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  • ariel_writes 79w

    And I can feel ten knives stabbed in my guts
    For me to pour out like clouds tonight.

  • ariel_writes 79w

    Dear soulmate..

    Do you exist? Do you live in this city? Or the next? In this country? In this universe? In this dimension or another? Inconsiderate of where you are if fate puts us at same place , will zephyr tie our red nodes in that tiny moment. Or your presence will turn my tongue sour? Will every inch of epidermis burn with blues that flow in my nerves? Since I despise everything about me and you are everything about me.

    I wonder if you too feel involuntary pain, sadness or sudden rush of tears without reason? And then a tiny voice gasps and murmurs its your soulmate ? Felt that gush of happiness which I rarely feel when my father embrace me? The fear of abandonment, when I desperatly dig my claws in that last inch of hope. Do you feel my existence?

    Who are you? The brown eyes ,cute smile and curly hair guy who I liked alot in middle school? Or the one who pulled me out of trouble everytime in high school? Or you were my first heart break? Or we are yet to meet..? Anyway I'm no Aricia, I'm that masochist warrior who is scared. I wear sad smile with baggy clothes and my eyes long for skies.

    I never wrote for you. You were always a last wish of mine that never made its way out from my mind. You were kept behind a door called "high expectations " and I never had enough courage to open it but right now when I peek through it, it's beautiful and yet childish. I want to know your thoughts about "soulmates" and make chain of beads of your thoughts so that I can tie it around my heart for it to know boundaries.

    Does the weight of anxiety crush you and make nights unbearable? Your wrists itch for new cuts to serve as distraction for pain? Do you often beg this universe to make it a little easier on you? Have you grown up too early? Are you fragile like my heart ? Or you fall beautifully like cherry blossom? Do you look for reassurance if someone will be there for you? Then don't worry, I will be there on other end of this.

    Life is being a great joke right now. Waking up in morning is like being forcefully pulled into warzone.Everyday is a new pain and not a soul to share with. So where are you mate? Your mate needs you. I have damaged myself at an alarming rate. That one wish to meet you might stay in box of unfulfilled wishes , which is already very heavy.

    I have been a rock for too long . But now there are cracks in this stone. Emotions seeped through and turned it fragile.Now the sand of it have asked winds for new home. With every moment slipping away, I'm afraid you might just remain one of my vague wish. So before next tides wash me away , I hope you find my adobe.


    Post 111, you are special.��

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    @veloc1ty_ Thank you for reassuring me that this isn't lame ����

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  • ariel_writes 80w

    kar diya permanent ��

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    For I have found autumn in summer love
    Hidden in thorns of plucked flowers.

  • ariel_writes 81w

    I hope you all are doing well. ��
    Will be writing soon... (:
    (and reading too ^^)

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    I wonder if I still breathe
    In verses of your poetry


  • ariel_writes 84w

    I wish you were here.. (:

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    No one never really dies ,they keep breathing between memories.


  • ariel_writes 85w

    Time was running out and my vision started to get blurry . I had to save Dad, I couldn't let him die!


    what's this noise? No, I couldn't be distracted. I knocked my mom with a wooden piece and ran as fast as I could.


    I saw dad , his face drowned in blood ..



    I wake up with my head spinning . It took me a moment to realize that I stink of medicines and I'm in hospital.
    I hear the footsteps of my mother outside the room, how can I forget that sound. Her footsteps are disrupted by the voice of a man who is dressed as lawyer.

    "Since It's been two years Mr William Smith is dead and the reason of his death is unknown . Finally investigation has stopped. So now you have the full custody of Abarrane"

    My mother gave him a warm smile and as she enter room, a guy dash into her and run towards me, hugs me tightly and asks, "Remember me.. I'm Alec..its been two years since you were in coma"

    I nod my head and as I try to tell him that my mother killed my father, none words come out of my chapped lips. I clench my hands in anger. I try to speak again and I cannot. I try yet again and fail.

    I look at mom, she smirks behind Alec. My heart crushes and tear droplets make their way through my eyes. Mom runs to me , holds my hand with sadness,"Abarren sweetheart, mom is so sorry to tell you that you can never speak again."

    My whole world just shattered in numerous pieces-

    *THE END*



    @_aesthete_ Mihiiiiii ,our whole team is so so glad that you came up with this challenge and we all could write together. We all just cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH. We had such a great time writing together and it was all because of YOU .


    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • ariel_writes 85w

    I noticed an unusual outrage in her voice, it seems like she had done a quarrel lately. I went down and sat on my chair. The dinner was already served, there was piquant Lentil Soup and my favorite ambrosial Vegetable Lasagna. Mom was a little engaged in official work as she got an urgent call from one of her clients, and dad was not at home. I didn't want to eat alone so I threw my food in the outside dustbin and gone upstairs to sleep.

    As usual, before sleeping I took up my journal, the pen of dad, and wrote about the loneliness that I was feeling. It always felt somewhat good after scribbling down the whole mess of my nous on paper, maybe because of my connection with poems, or maybe with my dad and his pen? I was utterly lost in my thoughts then abruptly I heard some noise coming from the basement. I was prying to know who was there, so I went outside nonchalantly?

    It was my dad and he was fighting with mom. I heard both of them screaming about something related to Divorce and my custody. Suddenly the air feels too short to breathe, it started strangling me and the tears started oozing out of my eyes. Afraid of mom I rushed to my room hastily and laid down on my bed, sobbing alone hiding under the blanket. It had been three hours I was crying, the time was almost 1:30 AM and somebody opened the door-



    Catch up next part at @mr_lucifer or under the above hashtag

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  • ariel_writes 85w

    She is embraced by skies, decorated with stars and moon blushes at her smiles.

    -She who doesn't belong to this universe.

  • ariel_writes 85w

    Mourning the Alive

    In a dungeon I hid all
    the fragments of memories .
    I held to the bond of forever .
    I withered waiting ,leaves wilted
    And my stories rusted which
    I jotted together to narrate (to you) .

    Thee letters I preserved and
    Hid your tears in my heart.
    To keep your sins secret
    I bite my tongue every second.
    Your smile is a false illusion
    And I'm amazed how they fall for it.

    You never kept your words,
    I was always second and
    You first and yet you lied
    To world to have my back.
    You welcomed World in
    Your heart and I made
    Walls to keep others afar.

    I breath the smoke of our
    Hollow (maybe) love, which on
    surface bloomed like waterlily.
    This relationship suffers coma ;
    Dead inside, alive to the world.
    And I, unaware miss the sufferer .


    Dedicated to someone who is/was really close to my heart.

    #fridayfun @mirakee
    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the repost,
    Means alot.. ♡

    @yena tagging you as promised, read it whenever you comeback.(:

    @thesunshineloves Thank you for waiting.

    @tengoku tagging you cause YOU MATTER.

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    Mourning the Alive

  • ariel_writes 87w

    when I meet my distant friend
    Sleep , her stay is bijou.
    Feet pushes me towards
    the couch, which with its
    Huge arms is ready to soak
    all the stress I have been
    Breathing in.

    As I stare aimlessly on
    Ceiling fan, I gather all
    Cushions to feel less Of
    a loner . As I restlessly
    keep scratching the surface
    Couch silently bears the
    burden of agony.

    All my thoughts makes home
    In this couch as I tardily
    start painting skies grey
    And bluish with no white.
    Under the crises of
    Midnight rants, we play
    the melody of 90's.

    We both see the days passing
    And yet it holds me with same
    comfort each time, in disgust,
    Anger , fear or joy . All
    Got best of what it
    could provide .

    As learnt to not put heart in
    people and places ,
    I began to adore
    this precious



    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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