dekhai koi fikar.,
    Ab Tujhe Dekhkar lagta Hain, Gaad De Tujhe 4 Gaj zameen ke andar.

  • arimaa 1w

    Your shouting, your yelling.
    Just to mention that perfect imagine, it keeps me from telling.

    Feels like my own blood wants me death
    Surrounded by my own people feels like a threat

    The love that you ask for,
    You had it but you just decided to ignore.

    I never wanted you in the first place
    Wish I forget you in a way that I don't even remember your face.

  • arimaa 2w

    Me and my friend having an intense conversation

    Me: you know I don't like many people
    Her: ik
    Me: you know how I manage
    Her: how?
    Me: whenever I'm angry I think they are just humans they'll die one day. And that calms me

  • arimaa 2w

    Made it than fake it.
    Feel it, show it.
    Know it, education it.
    Don't know it, learn it.
    Face it than race it.
    Live it as you dream it.
    Cool it, burn it.
    Say it, as you want it.
    Love it, as you lust it.
    But if you just lust it, leave it.
    If you find it, keep it.
    Don't find it, seek it.
    Don't want it, don't do it.
    If you want it, you better move it.
    Delete it, remove it.
    Forgive it, Forget it.

  • arimaa 3w


    Humpe hasne wale,
    Kabhi socha hai tujhpe kon hasta hai.
    Khete hai jo dekhta hai wo hota nhi aur jo hota hai wo dekhta nhi
    Isilia jahan fasta hai.
    Dekhawa tha tera pyar,
    Qki aaj kal jise pyar khete hai wo kaafi sasta hai,
    Guzarchuke hai hum bhi Ishq ki galiyon se akele,
    Lekin abhi khuda sath hai toh lagta hai aage aasan rasta hai.
    Laut k mat aana wapas kabhi,
    Tujhe khuda ka wasta hai.
    Khair dusro pe hasne wale,
    Ye toh bata kabhi daath bhi ghasta hai?

  • arimaa 3w


    This YEAR might be your last
    This RAMADAN might be your last
    This DAY might be your last
    This HOUR might be your last
    This MINUTE might be your last

    The body dies, but the soul won't
    Don't risk Your afterlife for the desires of this world, please just don't

    There's a purpose for which you were sent
    Any moment could be your last, don't ever forget
    Be humble, be patient, give up arguments
    Ik It isn't easy but that's how you invest
    It might help you get closer to Jannah maybe by just a percent
    It's not an order it's a request
    You still got time Pray, fast and repeat
    Before you see the Angel of death

    He won't ask your permission
    It doesn't matter if you are Hindu, Muslim or Christian

    He will snatch your soul
    Regardless of your age, young or old
    Because that's his role
    And he has to fulfil his goal
    Nobody has any control
    He can't be bribed with money or gold
    Later your loved ones will be consoled
    The journey maybe different but the destination is the same for all

  • arimaa 5w

    Me flirting with someone I really really like.

    Kya jii ekdum Mautach lag rahe,
    Kafan Phena k dafan karne kach dil kr raha

    And then wonder why am I still single
    Oh well

  • arimaa 5w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Space

    Read More

    Sometimes space between keeps us alive

  • arimaa 5w

    You weren't the one for me

    It took me some time to realise
    That you weren't the one for me
    Some say i am a fool
    To still describe us as "we"
    Things were pretty clear
    I guess I was just too blind to see
    I remember the day
    You were on your knees
    When I asked, "will we end up together?"
    You said "there's no guarantee"
    Initially, it was easy
    Just like ABC
    But then things went soo wrong between us
    I was like boiling at degrees
    It's funny
    How people had to come and be the referee
    There was no point in forcing things
    As it was never meant to be
    It took me some time to realise
    You weren't the one for me

  • arimaa 6w

    If I love you, I'll let you know.

    If not, my face will.