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  • arcane_pearl 31w

    Peace exists!...the light that is what we are all fighting for...

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    When it's all over

    It is tough to predict
    Our world without war
    Can there be a land
    A village, a city, a country
    Where the reminiscences
    Of hatred are beyond very far?
    Although sordid are their plays
    Which blurs their vision
    Blinded by their sins
    Says they want redemption
    By correcting the wrong doing
    Of the ones confucian
    But as one walks the journey
    He comes to know that peace exists...
    That is the beauty of peace
    It rests in everything we hold dear!
    After every fight, a starlight night
    The dawn will come to conquer the fear
    That is the promise of peace,
    That one day after a long life, when it's all over...we find each other...

  • arcane_pearl 34w

    The storm would never be gone! It would hit AGAIN, and AGAIN...until it all parishes!
    #storm #no_ones_inevitable_

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    Coming across the screaming ocean
    Waves that push it through,
    Storm has arrived to take its vengeance
    And so will it do.
    Do not underestimate its power
    For it can destroy what was built for forever,
    Nevertheless it would have mercy
    Make your choice cause it's now or never
    No one will come for you
    Neither would they help,
    For when there's to choose
    People always choose themselves!
    And thats where they commit a sin
    Considering they know for the death they fear,
    Survival isn't just saving your own life
    But all those whom u could dear!


  • arcane_pearl 34w

    When you gaze at fire which makes u smile.����
    #it_finds_its_way_back_to_you_ #dark

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    A whole new land
    Burning in the gasps of fire,
    Underneath dried up the soul
    And endured the dark

  • arcane_pearl 34w

    It's relatable...

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    She talked to the stars
    She prayed to the light,
    She sung to the moon
    Lullabies all the night.

    She had spark in her eyes
    She had fire in her veins,
    She loved to cross her limits
    That went pass the galaxy lanes.

    She had a brain of stone
    And a stone cold heart,
    Nevertheless she lost her hope
    Even if she fell apart.

    She could give life to the death
    She could extinguish the fire,
    She had all the powers
    A person would desire.

    She was the princess of hell
    Her life revolved around crowns and blades,
    She could burn down the world
    As she was the daughter of Hades.

    But she was not happy at all
    Though she had the luxury that had no cost,
    Cause the one thing she loved the most
    Was the gem she had already lost.

    Yet what she didn't lose
    Was the hope that one day,
    The thing that is ours
    Comes back to us, as they say.

    And so she waited long her life
    With all the patience until she could,
    To find her only lost gem,
    Knowing that one day, eventually she would.