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  • arcane_rhymes 109w

    Remember the maths class?
    By turning adults this was the subject where we hardly used to pass,
    Being a child we wondered why 2+2 was four,
    And then hardly any interest we pour,
    Syllabus was always about uncovered lessons,
    But that maths class probably taught us some life lessons,
    Remember how we used to ignore the teacher's voice?
    And the entire class used to make noise,
    We would say we don't like it on face,
    How I wish to a person we could say that with the same place,
    How inspite of not paying attention we used to pass,
    How I wish in our life we followed the same class,
    Growing older calculator became the solution to our maths problems,
    How is wish communication can become the solution to our life problems,
    Growing older we accepted that damn maths is not our cup of tea,
    How I wish in accepting our flaws the same way we could be,
    And at once we left maths when time came,
    How I wish to those problems we could just leave behind without putting a blame,
    Well well ! Maths class was something most of us used to hate,
    How I wish that for our life problems we all can stop blaming our fate,
    I swear, in this way maths was never interpreted,
    And even then it was not misinterpreted,
    Things you hate give life lessons to you,
    Well , now I can relate and say that yes it is kinda true.

    - Jasmine Kanakhara

    #the #maths #class #remember #adults #hardly #child #wondered #four #interest #attention #we #pour #ignore #teachersvoice #made #noise #dont #like #it #on #face #to #person #same #pace #communication #solution #arcane #rhymes

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    The Maths Class


  • arcane_rhymes 112w

    After the college was over that day,
    I was walking back home and it was a sunny day,

    Walking and walking it felt as if sun took my energy away,
    Having a glass of water was the only way,

    I took out my bottle to drink some water,
    And the bottle was empty and it was turning hotter,

    Reaching just to a distance of 5 minutes,
    It felt like I was dragging myself beyond limits,

    On my way I realized the fact,
    That instead of speaking it's time to act,

    Some cities are running out of water,
    Just to blame is not enough, think something broader,

    How we can reach here?,
    We all know this is something to fear,

    We cut down trees to build a house,
    Where we don't even realize that we break another house,

    We pray for rain,
    And by cutting trees we make sure that all those prayers go in vain,

    We pollute the water stream
    And then to save water we scream,

    It's all of us together who did this,
    Where we are about to lose something as pure bliss,

    "Water, water all around and not a drop to drink,
    To this quote we are shortly going to link,

    And what we have is today,
    We have no time to wait for another day,

    Just do all the small things you can,
    Instead of just folding your hands and just to stand,

    Or else the time is not far, when there will be tears in our eyes,
    And eyes will be the only place where water actually lies.

    -Jasmine Kanakhara

    #sunny #day #glass #water #way
    #hotter #climate #change #cutting #trees #rain #vain #can #stand #small #things #matter #days #are #not #far #eyes # water #lies #poetry #awareness #today #nowait #arcane #rhymes #nature

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    A pure Bliss


  • arcane_rhymes 120w

    'Food' such a lovely word to hear,
    Just shout to your mom and it is here,

    Oh yes , I know its not always possible,
    Sometimes from one city to another to your mom it's not audible,

    Some name of the hostel dishes remind me of my mum,
    God , I can just feel the taste without eating , you know it will be so yum!

    I miss ' khaane ka dabba' I got from my home,
    And now SWIGGY and zomato think that the address given is home of my own,

    I remember me complaining about some dishes when I was home,
    But hey , honestly I value them now when in the mess to eat I sit alone,

    And today I remember just appreciating the food that is made,
    And giving her Assurance that I already ate,

    That school tiffins we took,
    And what mum was making we always gave a look,

    Filling the entire bowl just to taste ,
    And here sometimes just two spoons is what we ate,

    How staying at home I wished to go and eat outside,
    And now after going home I leave all the other food aside,

    ' khaane ka dabba' is a dream now ,
    But I wish it was cooked by my mum, then I would love,

    Irony is school was all about eating from the canteen,
    ' Ghar ka khana ' is what remained constant after entering my teen.

    - Jasmine Kanakhara

    #food #home #teen #constant #entering #outside #leave #aside #mother'sfood #yummy #tummy #irony #school #ghar #ka #khana #eating #wished #address #zomato #swiggy #address #wish #cooked #dabba #tiffin #love #poem #poemlove #arcane #rhymes

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  • arcane_rhymes 128w

    I even love to watch movies,
    Till the end and from the starting histories,

    Sometimes I too connect when it comes to nation,
    But I only want it in the span of cut and action,

    In some movie scenes we enjoy and fantasize,
    But in real life we oppose them , do we even realize?,

    Sometimes we see a kiss from a random man,
    In real we do protests as much as we can,

    As a movie to appreciate is perfect,
    But to be influenced, to such an extent is something out of your real sect,

    Take them as entertainment peice,
    In real we have much more work to do , such as planting trees?,

    Some good points to be taken into NOTE,
    To other things, in the movie let them float,

    REMEMBER, movie is an agreement for a particular time,
    It has cut and action scenes to which in real we consider as a crime,

    May be call me the one who speaks this, belonging to the category rare,
    But trust me do you think I care?

    Another cinema viewer.

    - Jasmine Kanakhara

    #cinema #viewers #scenes #cut #action #trust #care #span #crime #time #entertainment #peice #crime #note #float #agreement #trees #perfect #appreciate #sect #realize #oppose #nation #action #fantasize #movies #histories #poemslove #arcane #rhymes

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    Cinema viewers


  • arcane_rhymes 130w


    I remember how I felt,
    When our 40 soldiers were dead,
    It was hitting me like a leather belt,
    And to their family like someone have cut their head,

    Above 100 is the range,
    With this in the life of their family there is a change,
    All of them who are dead,
    After all the prayers they made
    Was there even a thought to this they will be led?,

    Injuries are above 700 there,
    I wonder humanity is where?
    Are they even given any care,
    Because after all this I think humanity has become a virtue very rare,

    650 people are arrested,
    'Were they criminal' was this fact even tested?,
    For their families I pray,
    For all the inhuman behavior they are offered in a tray,

    Well, a crime considered so normal,
    48 women according to the reports were raped,
    To just tolerate all the aggression they are trapped,
    Well, crisis can lead to such crime immoral,

    The topic mostly hidden,
    Men are even not forbidden,
    With 6 men rape it has started,
    Well with this fact to people are downhearted,

    1000 are missing in this situation,
    Away from family in such condition,
    Trapped in an expectation,
    Here and there nobody knows they are standing on which station,

    And to all the children,
    Who don't even know where to run,
    We are sorry you in such a stay,
    When your age is to enjoy and play,

    Grandparents who had there last days,
    Thought of enjoying them in every ways,
    Hope you can accept the facts,
    We are sorry to offer you this in constant stake,

    A common citizen.


    #citizenofsudan #justiceforsudan #prayers #prayersforsudan
    #stake #40dead #100dead #650arrested #48women #6men #raped #1000missing #children #sorry #facts #accept #stake #humanity #immoral #sudan #sudanintears #suffering #situation #worst #expectation #days #ways #justice #arcane #rhymes

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    We are sorry


  • arcane_rhymes 131w

    "Hello , I age is 52,
    I am married at 22"

    This was a random man ,
    He was not able to speak English as you can,

    In front of his family he was standing ,
    To celebrate his anniversary and love never ending,

    Not knowing English he made a try,
    But this love story didn't made people cry,

    Just with this two sentences people started to laugh,
    When he didn't even completed his speech half,

    How not knowing english in India can matter so much ? ,
    And we could insult someone to a level such,

    ' Mere name Sharon Hain ,
    Main America se ata hu "

    She was girl , who just came,
    People never laughed on her Hindi considering it as joke so lame,

    People called it so 'cute',
    By their laugh she wasn't forced to remain mute,

    People say she made a try,
    And saying something would make her cry ,

    She was a guest ,
    But to respect our citizen will remain a quest ,

    Why Hindi being our national language,
    To English we are engaged?,

    Why people trying to speak Hindi are considered cute ? ,
    And why people trying to speak English are made mute ?,

    Why to make fun ? ,
    Both belong to category only one ,

    Shouldn't you correct them ,
    Instead of giving them all the blame ,

    Congrats people we can never make an estimation ,
    To how much problems we are facing , one added to it is language discrimination.

    - Jasmine Kanakhara

    #language #discrimination #cute #mute #blame #lame #one #fun #facing #added #estimation #much #such #national #language #category #same #correct #congrats #languagediscrimination #estimation #nation #hindi #english #poemlove #poems #arcane #rhymes #mirakee

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    Why though?


  • arcane_rhymes 132w

    Oh what to write now,
    But from somewhere I always get a hint , how?

    The news of fire in surat are on the top,
    And people shouting could not stop,

    20 children according to the report died,
    But people said they were murdered and this way they lied,

    I agree whatever happened was bad,
    Which left us all sad,

    It even made me angry,
    But not on the people you are angry with exactly,

    We were all taught rights and duties when we were seven ,
    But I guess we only look at the rights after we turn eleven,

    But comparing it to the statue of unity,
    Does that define our duty ?,

    'Shameless' is what people tell the government,
    But don't you think it's a useless argument?,

    Government makes the rule,
    And if we cannot follow , blaming the government becomes our tool,

    Firstly , to the people standing there ,
    You saw them jumping down,
    Couldn't you figure out you should be where?,

    WhatsApp videos where made viral,
    People shooting it on the phone in real you became the rival,

    For every single thing in India our government is responsible,
    But with our duty well followed is this possible?,

    Government cannot pay for every single thing,
    We cannot assure fire safety when we have money for every other bling?,

    I know people will now start calling me someone who doesn't care,
    But people telling the truth have now become rare,

    It was an unfortunate accident,
    And not a government planned incident,

    Let's just not spoil the constitution's beauty,
    And agree to the fact that we failed to perform our duty,

    Okay, you can call me government threatened,
    But this fact really made me disheartened,

    - Jasmine Kanakhara

    #surat #fire #incident #planned #rare #care #me #calling #fact #lack #duty #beauty #constitution
    #threatened #disheartened #accident #possible #Indian #government #responsible #spoil #constituion #changethementality #20children #died #murdered #blaming #lied #arcane #rhymes

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  • arcane_rhymes 134w

    How we Indians proudly fight for Kashmir,
    "Aur inhe Kashmir chahiye" memes we can hear,
    How the people there face the rage,
    From here or from there , they just feel they are in a cage,
    And it's all about Kashmir being the part of our map,
    But in real the fight goes on just like flowing water from the tap,
    How we be proud about Hindus in majority,
    And what we really think about a Muslim city?,
    How we divide India and Pakistan not by there name,
    But on the Hindu Muslim caste that came,
    Do you even know how people of Kashmir are in a rage?,
    Neither India nor Pakistan they just don't want to be in the cage,
    How we shout for that issue?,
    But when , the same people cry we are even not the ones offering tissue,
    Nirbhaya , Asifa many went through,
    But a 3 yrs child ? Don't you think this time we have much to do,
    Aiman zehra was her name,
    And her soul is burning in flame,
    Muslims cover there entire body,
    Now it seems for man this has become their hobby,
    How we people can keep quiet I wonder,
    When on "hume Kashmir chahiye" we create a thunder,
    Memes are made on what girls wear,
    And that they should take care,
    Bloody hell , what about her?,
    What would you say here , sir ?,
    And we , it's not about me alone ,
    Let's make them feel that they are not alone,
    Aiman , asifa , nirbhaya are the ones we know,
    But do you think it ends here ? No.
    Things happen and people will March,
    With time their emotions parch,
    It's time for a change,
    Court takes 3 to 4 years time ,
    Do you think it's fine?
    Let us all stand united forever,
    And make sure that this type of cases happen never.
    Instead of fighting for "Kashmir hamare Hain
    Let's fight for "Kashmir ke log bhi hamare Hain "
    Instead of blaming that girl's fate,
    Let us stand united before it's too late.

    - Jasmine Kanakhara

    #justiceforaimanzehra #kashmir #pakistan #indja #fate #late #fight #right #blaming #fine #time #chanhe #parch #march #rape #clothes #wear #care #sir #hobby #body #muslims #hindu #support #majority #city #minority #poem #arcane #rhymes

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    Let's fight


  • arcane_rhymes 134w

    Heard about our national flag's significance?,
    But we need to make some dissidents,
    How material khadi represents our culture,
    Saffron shows courage and sacrifice with which India has crossed great adventure,
    White for peace and truth,
    Which is taught in legacy to the youth,
    Green for faith and chivalry,
    Ashok chakra in the middle for law of dharma's delivery,
    Our dead soldiers are specially given this a gift,
    For working for the nation in a full day shift,
    But I don't get it,
    For actors to be gifted with this,
    For this honour do they fit?,
    If yes, then what about the farmers?,
    They are India's 70% export formers,
    If yes then, what about the common people who earn and come?,
    They also contribute to our national income,
    And the actors also do to earn their livelihood,
    Why like the common people they are not just burnt between the woods?,
    Without their bodyguards do they take any risk?,
    You just don't find them in a movie disc,
    For the nation do you find them shedding their blood?,
    They do give a tribute to them but by just being a stud,
    They have a fame because of their work,
    At the end they are there own clerk,
    Our soldiers even in the yellow and orange (saffron) sunlight,
    Never leave their fight,
    In that white icy place,
    They are ready for their nation's good phase,
    In that blue sea water,
    Soldiers of 24 different religion drink the same water,
    In that greeny forests they hide,
    To their duty they abide,
    They become martrys,
    Who bled to save the nation's charters,
    For actors, acting is their talent,
    With that they do not become nation's gallant,
    National flag is for our real heros,
    Because their demand in return are zero,
    For our national flag our soldiers are well deserved,
    For their right , let's keep it reserved,
    If you think this change is right,
    For the right of our soldiers let's fight.

    - Jasmine Kanakhara

    #flag #Indianflag #saffron #white #green #24spokes #pride #reserved #deserved #fight #right #gallant #talent #charters #martrys #soldiers #return #demand #change #forests #water #sunlight #icyplace #signifies #actors #khadi #dharma #poem #arcane #rhymes

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    National flag


  • arcane_rhymes 135w

    In the last two year's memory pack,
    I can hardly find anything that used to lack,

    All tears, all happiness and all fun,
    But we never used to pun,

    Today even after we have all that,
    There is still some difference as small as between a cap and a hat,

    I really can't think what we lack ?
    From our beautiful memory pack,

    Maybe, maybe that same class,
    Which always had population in Mass,

    Maybe, maybe that uniform,
    Because wearing it was the schooling norm,

    Maybe, maybe those collection of tiffins,
    Or targeting the trash towards the bins,

    Maybe, maybe the journey from classroom to washroom,
    Or that last day gloom,

    I really can't think of what we lack ?
    From our beautiful memory pack.

    Maybe, maybe the bunch of friends,
    With whom the memoy starts and without whom the memories ends,

    Maybe, maybe that stage where we used to perform,
    Missing the feeling of that platform,

    Maybe, maybe those lobbies where we used to roam,
    Or those birthdays when we used to spray the foam,

    Maybe, maybe our teachers,
    With whom we learnt all government features,

    I really can't think of what we lack?
    From our beautiful memory pack,

    But all I know now,
    Is Wondering me with a question, like how?

    How I am standing at the same place,
    Recollecting my memories lace by lace,

    How I am talking about my past days,
    Which here used to be my present days?

    How I am talking about my school in just one go,
    Where my legs used to shiver even if I didn't stood on one toe,

    This reminds me of something that was penned,
    That is from where you start, there you end,

    Just like cutting of an apple with a knife,
    This is the cycle of life.

    -Jasmine Kanakhara

    And this was the feeling when I was again standing on the stage of my school !!

    #cycle #life #cutting #knife #end #penned #toe #go #reminds #start #shiver #even #present #lace #memory #pack #lack #fun #pun #cake #birthday #classroom #washroom #gloom #reminds #legs #shiver #present #past #arcane #rhymes #nostalgia

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    Cycle of life